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Coca-Cola Bottle Cake

coca cola cake by ann reardon


I can hear footsteps, the cute 5 year old kind, coming down the stairs. I love his cuddles in the morning. He is sneaking up behind me and I pretend not to notice. His breathing is loud and obvious but I do not spoil the game. He is getting closer now and I am trying not to laugh. Arms wrap around me and I am entangled in a loving cuddle and squeezed so tight. It’s time for breakfast together while the rest of the house sleeps. The video will tell you all you need know about how to make a 3D coke bottle cake.

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To make the Coke Cake you will need

Coke Jelly

5 tsp powdered gelatin
1 L (0.26 gallons) cocoa cola (I found the jelly tasted a little watery, if I was making it again I’d concentrate the coke by boiling down 2L (0.53 gallons) to make 1L (0.26 gallons))

Stir together the gelatin with approx 1/2 cup of coke.
Once it has thickened, microwave for about 30 seconds to melt the gelatin.
Add the rest of the coke, stir it well and let the bubbles subside. Pour it into a tray lined with plastic wrap and leave it in the fridge to set.

coca cola cake by Ann Reardon how to cook that

Chocolate Discs
25g (0.88 ounces) or 3 Tbsp sherbet (to make your own see recipe below)
190g (6.7 ounces) milk chocolate (no need to temper)
Next take some chocolate and some sherbet.

Melt the chocolate and stir in the sherbet.
Squash it flat between two sheets of baking paper so that it is really thin. Once it is setting cut circles a bit smaller than your coke bottle.

If you can’t get sherbet you can make your own by mixing together:
2 tsp citric acid
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda (or baking soda)
2 Tablespoons of icing sugar

Coke Cream
cocacola cake ann reardon
500millilitres (16.91 fluid ounces) coca cola
600millilitres (20.29 fluid ounces) cream (what type of cream should I use?)

Pour the coke into a pan. Heat it over high heat until the water evaporates off and you’ve got 50millilitres (1.69 fluid ounces) of coke flavored sugar syrup left. Caution it is very hot, keep an eye on it because you don’t want it to burn. Leave that to cool.
Add the coke syrup to the cream and whip them together until you get soft peaks.

One 8inch (20.32 centimetres) round chocolate cake made using half of my chocolate cake recipe
One 8inch (20.32 centimetres) round sponge cake made using half of my sponge cake recipe

Cut each cake into two even layers then use a circle cutter to cut two circles from each layer. So you end up with 4 circles of sponge and 4 circles of chocolate cake.

Chocolate Bottle
2L (0.53 gallons) coke bottle washed a dried, make sure there is no water in it
160g (5.64 ounces) White chocolate
490g (17.28 ounces) Dark chocolate

Carefully remove the label from the coke bottle and keep it to one side. Draw a line where the coke comes to at the top.

Take a knife and cut the bottle in half at the level that the label covers.

If you are using real chocolate make sure you temper it, if you are not sure of the difference between real and compound chocolate and how to temper please watch the chocolate secrets video first.

Turn the top upside down and fill with tempered white chocolate up to the line.

Leave it for a minute then tip out the un-set chocolate, straighten up the edge using a spatula then let it set.

Pour some tempered dark chocolate into the base of the coke bottle and spin and turn it until it covers all of the sides. Tip the extra into the top and do the same with that one turning it until it is completely covered.

Then place them upside down to set.

Assembly of the Coca-Cola Cake
red fondant (optional)

To the base add some coke cream, a layer of sponge cake, coke jelly, more cream, chocolate cake and then a layer of fizzy chocolate.
Continue to layer it in this way right up to the top.

coca cola bottle cake ann reardon how to cook that

Place the top half in a glass to help it balance and layer it up in the same way as we did for the base.

coke bottle cake ann reardon

Remove the plastic from the cake.

Stand the base upright and add chocolate around the cut, then place the top half onto it.

Use a knife to smooth out the chocolate at the join and fill in any gaps.

Add the label back around the centre.

Either add the lid back into place or make one out of red fondant as shown in the video.

coca cola bottle cake ann reardon

To serve:
Use a hot knife to cut through the chocolate and take a slice of layered coke cake.

credit to Marghi for using a coke bottle as a mold back in Sept 2015.
Copyright 2016How To Cook That

My Cookbook

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  1. How many people does this cake serve?

  2. Rating: 4.5

    For the sherbet where could I get Citric Acid?

    P.S. That looks soooo good. I might be making it soon!

  3. Rating: 5

    Hi. I made this for my daughters birthday. It was beautiful and nobody guessed it is THE CAKE. The guests and my daughter were waiting for the cake to be brought from the kitchen as they thought that I had just brought the cold drink to be served with the snacks. Thank you very much for your detailed and fantabolous recipe and guidance. God bless you. And sorry for the extra shine as it is very humid here in India where I stay. Thank you once again

    • Hi Sulata, Your cake looks amazing I can see why they were so surprised! Well done.

  4. hello, what size is that ring cutter you used for the sponge? and if I plan to make this a day ahead, should I keep it in the fridge or room temperature will be just fine? hope you’ll reply soon, thank you 🙂

    • Hi Margareta, Ann made her own cutters from Aluminium flashing cut to match the size of the bottle. You could make this cake a day ahead,. Store the finished cake in the fridge as it has cream in the layers that will need to stay chilled.

  5. Rating: 4

    Thanks for the tutorial! Such a fun cake to make.

    • Hi Leah, Great job! Your cake looks so real!

      • Im gonna make this cake today with my Dad!!!
        August 21 2016
        Austin Tx

      • Ms. Ann, I’m eleven years old and I live in the USA so I’m not to good with your kinds of measuring. It is kind of hard for me to follow along. So I was wondering if I should just look it up on google or do you already have USA recipe?

      • How long did this cake take to make?

  6. I am using a mountain bottle and when I poured the chocolate in and turned it upside down it doesn’t stick to the bottle like yours did. What is wrong? I used tempered chocolate.

    • Hi Linsey, I am guessing that there was moisture on the inside of the bottle or something similar that prevented it from coating the surface as it normally would.

  7. Rating: 5

    I have just made your Coke Cake for a dinner party. Absolutely thrilled with the way it turned out, and looked exactly like a coke bottle. I did find that it was a bit difficult to cut. I think the chocolate was a bit thick.
    Thank you for a great idea. Today I will be trying your recipe to use up the left over cake bits.

    • Hi Dianne, That is great to hear. Well done on accomplishing such a challenging cake!

  8. Hi Anne, I would like to make the coke bottle cake but making a Mountain Dew bottle rather than the coke. Could you tell me what you would use for that? Chocolate color, cake flavor and so on.
    Thank You,

    • Hi Linsey, You could distil the flavour in the same way as for the Coke Bottle. For the chocolate you would need to use white chocolate and colour it green.

  9. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann, mission completed. I made a L&P( Lemon and Paeroa ) bottle, a special treat for Kiwi’s abroad. The original bottle I used was bought in Singapore for me. The lemon flavour of the drink was delicious in the jelly and cream. I took your hint and boiled down the liquid to get a stronger flavour. However the bottle was quite a thick plastic and the chocolate broke too much when trying to remove it. I found a softer plastic bottle which was bigger than the L&P bottle, so the label was just a it short. It was much easier too remove, a bit of chocolate plastering …done. Ethne Fergusson UK

    • Hi Ethne, that looks amazing!! The shooting candle looks fab too!

  10. Hi Ann, I have just been making the coke bottle cake. In the recipe it says 19 g of milk chocolate for the discs.. This didn’t seem at all right, even looking at what you were stirring . So I assumed it must be 190g. That worked, probably too much, as I have 10 disks.. Some for the next time! Thank you for your wonderful fun creations and technical know how. May you and your lovely family be blessed. Ethne Fergusson ,UK.

    • Hi Ethne, You are quite right. It is a typo and Ann used 190g which gives you more than you need.

  11. Rating: 4.5

    I made this thanku so much and i m so happy with the result 😀

    • It looks fabulous! Well done Farheen.

  12. Rating: 5

    I love your channel because I just love watching you make cakes and different kinds of deserts

    • Hi Marsha, that is fabulous to hear.

  13. Rating: 5

    You are bless. Love it.

  14. Hi Ann,
    I was just attempting the fizzy chocolate disc and with 19g of milk chocolate and 25g of the sherbet concoction (I ended up with 39g with the recipe you gave so I just used 25 of the 39) you gave, this was my result. It doesn’t seem right to be it is really pasty. Is something wrong?

    • You may want to add some more liquid, but just a bit… if it fails just know that I’m not a professional baker, but yours looks a little dry 🙂

    • HI , I would try using a little bit more chocolate 🙂

  15. Rating: 5

    Hi Anne. I tried this as a PEPSI bottle and it turned out great. I left out white chocolate as i turned it to its side as well. Pic attached shows it standing. Thank you for your beautiful videos. I watch them nearly everyday!!

    • Hi Tasneen, Your Pepsi cake looks fantastic! Very well down.

  16. When you say Sherbert for the fizzy discs, do you mean like orange sherbert or is this some powdered kind?

    • Hi Maggie, Sherbert in Australia is a fizzy and tangy powdered sugar, that bubbles when you get it own your tongue.

  17. Rating: 5

    Love your recipes, how do I save them after I watched the video , need the recipie for hello kitty kookies and coco-cola cake I want to enter the coco cola cake I make in a competition for the fifth, of mei and the hello kitty cookies please help me so I can make my mark as a good home baker.

  18. Rating: 5

    This is my first attempt. Now I know what to tweek. My dark chocolate got weird on me. It happened when I tried to temper it. I think it turned out pretty well though. Thank you for the detailed, easy to follow instuctions.

    • Hi Erika, It looks great. Well done!

  19. Rating: 5

    Loved the Cake! So Unique!

    • Thanks for the feedback Andrew.

  20. Rating: 4

    Loved!! Loved the Coke cake. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the feed back Lee Ann.

      • Absolutely first rate and cooter-boptpmed, gentlemen!

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