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Epic Minecraft Cake Village

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Epic Minecraft cake village with no fondant, just frosting, chocolate and sprinkles… yummmm!  Lets face it you are either a minecraft fan or you know one. This is a really fun cake to make.  If you’re short on time just make the building blocks and in the true spirit of minecraft let the guests build their own cake.

To make this epic minecraft cake you will need:

(serves 45)
The template for the cake and building the houses


cake board (mine was 50cm (19.69 inches) x 45cm (17.72 inches) but you can customize this cake and make it as big or small as you like)
1.3kg (2.87 pounds) milk chocolate
100g (3.53 ounces) dark chocolate
1.5kg (3.31 pounds) white chocolate
green sprinkles
cake pop sticks x the number of trees you want
food grade marker black
oil based food colouring (blue, green, red, black)
gold luster dust (optional)
silicone mini ice cube tray (the one I have makes 90 per tray)

1 ½ quantities of my chocolate cake recipe baked into three trays 38cm (14.96 inches) x 25cm (9.84 inches)
2 quantities of my chocolate buttercream frosting whipped with cooled ganache made from 200g (7.05 ounces) milk chocolate and 70millilitres (2.37 fluid ounces) or 1/4 cup cream (35% fat)

minecraft cake how to cook that

For a cake just like the one I made you will need to make:

grass blocks 305 (make 4 trays)
tan coloured plank blocks 66
tan coloured step blocks 90 (make 1 tray)
plant blocks 56
tree support blocks 3
log blocks that you can see the top of 80 (1 tray)
log blocks that you can’t see the top of 45 (1/2 a tray)
green tree blocks 125 (1 1/2 trays)
plain brown dirt blocks 40
grey blocks 295
water blocks 40 light blue

minecraft village plans cake

Sheep: 4 plain white blocks (body, head & legs) and 2 plank blocks (feet & face)
Pink: 4 pink blocks
Steve: one light blue, 1 plank block, 1 log block, 1 deep blue block
Gold block: brush one dirt block with gold luster dust
Creeper: 4 green tree blocks

minecraft cake howtocookthat

Make extra blocks to use as party favours or to sell as a fundraiser at a cake stall.

minecraft party favours ideas reardon

by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

My Cookbook

ann reardon crazy sweet creations cookbook
Stores that sell my book listed by country:
All recipe quantities in the book are in grams, ounces and cups.

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  1. hi Ann! I have seen the other minecraft cake on your youtube channel and this one also. I wonder how you work so patiently with 3 boys…I cant even dare to make a simple sponge cake with my 2 boys…lol…you need a patience award for this epic lovely creation….you are an inspiration to me and a lot many other viewers of yours….pleassseeeeeeeeee make a behind the screen video plzzzzzzzzz….love and hugs from UAE

    • Hi Maaida, Thanks for the fun suggestion and the feedback. Ann is amazing!

  2. Your videos really inspired me to make cakes for my family members and I’m only a kid. They are really proud of me because when I grow up I want to have my own bakery.

    • That’s awesome Angelique. Keep baking!

  3. why are the templates not free?

    • Hey Arthur, I’m assuming because she does the videos using her time and posts them for free and it more than likely takes her a while to work out a template that can be printable- I’ve never attempted to make one myself but they don’t look simple. She’s gotta make a buck too, or she might not be able to keep doing her videos for free 🙂

  4. can you make a rubik’s cube cake for father’s day

    • Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Hi me and my BFFJoey want a teraria cake thank u Ann

  6. hi Ann its Julia again and i was wonderin gif you could make a sugar free cake and frosting recipe. Im not even a teen baker with diabetes. Its been a struggle not eating the cake and sweets I love and make. My family loive my creations and i love them too but what would be better if i coukd eat much more of it. If you could make anything sugar free would be great. Even if you made a sugar free five nights at freddys cake pizza for me that would be great. 🙂

  7. Hi Ann. That cake is amazing. Could you do a five nights at freddys cake and use the app to make the characters appear? I think a lot of people would enjoy seeing that. If you do make the cake make something like chickas cupcakes or a freddy fazbear pizza. The game is very fun, and gets your adrenilyne running. Thanks for all of the inspration!

  8. hey you are very good I wish you could make me a cake

    • Thanks for the feedback Latasha.

  9. This is really nice and creative, as is usually seen in your videos. Love it!!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

  10. How good dose the breville mixer do on making frostings I just bought one its on its way and watching reviews. I don’t usly make breads with my mixer but I do lots of frosting

    • Hi Vickie, I like to use the scraper paddle for frostings and find it quick and smooth

      • can u make an ever after high dessert please I love ever after high

  11. Hi Ann just wanted to ask if u can do the Eiffel tower out of anything u want if ur not interested it’s ok
    One last thing…… Ur the best!!!

    • Thanks for the suggestion Perla.

    • that looks amazing!

  12. Wow! My brother is addicted to Minecraft, he will love this cake. Thank you!

  13. Hey Ann, thank you again for great video. I would like to make it, but in my country they don´t sell that ice cube tray. Is there maybe different way to make those cute chocolate cubes? Thank you for your time. Have a nice day 🙂

  14. Can you do a frosting taste test? Can you also make a snoopy cake. I am a fan for Snoopy, and a fan for you. 🙂

  15. I love these videos your making! 🙂 But I have a question is there cake underneath? And also could you possibly make a zebra cake?!?!?!

    • Yes fantastic16, it was a chocolate cake. You will find the link in the recipe and it was YUM!

  16. WOW! This cake is so cool! 🙂 I love how you glue everything on with chocolate!!

  17. I LOOOOVE your creations! My little pirate is turning 5 this summer… Do you have a pirate ship or treasure chest cake your can share with us?

  18. You work very hard on your cakes and videos, they are amazing. I look forward to fridays because I know your going to come up with something fantastic. What do you do with all your great creations? Thanks again for all you work.

    • Hi Shirley, Ann often gives away her creations to local people or groups. Some of course get eaten at home!

  19. Hey ann, could you do a dessert challenge (with another ytber?) ? Maybe the community could choose the topic. I think it would really nice to watch and i’m sure you’d make a great dessert.

    • Cool idea Anonym.

  20. I cannot express how much my Friday’s are better with ur videos ! This mine craft cake was pure genius and using jelly beans for the plants is just an awesome idea. Just came here to tell u u r awesome and the best baker and chocolate extraordinare ever! That probably didn’t make sense but I hope u still understand! Can u also plz make a Harry Potter cake thank u!

    • Thanks Leila.

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