Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

macaron howtocookthat ann reardon Yummm! What more can I say, these were good… make some!

To make the macarons follow the easy macaron recipe and colour however you like.  If you have never made macarons before make sure you also read the macaron FAQ post it will answer lots of your questions.

Cut rectangles out of a firm sheet of plastic and place it on top of a sheet of NON-stick baking paper (needs to be non-stick).  Spread the macaron mixture over the whole sheet, bang on the bench firmly three times on each side.  Then carefully lift off the plastic, leaving rectangles of macaroni mixture on the tray (see video below).  Bake as normal. Allow to cool completely.

Make your chocolate gelato and scoop into a narrow rectangular container.  Place in the freezer to set firm.

Slice the chocolate gelato into rectangles and place between tow macaroons, serve immediately.


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Hi I'm Ann, food scientist, dietitian, wife, mum to 3 boys. Join me each week for desserts, chocolate and cakes.
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6 Responses to Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

  1. atieh says:

    hi Anna.I’m Atieh.I’m from Iran and I love your cakes.Thank you very much.

  2. ALEXB says:

    hi ann i’m a big fan of u. I’m 10 and you have inspired me to make so many sweet stuff from macarons to suprise cakes.

    THX for sharing all your amazing recipes!!

  3. hilya says:

    Hi thank you for demystifying the dreaded macaroon Im going to put
    your ideas into action best wishes naturalgal

  4. Sehri says:

    I love it I’m gonna make them first time I just saw all ur recp god they r so good I can’t stop watching them now I’m go a make thax a lot for sharing such beautiful things with all of us love it

  5. Raphael Laniado says:

    its very useful and nice idea

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