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Chocolate Strawberry Roses Bouquet

chocolate strawberry roses

A fresh bouquet of chocolate strawberry roses makes a beautiful and creative gift.  Perfect for chocolate lovers everywhere.


Chocolate strawberry roses ingredients:

cake pop sticks
200g (7.05 ounces) chocolate: you can use tempered real chocolate or melted compound chocolate there is a post explaining the difference here.
Modeling chocolate
Fresh strawberries washed, dried and hulled
make chocolate strawberry roses ann reardon

Dip the cake pop sticks in the chocolate and then push into the base of the strawberry.  Allow to set then dip the whole strawberry into the chocolate.

Make 5 balls and one snake out of the modeling chocolate.

Place them onto some non-stick baking paper, cover with another sheet and squash flat.

Roll the snake up half way to form the centre of the flower.  Cut off the bottom half of this spiral and then place onto the strawberry (see video).  Wrap the remainder of the snake around the strawberry.  Add one petal at a time and fan out at the top to look like they are open.

Take any remaining strawberries and dip a cake pop stick into chocolate end push into the base.  Dip the top half of the strawberry into the chocolate and allow to set.

Arrange all the chocolate strawberry roses into a bouquet and wrap with cellophane and tissue paper.  Secure tightly with ribbon.

Give away.



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  1. Rating: 5

    Brilliant & Beautiful!! Bravo!

  2. Rating: 5

    Very nice you explained it clearly and simple I enjoyed this thank you so much

  3. Rating: 4


    Dear Ms. Ann,

    Please help me it’s an emergency. I’ve been making chocolate roses for the past 4 days. Each night I make 3-5 and give them away the following day. However, today, I noticed there’s somewhat of a condensation happening. I never refrigerated them. Is it safe? What could have caused this. Please help since I’m giving them away today. Thank you so much!

  4. Rating: 5

    how long will strawberries last in fridge

  5. […] the desserts we made were chocolate covered strawberries. I originally came across this idea from, and  loved them — they serve as both a tasty dessert and lovely decorative […]

  6. Hello Ann,
    Thank you for your recipe. I made these out of Cadbury dream chocolate, corn syrup and pink colouring.

    • Should have added I painted the ends of the petals with gold food paint.

    • Wow they look amazing!

  7. Where do you buy or make those chocolate petals ?

  8. Hi, I really love these and I have been saving the idea up for valentines since I first saw them. However, I cannot find fresh strawberries at this time of year! Any suggestions for replacements?
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  9. Great ingihst! That’s the answer we’ve been looking for.

  10. Beautiful

  11. I made them!!!!!! What do you think? I made them for my grandparents anniversary!:)

    • Hi Emilia, Your chocolate rose looks fantastic! Well done!

  12. how chocolate is that you use ?????

  13. A bride from a wedding asked if I could do 100 of these.Can I make these 2 days before, like 50 on one day and the other 50 the next? And how much or many time do I have to do the recipe for 100 of these roses?
    ~ Janette

    • Hi Janette, The time it will take will depend on your level of skill. Try doing a practice run of a dozen and see how long that takes you. If you use beautifully fresh fruit and store them in the fridge they will keep for a couple of days.

  14. Hi Ann, just wondering what I’m doing wrong. I dip the stick into the chocolate then insert it into the strawberry then when I dip the strawberry into the chocolate, it comes away from the stick. Please help.

    • Hi Alma, On the video you will see Ann use a little white chocolate to stick the strawberry to the pop stick. This needs to firm up a little before you take the next step. Then don’t dip the strawberry into the chocolate. Roll the strawberry through the chocolate with the bowl tilted as Ann does in the video. This will minimise the risk of the fruit dropping off. If the fruit is super ripe it is likely to slip off pretty easily anyway.

      • That really caertups the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

  15. me gustaria hacer el curso de la rosa de chocolate, soy de Colombia se puede hacer virtual gracias.

    • Hola Martha no cuenta con un curso en la actualidad .

  16. me gustaria tomar el curso de la rosa de chocolate, cuanto vale y si lo hacen virtual soy de Colombia.


  17. For the modeling chocolate, is it okay if I use light corn syrup?

    • yes it is!

  18. Hello,
    For how long can these stay with me without them being ruined? lets say i want them for tomorrow, can i start doing them 1 day before?

    • Hi Pawn, these will last as long as your fruit lasts, so use quality fresh fruit and you will get a few days from them. Make them the day before you want to consume them for best results.

  19. Hello, how long are your cake pop sticks?? thanks

    • Hi Natasha, The sticks come in various sizes. Ann used 11 3/4 inch sticks for these roses.

  20. Thank you for posting this idea up! I tried to use your recipe but it didnt work for me (must be high altitude or something) so I ended up using another modeling chocolate recipe but the roses turned out beautiful! I made them for people for valentines day and they loved them! Again thank you so much for the tutorial!

    • i Ashley, Your roses look exquisite, well done!

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