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What Cream Should I use?

There have been so many questions about cream that I thought I’d dedicate and entire page to it.

Firstly what is cream?  Cream is the fat found in milk.  When I was a child we had our own goats.  After milking them we’d of course put the milk in the fridge.  By the next morning the cream would have risen to the top of the milk and be sitting there as a layer.  Most milk that you buy now is homogenized to make the droplets of cream so small that is stays suspended in the milk.

Cream goes by many different names in many countries and it can also range in fat content.  To get a similar result you want to use one that is similar to the fat content of the one used in the recipe.

In my recipes I use Australian ‘pure cream’ which is around 35% fat.  So what can you use instead?

Australia:  Pure Cream (35% fat) or thickened cream (35% fat plus has a small amount of gelling agent to make it appear a little thicker and stabilize it when whipped)

Brazil: Creme de leite fresco

Canada: Whipping cream (30-35% fat)

Denmark: piskefløde (38% fat)

cream % fat






Finland: kuohukerma (30%-40% fat)







France: Crème Florette or crème fraîche entière fluide 30%

cream in france






Germany: Schlagsahne (30% fat)

types of cream






Guatemala: Crema para batir (33% fat)

what time of cream to use






Ireland : Fresh Cream (38% fat)

types of cream






Netherlands: 30-40% vet Slagroom
what is cream






New Zealand: fresh cream (36% fat)

what cream to use howtocookthat






Norway: Kremfløte (38% fat)

flote whipping cream






Pakistan:  milkpack cream 30% milk fat OR olpers cream  40%

what cream in pakistan






Poland: Śmietana kremówka  (30% fat)

cream in poland






Romania: smantana dulce pentru frisca (33% fat)

what is cream called in romania






Saudi Arabia: almarai (المراعي) whipping cream (كريمة خفق)

(35 % fat)

what is cream





ITALY:  Panna de Montare – Italian Kitchen Cream (35% fat)



INDIA:  Tropolite (This is a non-dairy product with 35-40% fat that will work well for decorating)


SWEDEN: Vispgradde (36-40% fat)

UK: Whipping cream (35% fat)

USA:  Heavy Cream (35% fat)

RUSSIA:  Parmalat (35% fat)

Thanks to my subscribers for helping me compile this list.  If the country you live in has a different name for cream that is around 30-35% fat?  We’d love to know about it, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. So I can use whipping cream to make chocolate ganache

    • Hi Yusuf, Use a cream that has about a 35%fat content or higher. In Australian what we call whipping cream works well.

  2. Hello ann at first I want to thank you for this great work , but I don’t know what cream i should use , and it’s not writen here in this article about the country where i live , we have three kinds of cream
    1) cooking cream (10% __15%)
    2) sweet whipping cream ( 32%)
    3) whipping cream (35%)
    I am so confused , please may you tell me what each kind of these means in your recipes

    • Hi Reman, It sounds like option 3 would be your best option as Ann uses cream with 35% fat which in Australia is called pure cream.

  3. I Live in the philippines so what cream should I use?

  4. I live in the USA. Can I use heavy cream?

    • Hi Leba, Yes you can use heavy cream. It usually has around 36-38% fat.

  5. what if the mixture is soupy

  6. Hi ann , in my country only milkpak or olpers cream is availible ,which is 30% and 40% respectively,which would you recommend from these.

  7. Hi, I’m from Philippines and I would like to know what cream should I use for the truffles?

  8. Hey Ann! I am currently living in India, If you could please advice me which milk should I use. Thanks

  9. and olpers cream cant be whipped ,i would be thankful if the admin or ann replies me.

  10. hi ann ,i am from pakistan and we use milkpak and olpers cream but it does not thickens when whipped .can you show a way to whip milkpak or olpers cream.please.

    • Hi Sara, Neither Ann or I have used the products you mentioned so sorry we can’t help with that query.

    • Hello sara,
      Try using whippywhip or bakery cream. U need to ask any bakery,which cream they use n then buy ot.

  11. hi Anna please tell me how i find milk pack cream in Qatar

    • Hi ummmohamad, unfortunately we don’t live in Qatar and can’t advise you where to get milk or cream. We suggest you search online for local suppliers in your area.

  12. olpers cream is having 40% milk fat..does that mean it’s heavy whipping cream? *_* id be really grateful if the admin replies me..thank u

    • Hi Ariana, Pure cream is 35% fat or higher and this is what Ann uses in most of her recipes. The term heavy whipping cream has different meanings in different places. The cream you found should be fine to use as long as it doesn’t have additional additives to it.

  13. What type of cream do I use from America I am very confused please reply thank you (:

    • Hi Jess, America has so many different kinds that you have to look at the ingredients and choose one that has 35% fat or higher.

  14. Hi Ann! I’m from Philippines en’ asking what cream should I used?(cream that is available in the Philippines)

  15. Thanks to add Saudi Arabia cream , i had been wondering which cream do you use and after checking this page i told myself what are you doing !! do you think she will add for Saudi Arabia cream ? impossible , but after saw that you added Pakistan cream I know that of course there is a cream for us lol .
    Thank you very much .

  16. Hi, I’m from Portugal and unfortunately most of the product does not exist in here…could you please tell me what cream can I use (I’m guessing that maybe is what we call “natas” in here but I’m not certain). Thank you

    • Hi Carla, as we are not from your area, we can’t answer that question accurately. Look for fresh cream with at least 35% fat.

  17. one more thing tell me your birthday

  18. can we use fat milk

  19. Hi! Is it nata in Spain?

    • Hi Ale, Unfortunately we are not based in Spain so we can’t check it for you. Look at the ingredient list on the packaging and check the fat content.

  20. What about Philippines?

    • Hi Aubrey, You find out and let us know!

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