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Easy Cookie Monster Cupcakes

easy cookie monster cupcakes

Cookie Monster cupcakes

Cookie Monster Cupcakes will go down a treat at any little kids party and with this technique they will be done quickly without the use of any fancy equipment.

You will need:
Cupcakes (vanilla cake recipe at bottom of princess cake post or chocolate cake recipe)
Blue Buttercream (buttercream recipes can be found here)
White chocolate melts or Candy Melts
Mini m&m’s
mini choc chip cookies (look in the multi pack bags)
ziplock plastic bag

Using a small amount of butter cream ‘glue’ a brown mini m&m onto the white chocolate melt to make the eye.
Fill your ziplock bag with blue butter cream and then around one corner make lots of holes with a skewer. Generously cover you cupcake with blue swirls of buttercream.
Add the eyes, make a line for the mouth using a knife and then add the cookie. DONE!

Watch the video below for a demonstration – keep watching to the end to see my youngest enjoying a cupcake!



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  1. 3recycling

  2. […] A Cookie Monster cupcake as big as the mouth of your jar. Here’s a tutorial to make your Cookie Monster cupcake without the use of any fancy […]

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  4. Hi how to cook that
    you are doing today
    How you today

  5. Hope to try this soon, you made it look simple

  6. I think that they look delicious!!!!!

  7. I like this video i will make this for my baby sister

  8. Made these for my little boys pre school party, they loved them!

    • These look fabulous Lucy.

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