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GIVEAWAY & Fruity Meringue Kisses Recipe

fruit eringue kisses how to cook that


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I will be back in LA for vidcon and will be doing a couple of first to get there giveaways (50 people/day) at one of the stalls while I’m there. I’ll put all the details on a youtube vid closer to the date. If you are going to vidcon make sure you follow me on instagram @howtocookthat so you can get instant notification when the giveaway is live:D

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Basic Meringue Kisses Recipe: (makes approximately 1 ½ trays of meringues).
2 egg whites
65g (2.29 ounces) or 1/4 cup plus 1Tbsp caster (super fine) sugar
1 tablespoon icing or powdered sugar

Place your egg whites into the bowl of an electric mixer and mix on high speed until they are fluffy, then add in a little sugar at a time.  Next add in the super fine (icing) sugar. Continue to whisk on high speed until they have stiff peaks. Pipe onto non-stick baking paper and bake them in a low oven around 100C (212 degrees Fahrenheit) for 2 hours.

lime meringue recipe how to cook that

Lime Meringue Recipe
1 lime
green gel food colouring (optional)
Juice the lime and microwave the juice to reduce it to 1 tablespoon in volume.  Add to the basic meringue recipe.

raspberry meringue kisses recipe

Raspberry Meringue Recipe
1 cup or 140g (4.94 ounces) of frozen raspberries
2 Tablespoons or 30 millilitres (1.01 fluid ounces) of water
red gel food colouring (optional)

Put the raspberries and water into a saucepan, heat and stir. Once the fruit is broken down push through a sieve.
Microwave the juice to reduce it to 1 ½ Tablespoons.  Add to the basic meringue mixture.

chocolate meringue kisses how to cook that

Chocolate Meringues
1 Tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
40g (1.41 ounces) dark chocolate

Sieve the cocoa powder and finely chop the chocolate.  Gently fold into the basic meringue recipe.

meringue kisses how to cook that youtube

Passion Fruit Meringues
1 small 170g (6 ounces) tin or 2/3 cup of passionfruit in syrup
yellow gel food colouring (optional)
Drain a tin of passionfruit and add 1 ½ Tablespoons of the syrup to the basic meringue recipe. Add yellow colouring if desired.

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  1. I am planning to make lemon flavour….but in don’t have microwave to reduce the liquid…. can i do it on stove or in oven. And also can i use liquid food colouring.

    • Hi Rashida, You can easily do this on the stove. You can use food colouring if you want to.

  2. Hi ann i was wondering if you can come to Bermuda

  3. what flavour can i use to have it purple colour?. I have a McCormick flavouring like a vanilla essence but its in Ube or purple essence but i want an intense flavoured one. Thanks

    • Anything

    • Hi Martha, none of your natural flavourings will give a good purple colouring. You will need to add a colour to your mix if you want a good purple.

  4. Hi Ann, can i just melt the sugar first to make it syrup before i add it in the whisked eggwhutes?would thjere be any difference? Coz im just trying to avoid the meringue to get soft coz im planning to make these meringue for decorations on my birthday cake. Thanks-

    • Hi Martha, If meringues are stored well they will stay crisp. All mergues will eventually go soft when exposed to air. Ann thinks that how you mix the sugar wouldn’t make a difference.

  5. can I replace the raspberry with peaches?

    • Yes

  6. Hi ann

  7. Could you make a Peppa Pig cake next time?

  8. hi ann , how r u?
    i did it 🙂
    i like meringue soo much specially with your recipe
    it’s taste was good but i want to add more sugar (more half cup ) if i add more sugar is it necessary to add more white eggs?
    also i want to add Liquid fruit flavors when can i add it and how?
    my meringue was good but it was little Cracked but inside was Crisp and crunchy as i like it, why it was cracked?
    finally thanks for your good recipes dear 🙂

    • Hi Heba, The sugar to egg ration must stay the same. If you want to add an essence of some kind, just add as per the concentrate in the recipe. If you are using a commercial flavour you may need to adjust the quantity according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Sometime’s you get cracking in meringues if the oven temperature is uneven, so if just some of the meringues were cracked that might be the problem. Usually you can prevent cracking, bu turning the oven off when cooking is finished but letting the meringues fully cool in the oven.

  9. Hello Ann! I am making these for my little sister’s birthday but flavoring them orange. Should I use an entire orange’s juice and microwave until I have 1 tablespoon or should I use more juice or the same recipe? I really just need your recommendation. Also, is their any way to tell when the meringues are done, or should I just let them bake and not worry about it? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Maren, it’s a great question but it really depends on how strong a flavour you want and how flavoursome your orange is that you use. If you use one large beautifully flavoured orange and condense it down to get a good tablespoon of reduced juice, you should get a really nice burst of flavour. You will have to try it and see if you are happy with the level of flavour in your finished product. If you want them more orangey then start with more juice and condense it down to about 1 tablespoon. Ann found that limes were pretty intense in flavour and one gave more than enough punch. Oranges while not as tart tend to have good flavour so I think one should be plenty. In regards to the cooking of meringues, You are really just drying out them out. Aim for a bout 2 hours, then check them after they have fully cooled. If you think they need a little longer, worry about it next time.

  10. Great recipe! My brother fell in love with the chocolate ones, but Mum and I have opted for the passion fruit ones. Dad likes the lime ones best. I have experimented a little with different flavours of my own, and my favourite is orange (basic meringue with a tablespoon and a bit of orange juice). I want to try pineapple ones next!

    • Fabulous!

  11. These look so enticing and would make a fun TLC/Birthday sweet. My question: I’d love to make these for my daughter ‘s upcoming birthday and mail them to her. I’m in humid Ohio and she’s in hot southern Oregon. How well will these keep and would they take a few days being posted across country. Your packing/shipping advise greatly appreciated. Crossing my fingers, Idella

    • Hi Idella, If theses are packed in a well sealed airtight container, they will definitely keep for a few days. They may not cope well with all the bouncing about during travel. I am not sure how the postage system is in the USA, but posted here this would definitely be an issue, You might end up with meringue crumbs! You would need to find a way to pack the meringues inside the container to minimize movement during travel and protect them from being bounced about.

  12. I just want to ask if I can use fresh raspberries or any other fresh fruits?? because I love to make this but in vietnam we don’t have frozen fruits!!

    • Hi Hoa, Yes you can. Use a similar quantity of fresh fruit and cook down the juice till you have a one and a half to two tablespoons of reduced juice. Use one to one and a half tablespoons of the reduced juice in your mix. Some fruits have stronger flavours than others, so the stronger the flavour the less of the juice you will need.

      • Thank you so much!! *thumbs up*

  13. hey ann,
    I love all your recipies.and i have also tried some of them and they were very delecious. But i just wanna ask that wheather can fluff the egg whites using hand whisk. Pleeaaaassssseeee reply.

    • Yes, you could do it twith a hand whisk but it will be much harder to get right and take longer to do. You would be better to use an electric hand mixer if you don’t have a stand mixer.

  14. I want to make lemon meringues but should i add more sugar or leave it? Also can i bake it for 1hour or less?

    • Hi Stacey, You can make lemon ones using the lime meringue recipe, just swap the lime for lemon. Follow the instructions as per the recipe for a great result.

  15. I want to make lemon meringues. But do i have to add more sugar or just leave it the same. Also does it matter if i bake it for only 1 hour or less?

    • Hi Stacey, I have replied via your other comment.

  16. before i make this recipe can i use a hand mixer instead?

    • Hi Ester, Yes you can. It is a little easier with a stand mixer, but a hand mixer works just fine.

  17. It dindn’t work at all for me ! The meringes just transformed into liquid after 15 minutes in the oven…

    • Oh dear. Did you follow the recipe Yehna Cheikh el Ard? It could be that the egg whites weren’t beaten for long enough and the sugar wasn’t properly dissolved in the mix.

  18. Great, I want to make it With Banana flavour what should I do? and I dont have powder sugar/castor sugar, is it okay? Tjanks this is the easiest recipe

  19. i was wondering if i would be able to put two trays in the oven at the same time?!?! would the meringues cook through if i do that or would i have to adjust the time and temperature of my oven?! love the recipe though!!! thank you

    • Hi Antonia, You should be able to cook two trays at the one time, but please note the cooking time may vary depending on your oven. Usually the top of the oven is a little warmer even with fan forced ovens. You will just need to test it out with your oven.

  20. Hi Ann, are you familiar with Lorann Oils? Are they suitable for flavouring meringue?

    Many thanks

    • They’re probably OK for meringues but if you add too much I THINK the mix might get a little thin.

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