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Chocolate Butterfly | How to Make Dainty Chocolate Butterflies

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Chocolate butterflies sound kind of dreamy and magical. Paper thin chocolate wings fluttering by, landing on your cupcake to adorn it to perfection.  Or hiding in the garden to surprise and delight party guests.

chocolate butterfly ann reardon chocolate butterflies by Ann Reardon

Butterflies are dainty, so the chocolate equivalent needs to be delicate, elegant and delicious. To achieve this you can use tempered chocolate so that they are crisp at room temperature.  If you are making colorful butterflies I suggest that you use ‘fake’ white chocolate because the real white chocolate can be difficult to temper in small quantities. If you’re confused already then read this post that explains tempering and what chocolate to use for decorations.

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Watch the video for a full tutorial on making these beautiful butterflies:


You will need:
300g (10.58 ounces) Chocolate (what chocolate to use) If you are making one toned butterflies you will not need this much chocolate, I have allowed plenty so that you can make several colours and have a decent amount in each bag so that it doesn’t set too quickly.
Oil based food coloring (available at cake decorating stores)
Non-stick baking paper (if you do not have non stick baking paper then check that the paper you are using allows the chocolate to slide off it easily once set).
Ziplock Bags or piping bags for the chocolate
Some pictures of real butterflies to give you an idea of the wing shape

Fold your baking paper in half to make a crease down the centre. Quickly pipe one side of the butterfly, fold the paper over and gently rub on the chocolate. Open again, pipe the body and antennae and then sit against a wall to allow it to set with the wings on an angle.
dainty chocolate butterflies

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My Cookbook

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All recipe quantities in the book are in grams, ounces and cups.

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  1. Rating: 5

    These look so beautiful. Am going to try to make some today or tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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  3. Rating: 5

    Ok Ann! I’m really new at this and not so good yet but I want to show you what YOU inspired me to do! From my homemade Marshmallow font to my strawberry flavored buttercream and lastly, my chocolate butterflies!
    All thanks to you my Dear!
    Happy Spring!!

    • THanks Julie and your cake looks beautiful! It is autumn here in Australia but you wouldn’t know it as we are still having summer weather.

  4. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann! This recipe is simply amazing. Noone believes me how easy it is to make them. Here are my butterfly cakes 🙂 Will definitely make more of these. Thanks, A.

    • Hi Aniko, these look so pretty!

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