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Easter Cake Recipe

Happy Easter Everyone! I love setting up Easter egg hunts for my boys, I try to make them harder each year the older they get. There are clues leading to each new location. The back of the clue says how many there are to be found there so they can keep hunting until ... »

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How To Make Chocolate Easter Eggs 2018

It is that time of year again when the shelves at the store are full of chocolate eggs. But how do you make them extra special and different to what everyone got last year? Watch the video for some fun easter egg ideas. Nutella egg All you'll need is 2 jars of nutella, a large ... »

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Easter Creatures

If you are blessed to get lots of eggs at Easter time, have some fun and turn them into creatures. For some of these cute animals you'll need a chocolate mold but for others you can just use the eggs you got for Easter. This week I want to take a moment to say a ... »

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5 Amazing Easter Eggs to make at home

  I'm sure everyone has tasted cheap Easter eggs. You know the ones ... very sweet but not particularly chocolatey and after you swallow, it feels like there's a layer of grease on the roof of your mouth. So here's the secret to great-tasting eggs ... use real chocolate. Today I'll ... »

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How to Make Chocolate Easter Eggs Recipe

Learn how to make home made chocolate Easter eggs with a surprise inside.  Easter egg hunts are so much fun, with the biggest egg always last.  One year when I was a child, my Mum carefully set up an Easter egg hunt with clues and notes for us to follow from one egg to the ... »

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It’s Friday… but Sunday is Coming Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Happy Easter for Sunday. Here are some egg hunt clue ideas for you to use. While away on holidays visiting family, my mum set up these clues for our kids - an early Easter egg hunt. There were two eggs and a clue at each stop.  They had to take turns reading the clues out ... »

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3D Stand Mixer Cake & GIVEAWAY!!

  The dream cake for every baker, a 3D stand mixer cake! If you're a baking enthusiast then I know you'll love making this one for yourself. But how amazing would it be to WIN the real mixer to go with it! Simply fill out the entry form below for your chance ... »