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Chocolate Strawberry Roses Bouquet

chocolate strawberry roses

A fresh bouquet of chocolate strawberry roses makes a beautiful and creative gift.  Perfect for chocolate lovers everywhere.


Chocolate strawberry roses ingredients:

cake pop sticks
200g (7.05 ounces) chocolate: you can use tempered real chocolate or melted compound chocolate there is a post explaining the difference here.
Modeling chocolate
Fresh strawberries washed, dried and hulled
make chocolate strawberry roses ann reardon

Dip the cake pop sticks in the chocolate and then push into the base of the strawberry.  Allow to set then dip the whole strawberry into the chocolate.

Make 5 balls and one snake out of the modeling chocolate.

Place them onto some non-stick baking paper, cover with another sheet and squash flat.

Roll the snake up half way to form the centre of the flower.  Cut off the bottom half of this spiral and then place onto the strawberry (see video).  Wrap the remainder of the snake around the strawberry.  Add one petal at a time and fan out at the top to look like they are open.

Take any remaining strawberries and dip a cake pop stick into chocolate end push into the base.  Dip the top half of the strawberry into the chocolate and allow to set.

Arrange all the chocolate strawberry roses into a bouquet and wrap with cellophane and tissue paper.  Secure tightly with ribbon.

Give away.



by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

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  1. Awesome Job!

  2. Hello Ann^^ How much is 100 Grams to cups or Ounces or how many compound chocolate circles did you use in your recipy? . I’m use to cups since I’m in America.

    • Hi Brittany, the measurement should automatically appear in ounces on the blog page. 200gms is just over 7 ounces.

  3. A quick message if I’m making a dozen of two dozen of the chocolate strawberry roses how much cholate do I need to melt?

  4. Hello, i left the bouquet overnight on the kitchen counter and woke up to sweating strawberries and soft chocolate. Is there anyway to preserve the strawberries without it shrinking and sweating?
    Ps. This is an amazing recipe it saved me from spending hundreds on birthday gifts!

  5. Ilove tge food i made the chocolate strawberry roses she love it! 😉 😀

    • Excellent!

  6. hi ann.
    i have 4 questions. did you use tempered chocolate for dipping the strawberries or just melt it? It looks tempered. How did you get the modellng chocolate to stick? Did you let the chocolate set on the strawberry or not completly set? also can the strawberries be at room temp. or put in to the refrigerator? im making a cake for my mom for Mothers Day
    thank you! this method is a lifesaver 🙂

    • Hi Destiny, I am guessing you already made this. How did you go?

      • A little trial and error. i used wilton light chocolate/ red candy melts. I followed what you said in the modellng chocolate video. First time, after leaving it over night, i heat them up 5 sec x3 and so i lifted it out the bowl, i started working it, and…. the red one crumbled in my hand. Like sand or something. and i wondered why? maybe u can tell me. I think the karo corn syurp wasn’t the same temp as the chocolate, or maybe i over stired it. Not sure. I worked the light chocolate and it came out good. So i put that in the freg. for the next day. i redid the red melts along with a another light chocolate (just in case). i made sure i didn’t over stir them, as far as the temp. between the chocolate and the syurp, i hope it was the same temp. In 24hrs of me make the modellng chocolate.( i didnt make it into a modellng chocolate til day of making the roses.) (I didnt want my kitchen too hot as i was messing the chocolate i made my cake and everything before hand) I even made my house 70°F to 68 °F. I use my second batch of chocolate, it came out a lot better (the red one). i did one color at a time. but what concerned me was that, as was rolling it out, it was spliting and cracking. why did it did that? Did I pull out too much to roll out? But I could still make the roses. Seeing that i used a little pam on my hands and non stick paper. it worked but then it didnt. Now im not sure how to store modellng chocolate. But the light chocolate in the freg, was hard as a rock. I heat it up so it could soften. it worked for a certain amount of time then it wasn’t plyable anymore. it just crumbled on me. but I used that last when i was kinda running out. I wonder why did that set of chocolate did that? But all and all, and my first time messing with chocolate, i think i did a good job and my Mom loved it. Im sorry its long. i made it a 3 day experiment. what do u thing i did wrong?

        • Hi Destiny, Ann doesn’t think you did anything wrong. The commercial coloured candy melts don’t behave the same way as the non-coloured ones. Ann finds it is far easier to work with standard white melts and add gel colouring to suit your purpose. Try that next time and let us know how it goes.

          • ok i’ll try it again on my next project. Thank you Ann

      • this is without the heart.

        • They look amazing Destiny. Well done!

          • Thank you 🙂

      • How do you get the modeling chocolate to stick the the strawberry. I’m making this chocolate bouquet for my mom for her birthday and when I made it the first time the chocolate didn’t stick it feel off. WHAT DO I DO TO SAVE THIS MESS??????

        • Hi Jenna, make sure the strawberries are ripe and at room temperature. Pat the surface dry to minimize moisture. Hope this helps.

          • You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so trentparansly clear now!

  7. Hi im wondering which chocolate did you buy and if thry sell it in pink n red? How long will they last out of fridge pls comment bk making 2 for mothers day for my mom n grandma thank you 🙂

    • Hi flor,
      These strawberry roses will last as long as your strawberries. If your fruit is very fresh then they will last longer. As fruit deteriorates rapidly, best to keep them cool till you wish to serve them. Ann tries many different brands of chocolate. You can use white chocolate and colour it with oli based colour. Ann finds it is even easier to make them in whote chololate and then dust them with powdered colour.

  8. Hi, I was wondering if there would be a big difference in taste between using the real chocolate or the compound chocolate. Would one of them taste better, or are do they taste the same? Thanks.

    • Hi Lily, The compound chocolate has a higher melting point and so wont melt in your mouth as quickly and so the chocolatey taste isn’t released as quickly. I definitely prefer the real chocolate.

      • eww real chocolate, hi Ann that dosent say Ann and says helper in the pic, are you Ann or someone else?

        • Hi Faith, I am Ann’s helper. I sit at Ann’s kitchen table, in her home and scribe her answers to everyone’s questions. So I am not Ann but the answers are Ann’s.

  9. Hi , i love this idea and recipe, I want to know should i use fake chocolate or cocoa chocolate?? Thank you:)

    • Hi Haya, You could use either. There is a link in the blog post that explains this for you.

  10. Hello i just love your recipe i just need to ask you can i use any chocolate?? Can your please tell any name of the chocolate you used

    • Hi Taby, Use chocolate made with Cocoa Butter. Just check the ingredients on the packet.

  11. Hi Ann. I can’t seem to find and fake chocolate where I live but I want to make the best quality modeling chocolate. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Ashley, Fake chocolate is simply compound chocolate. It is made without cocoa butter. It usually readily available in supermarkets. If the label says it contains cocoa butter, it is real chocolate. If it uses something else, it is fake chocolate.

      • Hi that convers cake was hard
        But good

  12. this is truly amazing its chocolate dipped strawberries reimagined, I wanted to know how much of the modeling chocolate I would need like if I needed to double the recipe you posted because I want to have enough to make look nice for my mom’s birthday cake so please reply soon.

    • Hi Anna, I used 200grams in this recipe so you could just double that quantity to 400g.

  13. Is there a trick to getting the strawberry to stay on the stick? The juice from the strawberry keeps making it come out

    • Use firmer strawberries if they are too soft that will happen

    • Hi Angela, Dip the stick into chocolate first then pop the strawberry on and let it set before dipping the whole thing.

  14. thank you for all of these ldeas i am going to do all of the ideas.

  15. How long will they be good if kept refrigerated?

    • Hi Tristen, They will last as long as your strawberries will last. If your fruit is nice and fresh, they will last longer.

  16. What is the max amount of time these can go without being refridgerated? Are 8″ cake pops ok or do they need to be longer?

  17. Hi ann I was just wondering how long these will last for in a cold room as I’m making around 15sets for Valentine’s Day but I live in the uk an it’s freezing -1-3degrees at the min I can’t fit them all in the fridge please get back to me thankyou

  18. After making these, do they need to be refrigerated? How would you travel with them? Thanks!

  19. Hi! I’m so excited to make dat rose. But i want to know how made this white cream. I’m from Brazil and i and a lot of Brazilians loves your Channel. XOXOXO

  20. Hello Ann! I am inspired by your tutorials weekly and you have paved the way for me in chocolate, cakes and desserts! I love your youtube channel and am always excited for your next video, i would love to attempt these for valentines day and think I might need some practice so I was wondering which modelling chocolate (from your table-graph) you used e.g corn syrup and melts or glucose….
    I look forawrd and hope for your reply! Again many many sincere thanks – Hanna 🙂

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