Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

chocolate heart ann reardon how to cook that
Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. Seventeen wonderful and happy years. Some of our favourite memories together are the big moments like holding each of our newborn sons for the first time, trips to New York and Italy and big events that my hubby arranged. We also cherish the simple memories, late night walks with our old dog and coffees in Freo.

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or Valentine’s day here is a unique handmade gift for your loved one. Fill it with lollies, love notes or fruit. Once it is made I suggest you store it in the fridge on a shelf that is too high for toddlers to reach. A cheeky chocolate filled smile is all that is left of this one.

Please, before you begin making your box, read the post on what chocolate to use and tempering chocolate, this will save you the heartache of a carefully constructed box melting before your eyes as soon as you take it out of the fridge.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Hi I'm Ann, food scientist, dietitian, wife, mum to 3 boys. Join me each week for desserts, chocolate and cakes.
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9 Responses to Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

  1. Sophie says:

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  2. Suki says:

    Hi Ann
    I was wondering what kind of plastic paper did you used for making the chocolate box? Can you tell me the recipe in detail? Thanks

  3. Ciara says:

    Hi i love you so much. I have a question: where do you get the plastic from

  4. Marilen says:

    Hi there, Ann!

    Belated Happy – 17 years – Anniversary (February 2, 2013)! Hope you had a blast on your special day.

    I’m glad I have found your website ‘coz it contains awesome recipes I can follow as a newbie to baking. I don’t have any experience in baking, but all of your pics and videos posted here and on you tube sort of make me drool to bake my own goodies. LOL! =) These amazingly delicious recipes I have been browsing every now and then since I discovered your site encourage me to learn how to bake. Thank you very much for all of your effort in putting all of these stuff together.

    Advance Happy Valentine’s Day, too! c”,)

    Lots of love and hugs,
    *mAriLen <3 <3 <3

  5. Chrissy says:

    Clicking on Cho. Hart Box but nothing is coming up…No recipe or video… ;(

  6. Mary says:

    Hi Ann,

    Sorry but I can’t seem to find the recipe or video anywhere!


  7. Betty Olivera says:

    Dear Ann

    I have watched your video so many times during the last few weeks as I was intending to make the fondant Princess Cake for my grandaughter’s 3rd birthday that I feel you are an old friend.

    I made the cake and it was a huge success every kid at the party was mesmerised by it even the boys and being my first effort the adults thought I was pretty clever.

    Thanks again


    • ann ann says:

      Hi Betty, Lovely to hear I am so glad that your granddaughter loved her cake. If you took a photo of your cake you can upload it here in the comments section.

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