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What Cream Should I use?

There have been so many questions about cream that I thought I’d dedicate and entire page to it.

Firstly what is cream?  Cream is the fat found in milk.  When I was a child we had our own goats.  After milking them we’d of course put the milk in the fridge.  By the next morning the cream would have risen to the top of the milk and be sitting there as a layer.  Most milk that you buy now is homogenized to make the droplets of cream so small that is stays suspended in the milk.

Cream goes by many different names in many countries and it can also range in fat content.  To get a similar result you want to use one that is similar to the fat content of the one used in the recipe.

In my recipes I use Australian ‘pure cream’ which is around 35% fat.  So what can you use instead?

Australia:  Pure Cream (35% fat) or thickened cream (35% fat plus has a small amount of gelling agent to make it appear a little thicker and stabilize it when whipped)

Brazil: Creme de leite fresco

Canada: Whipping cream (30-35% fat)

Denmark: piskefløde (38% fat)

cream % fat






Finland: kuohukerma (30%-40% fat)







France: Crème Florette or crème fraîche entière fluide 30%

cream in france






Germany: Schlagsahne (30% fat)

types of cream






Guatemala: Crema para batir (33% fat)

what time of cream to use






Ireland : Fresh Cream (38% fat)

types of cream






Netherlands: 30-40% vet Slagroom
what is cream






New Zealand: fresh cream (36% fat)

what cream to use howtocookthat






Norway: Kremfløte (38% fat)

flote whipping cream






Pakistan:  milkpack cream 30% milk fat OR olpers cream  40%

what cream in pakistan






Poland: Śmietana kremówka  (30% fat)

cream in poland






Romania: smantana dulce pentru frisca (33% fat)

what is cream called in romania






Saudi Arabia: almarai (المراعي) whipping cream (كريمة خفق)

(35 % fat)

what is cream





ITALY:  Panna de Montare – Italian Kitchen Cream (35% fat)



INDIA:  Tropolite (This is a non-dairy product with 35-40% fat that will work well for decorating)


SWEDEN: Vispgradde (36-40% fat)

UK: Whipping cream (35% fat)

USA:  Heavy Cream (35% fat)

RUSSIA:  Parmalat (35% fat)

Thanks to my subscribers for helping me compile this list.  If the country you live in has a different name for cream that is around 30-35% fat?  We’d love to know about it, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. What about Italy? 🙂

    • Hi Atena, we need someone from Italy to offer that information and then we add it to the page.

  2. I’m making the rose apple pie custard tart can i use almond milk instead?

    • Hi Niks, Almond milk should work fine.

  3. what about in SG??

  4. What cream should I use in Hong Kong? If i cannot find double cream, can I use normal whipping cream instead? And also , what is the differences between normal cream and double cream?

    • Yeah, I also live in Hong Kong. Im not sure what kind of cream to use. Is double cream fine?

      • Hi Elizabeth, look on the packaging and find the ingredients. If it 35% fat or higher it will work well.

    • Hi Athena, Use one with same percentage of fat or higher that the recipe demands.
      Double cream normal has double the percentage of fat of the standard cream. So if the recipe asks for double cream, standard cream will not work as well. whipping cream sometimes has other additives, just check the label.

  5. if i live in israel so to looking for craem 30% ?

    • Yes Omer, If looking for a cream , select one that has a fat content of 30 percent or higher.

  6. Hi, I’m from the USA and a very limited small town. I am making the strawberry Frasier dessert today for a class party for 25. I could only find heavy wiping cream with 18% fat. How bad will that affect my dessert?

    • Hi Jaylah, it should be okay. The dessert won’t be as creamy and it won’t whip quite as well during preparation.

  7. i love how to cook that

  8. what about in usa ? can i use heavy cream ?

  9. What brand of whipping cream i should use here at Philippines

    • Hi All, Can any of our subscribers from the Philippines help Alyssa with suggestions?

      • Whipped du

  10. My cream is 54 percent of fars can i use it as the yogurt mousse . The brand name is Pauls thickend cream

    • Hi jojo, For best results use pure cream rather than thickened cream. Thickened cream usually has additional additives in it.

  11. thanks for your help

  12. this is cream with 30% fat and I can make whipped cream with it

    • ja kan je doen heb ik ook gedaan

    • we have to add milk to this??

  13. what about Iran I dont know which cream I should use ???

    • Hi Amir, as we are based in Australia we can’t suggest what would be suitable. The best way to work it out is to look at what is available locally that has around 30-40% fat. Post a comment with what you find and we can add it to the blog post.

  14. What cream should I use in India? is it ok if I use the cream from fresh cow milk?

  15. Since I live in Singapore what cream should I use to make the Oreo truffles oh and the chocolates too><

    • Hi Vestina, We don’t live in Singapore so we can’t be sure. Check what is available to you locally and choose something that is around the same percentage of fat.

  16. Hi Ann! We can use Nestlé All Purpose Cream here in the Philippines as a substitute for Heavy/Whipping Cream.

    • You can just copy the picture from that website and paste it to your blog so that the others can see it as well.

      • Has my comment been deleted?

  17. Silly, I live on a goat dairy farm and I could tell you any day that goat milk is naturally homogenized. it doesn’t separate on it’s own. You have to get a cream separator to separate the goats milk from the cream, that’s why we buy our own cream and why we hardly make cheese! Maybe you had cows growing up? Or maybe I am not familiar with the breed of goat. I do love your recipes, but when I saw that I couldn’t stop laughing!

    • Your happiness is very shallow. Laughing at something not funny is ludicrous.

    • Hi 123, It must be a different breed of goat, as it is quite common to make Goats cheese here and the local goat milk is quite fatty with the cream.

  18. Is it ok to use heavy whipping creme instead of the ones u listed?

    • Hi Hailinh, This will depend on what you are trying to make? Use the nearest equivalent to the one used in your recipe for the best results.

  19. in Pakistan its milkpack cream with 30% milk fat and olpers cream which has 40% milk pack both have a thick consistency which one should i use?

  20. In France its called Crème Florette or crème fraîche entière fluide

    • Thanks Pauline.

      • In England it is called double cream

    • Merci Pauline ! 🙂

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