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What Cream Should I use?

There have been so many questions about cream that I thought I’d dedicate and entire page to it.

Firstly what is cream?  Cream is the fat found in milk.  When I was a child we had our own goats.  After milking them we’d of course put the milk in the fridge.  By the next morning the cream would have risen to the top of the milk and be sitting there as a layer.  Most milk that you buy now is homogenized to make the droplets of cream so small that is stays suspended in the milk.

Cream goes by many different names in many countries and it can also range in fat content.  To get a similar result you want to use one that is similar to the fat content of the one used in the recipe.

In my recipes I use Australian ‘pure cream’ which is around 35% fat.  So what can you use instead?

Australia:  Pure Cream (35% fat) or thickened cream (35% fat plus has a small amount of gelling agent to make it appear a little thicker and stabilize it when whipped)

Brazil: Creme de leite fresco

Canada: Whipping cream (30-35% fat)

Denmark: piskefløde (38% fat)

cream % fat






Finland: kuohukerma (30%-40% fat)







France: Crème Florette or crème fraîche entière fluide 30%

cream in france






Germany: Schlagsahne (30% fat)

types of cream






Guatemala: Crema para batir (33% fat)

what time of cream to use






Ireland : Fresh Cream (38% fat)

types of cream






Netherlands: 30-40% vet Slagroom
what is cream






New Zealand: fresh cream (36% fat)

what cream to use howtocookthat






Norway: Kremfløte (38% fat)

flote whipping cream






Pakistan:  milkpack cream 30% milk fat OR olpers cream  40%

what cream in pakistan






Poland: Śmietana kremówka  (30% fat)

cream in poland






Romania: smantana dulce pentru frisca (33% fat)

what is cream called in romania






Saudi Arabia: almarai (المراعي) whipping cream (كريمة خفق)

(35 % fat)

what is cream





ITALY:  Panna de Montare – Italian Kitchen Cream (35% fat)



INDIA:  Tropolite (This is a non-dairy product with 35-40% fat that will work well for decorating)


SWEDEN: Vispgradde (36-40% fat)

UK: Whipping cream (35% fat)

USA:  Heavy Cream (35% fat)

RUSSIA:  Parmalat (35% fat)

Thanks to my subscribers for helping me compile this list.  If the country you live in has a different name for cream that is around 30-35% fat?  We’d love to know about it, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. What’s the purpose of using 35% fat for all of your recipes? Why can’t I use any cream (any percentage of fat)?

    • HI RWL, It will vary a bit a according to what you are using it for but it is usually the fat that is forming an essential part of the building of the recipe in the way it combines with the other ingredients. Using a lower fat item could mean it won’t be as tasty, rich, firm or set in the way it is supposed. You are looking to balance the type of ingredients to get the best result.

  2. Do you know any brands of cream for Singapore? Thanks?

    • Hi Chelsea, We really need some of our subscribers from Singapore to recommend a couple of brands but I can see onlibe that 2 Australian brands are available in Singapore: Bulla & Dairy Farmers. They both have a couple of products that have the right fat content. They are usually called whipping cream or thickened cream. Just check the label for the fat content.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! Very helpful!!

  4. Please recomended merk of cream from indonesian?

  5. I love this post! It satisfies the foodie and the traveler in me.

  6. Hi! It is possible to use full fat milk rather than cream? I plan on attempting to make your truffles without going to the market because I’m lazy > <.

    • Hi Janet, In most recipes that specify cream you really need to use cream. Occasionally milk may be okay but usually not as it is the fat content that is required.

  7. You will find enclosed a picture.


    • Thanks Pippa.

  8. Hi.
    Thanks for clarifying this point.
    In Italy it is called ‘panna da montare’ (this phrase simply means ‘whipping cream’).
    It contains 35% fat. It can be whipped.


  9. Hi Ann. I’m from Malaysia. What cream should I use?

  10. what if you are in the uk what what cream should i use

  11. In Russia very good whipping creams of 35% Parmalat

  12. Hi,
    I tried your coke bottle cake.Yummy. Written on that page also. This is the cream we get in India for fillings and decorating. Thanks for your recipes. God bless.

  13. Hi Ann
    I am from india. Which cream is best here? There is not any Indian cream is listed.

    • Hi Shobna, We are based in Australia and can’t advise you on Indian cream. Look for one with a 30% fat content or higher.

  14. OMG!!! I am so happy to see Pakistan and Saudi Arabia’s name in the list. When i started reading the list i was sure Pakistan or Saudi Arabia wouldn’t be in it but i was over the moon when I saw those two countries. (I am from Pakistan and live in Saudi Arabia) Every where there’s every country but no Saudi Arabia and I am so confused about what to do. I really REALLY appreciate it.Love you lots!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! *-* *-* *-* *-* *-*

  15. Love your videos. I was thinking of making plum or peach icecream since it’s the season now. Should I use the same method as the strawberry. ?
    I will appreciate If you post a video. Thanks

    • Hi Lulu, you could but just be aware that Plums depending on the variety are not always as sweet so you may need to add some additional sweetness to get the flavour.

  16. What type of cream should I use in Russia?
    Please reply as soon as you can

    • Hi Sonya, As I am not in Russia I can’t go to the store and see what is there… anyone reading this from Russia who is able to help out and check the labels in store please chime in.

    • Parmalat 35%

  17. By cream do you mean whipping cream because I’m confused please reply

    • Hi Priscilla, As Ann explains, cream is referred to my different names in different countries. What is whipping cream in one place may be totally different to a product by the same name in a different country. Ann uses pure cream which is cream without thickeners and has at least a 30% fat content. If you livve in Australia, what is available as ‘whipping cream’ should be fine. Beyond that you need to check the packaging and identify the fat content. If it is 30% or above, without lots of other things added in, then it will suit.

  18. Hi Ann,

    Do you know how much cream multiply when whipped?


  19. i really like ur no bake water melon can u upload a video on facebook so that I can watch it… hoping for ur response… thank you

  20. Hi! I’m from Mexico. I can use whipping cream for this recipe? Here in Mexico it is better known as crema para batir.
    Could you make a recipe whit grapes?
    I love your videos!

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