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Lego Batman Cake

lego batman cake decorating class online

This fun Lego Batman Cake is actually quite easy to make and is sure to light up any Lego, Batman or superhero party.  It’s 5am and I’ve snuck downstairs without waking my boys to write this before the Batman video goes up tonight. It’s been a crazy-busy week. Yesterday started with an early morning phone interview for a US magazine, then a Skype conversation with a YouTube network, then a long drive into the city for a meeting with a talent agency, followed by a meet-and-greet with a kitchen appliance brand. We rushed straight home to get the kids from school, clean the house and make dinner. I had every intention of writing out this recipe for you last night… really I did, but sleep won. What a varied but beautiful life, and it’s all because of you lovely subscribers who regularly read my website and watch my YouTube videos. This Lego Batman cake serves 24 guests. To help you make this fantastic cake, I have created a template that is available now in the website shop or just click on the add to cart link below.


To make the Lego Batman Cake you will need:

* The cake and fondant cutting template

* Cake: 2 and 1/4 quantities of the Rich Chocolate Cake Recipe baked into three trays (ie 3/4 quantity of the cake recipe per tray). The trays I used were 25cm (9.84 inches) x 38cm (14.96 inches) x 1.5cm (0.59 inches) tall. When baking in trays it takes 15-20 minutes per tray to bake.

* Frosting: 2 quantities of the frosting recipe of your choice. I used chocolate buttercream mixed with ganache.

* Fondant:
2kg (4.41 pounds) black fondant you will have quite a bit left over but this gives you plenty to roll out and cover the cake
50g (1.76 ounces) yellow fondant
30g (1.06 ounces) white fondant
a small amount of fondant – lego batman skin color (either color your own white fondant or select a fondant that matches your lego figure)

* Other
black gel colour
silver luster dust plus lemon juice or alcohol
clean paint brush
rolling pin
non-stick baking paper
tylose powder (optional you can make the hands and arms ahead of time if you prefer)
edible clear spray shine for cakes (I used dinky doodle shell and shine)
lollipop stick to support the arm
bendy chocolate bar x 2, I used boost bars
Cake Board

How to make the Lego Batman Cake

1. Print out the template and make or buy a cake board to fit the cake


2. Bake the cakes and make the frosting

3. Cut out the cake using the template and instructions on the video

4. Cover in frosting and rest in fridge for 10 minutes

5. Cover in black fondant and mold to shape

batman lego cake decorating classes
6. Add fondant details (see video for detailed instructions)

lego batman cake ideas how to cook that
7. Paint on muscle and belt lines and around the mouth

batman lego cake tutorial
8. Spray with edible cake laquer

9. If the weather is hot, store in fridge until ready to serve, otherwise room temp is fine.

10. Take a photo of your cake and upload in the comments section below, I’d love to see it.

I can here little footsteps and singing upstairs I must go up and give big cuddles. See you next Friday


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  1. hi Ann,

    Thank you for posting this. I’m going to start making soon. I’ve already made your dump truck, thomas cake, and lightening mcqueen, and they have all turned out GREAT thanks to you. Quick question – what coloring did you use to make the flesh tone on the face? gel? If so what should I purchase?

  2. Hi, I’m attempting to make this cake this weekend! 🙂 What color fondant did you use for the mouth? I don’t see it listed in the ingredients. thanks!

    • Hi Gretchen, Ann just used a small amount of the white fondant and colored it achieve the pinky skin colour she was after.

  3. Hi Ann! Thank you soo much for your videos, and recipes! 🙂 I went to a wedding in October and had no idea what to give to the couple. When I had found out, that they both love Lego, you gave me the idea! They had Lego characters resembling them on facebook, so the cake- or cakes- were born! It was my first try with fondant, and I can’t thank you enough for the great advices you give in every fondant using video! 😀 Love, Mariann

    • They look fabulous Mariann!

  4. From where I can print the templates

    • Hi Martin, To purchase the template use the Buy it now button.

  5. Hello,
    How long in advance can this cake be made and still stay fresh?
    Great looking cake and fantastic video.

    • cakes are always best fresh … perhaps the day before would be best 🙂

  6. My first fondant cake!

    • Hi Persis Ling, what a fabulous first effort. Well done!!

  7. Hello Ann!
    What a fun cake! It’s exactly what a cob worker wants me to make for her boys next week. I’ve never baked using cookie sheets before. How many servings could she expect to get from this once completed?

    • Oops! Just retread the into and I see its says it serves 24. Is there any way to up it to serve 35-40 instead?

  8. Is it safe to pay from UK as only come up as dollars

    • Hi Kerry, The shop uses stripe and/or paypass to process payments depending on your region, which are all considered secure. When you are purchasing the price shown should include all local taxes and charges and will convert to local currency on processing.

  9. Hi Anne!
    This is a fun and easy cake to make! I made the Lego Batman last year for my nephew, and was happy to use the template and tutorial again this weekend when a friend asked me for a Ninjago. I adapted the template a bit, but it was as much fun as the first one, and there was enough leftover cake to make an extra head! Thank you so much for sharing those tutorials!

    • Hi AC, this cake looks great! Love the detail. Well done!

  10. Hi there, Is the lego batman cake template still available to buy? When I click on the ‘buy it now’ link it isn’t taking me anywhere. The link to buy the bundle of cake templates is working for me, but I only want the batman one.
    Any help appreciated! Thanks

  11. Hi Zoe, I have forwarded your comment to Tech support. They might be abe to assist you.

  12. I had a great time making this for my 5 year olds Batman themed birthday party. He is so into Legos now that this option seemed much better than a regular batman cake! It took a long time, since I’ve never worked with fondant before, so I had some experimenting to do. But it was so fun and turned out great!!! Kids and adults LOVE!!!

    • Hi Liz, This is an impressive first go at a Lego Batman cake. Well done!!

  13. Hi ,I made a batman cake for my sons 7th birthday and everybody loved it! It turned out perfect.Thanks so much for your web site.

    • Hi Anna,
      This cake looks amazing. I am sure your son was sooo excited. Well done!

  14. I can´t find where the templates are! could someone help me please?

  15. This video was fantastic! My nephew was over the moon with his birthday cake!

      • And it was demolished!

        • Well done Nikk & Adrian. Your cake looked amazing and obviously tasted just as good!

  16. Cake was a big success and video was great thanks

    • Awesome Fiona . Well done !!

  17. Hey, I would really love to try to make this cake for my little brother’s birthday (he’s obsessed with lego batman) but I was going through the quantity of ingredients that I’d need and 4.5x the chocolate cake recipe seemed like an awful lot, eg. 500g of caster sugar multiplied by 4.5 means I’d need 2,250g. I don’t know if my maths is wrong or if I don’t understand quantities or if this is the actual amount you used? Please help!

    • Hi Eloise. Great pick up. It is a typo. It should read 1.5 times the cake quantity. We have updated this on the recipe now.Thanks for being so observant!

  18. Hi just ordered your batman template hope I can do it. What chocolate did you use? Or if there are any uk people who have made it what chocolate did you use? Thanks. Love your cakes they are fab!

    • Hi Emma, Thanks for the feedback. Ann used Dark chocolate that is readily available here in Australia. So as long as it is dark chocolate (made from cocoa butter) you will be on the right track. Happy Baking!

  19. Love this cake!! My son has set me the challenge of a batman cake for his soon approaching 4th birthday! I am in the UK and I am planning on purchasing the template and having a test run before his birthday also…. I am a complete beginner and have a few Q’s…..How far in advanced would you advise that I make the arms ? Also what do you paint with? Thanks appreciate any help and tips you can give me before I give this a go 🙂

    • Hi Rachel you can make fondant details 2 days – 2 months ahead it really depends on when you have time.

  20. Thank you so much for the video and template! My boyfriend absolutely loved it 😀

    • Does anyone have this template? I desperately need this today, and the site will not allow me to buy it!

      • Hi Batgirl, Did you manage to purchase the template? Let us know if you had difficulties.

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