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3D Stand Mixer Cake & GIVEAWAY!!

stand mixer cake ann reardon

The dream cake for every baker, a 3D stand mixer cake! If you’re a baking enthusiast then I know you’ll love making this one for yourself. But how amazing would it be to WIN the real mixer to go with it! Simply fill out the entry form below for your chance to win one of 5 beautiful Breville mixers.


COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS: Nicolette Bahr, Juhi Mehta, Rhiannon Golik, Mayeve Leigh and Gemma Beatton
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To make the 3D stand mixer cake you will need:

Template for cutting the cake and fondant pieces


1 1/2 x chocolate cake recipe
baked in two trays

Caramel mud cake recipe
600 white chocolate
400g (14.11 ounces) or 1 ¾ cups plus 1 Tbsp margarine or butter
500millilitres (16.91 fluid ounces) milk (4% fat)
330g (11.64 ounces) or 1 1/3 cups plus 1 Tbsp and 1 tsp brown sugar
4 tsp vanilla
4 eggs
500g (17.64 ounces) or 3 cups plus 2 Tbsp plain/all purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
Melt the chocolate and margarine in a bowl. Mix in the milk, sugar, vanilla and eggs. Sift in the flours and baking powder and and mix well.

Bake at 180C (356 degrees Fahrenheit) in a heat proof bowl (mine is 15.5cm (6.1 inches) at the top) and an 18cm (7.09 inches) round tin.
caramel mud cake recipe reardon

White Chocolate Ganache
700g (24.69 ounces) chocolate
130g (4.59 ounces) or 1/2 cup plus 2 tsp cream (35% fat)
Heat the cream and pour over the chocolate. Let stand for a minute then stir until smooth. Cool overnight at room temperature.

Milk chocolate ganache

400g (14.11 ounces) milk chocolate
130g (4.59 ounces) or 1/2 cup plus 2 tsp cream (35% fat)
Heat the cream and pour over the chocolate. Let stand for a minute then stir until smooth. Cool overnight at room temperature.

1 batch chocolate buttercream
Whip together with the milk chocolate ganache

Rice Krispies
50g (1.76 ounces) or 1 ½ cups of rice bubbles (rice krispies)
50g (1.76 ounces) or 1/2 cups of marshmallows
Melt the marshmallows in the microwave then stir though the rice bubbles. Rub your hands with a little vegetable oil to allow you to handle the mixture, or dip your hands in water.

Simple Syrup
1/4 or 55g (1.94 ounces) cup sugar
1/4 or 63g (2.22 ounces) cup water
Heat the sugar and water together until the sugar has dissolved. Allow to cool.

ann reardon how to cook that

500g (17.64 ounces) Pale blue fondant
200g (7.05 ounces) black fondant
200g (7.05 ounces) red fondant to cover the board
1 white easter egg
1 quantity of italian meringue or your favorite frosting recipe for in the mixer bowl
stand mixer cake tutorial
silver and white luster dust
square cake board
round cake board
3 dowels and cake pop sticks
reusable molding gel for the logo I got it here

mixer cake tutorial ann reardon
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My Cookbook

ann reardon crazy sweet creations cookbook
Stores that sell my book listed by country:
All recipe quantities in the book are in grams, ounces and cups.

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  1. Good

  2. Hi
    How do i get the cake mixer 3d template. Would like to bake the cake
    Thank you

  3. Hey hope you are well. I was wondering how I can get the 3D mixer template being am from Zambia in Africa? Please help I really need this. Thank you

    • Hi Alefa, If you are able to do online purchases and downloads from your location, then you can access the template from the web page Buy it now button.

  4. Rating: 5

    I love you

  5. I did it

    • Rating: 5

      I love what you do with your beautiful,and lovely cakes.

    • Hi, my daughter loves your decorations of cakes. Ann can you please make a lovely girl cake for her. Her favorite stars are Niki Minaj, and Ariana Granda. Can you please make a cake with them and you on the top of the cake?Put some flowers on the sides. If you don’t want to do that. Please,give me the cake if I get to be the winner. By.

      • Hi Barbara, This competition is closed.

  6. Rating: 5

    How Sid you do that your soooooooooooooooo amazing the best came maker I have ever seen your the best

  7. Hi 🙂
    Do you know if i can get the Breville scraper mixer pro in Norway?
    And what handmixer and rolling pin do you use? They seems very nice to use. Do you know where can i get them?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Frode, Ann’s hand mixer is a Breville as well. She doesn’t recall where the rolling pin came from. Breville products are sold in Europe and the UK under different brand names. See here for the details:

  8. Rating: 4

    Hi Ann, am srilatha from INDIA very big fan of you I love your each and every cakes and cookies recipe. Basically am a vegetarian can I have a cake recipe without egg and egg whites thank you for your beautiful channel how to cook THAT

  9. Sorry I meant to say is not js

  10. Rating: 5

    Hi im Crystal and my last name js palace I just got married a couple of days ago and I love your cooking

    • Congratulations!

  11. Rating: 5

    Hi so this is my first comment here but anyway I love your channel so so much and I am 7 years old and I live in Egypt and I Really hop you Reply this comment and I love you

    • Hi Rokia, That is lovely to hear. Thanks for watching the channel!

  12. Rating: 5

    I love your cooking videos they are amazing JPEG

  13. Rating: 4.5

    Hi my name is tegy i like your cooking at i watch them everyday

  14. You’re an awesome baker. You should start a cake should!!

  15. Rating: 4.5

    I love ur videos they are full of joy I hope I can win a mixer because I don’t hve one yet so it would be gd if I won a mixer thnx u Natasha

  16. Rating: 5

    I love this cake

  17. Rating: 5

    I luv this cake

  18. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann, I can’t believe that I won the giveaway! I already used the mixer to make cookies and it’s amazing! You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much!


    • Fantastic Juhi, I’m so glad it has arrived already 🙂 Happy baking!!!

  19. Rating: 4.5

    That is amazing

  20. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann,
    I got the Breville Bakery Boss today! Thank you so much and I love it!
    And congratulations Gemma!
    Thank you once again, Ann! 🙂

    • Wonderful news Mayeve, if your parents are ok with it, please send a photo (either by uploading it here in the comments section or just send it [email protected]). I know the folks at Breville would love to see their winners 🙂

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