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How to Make Chocolate Easter Eggs Recipe

home made easter eggs ann reardon

Learn how to make home made chocolate Easter eggs with a surprise inside.  Easter egg hunts are so much fun, with the biggest egg always last.  One year when I was a child, my Mum carefully set up an Easter egg hunt with clues and notes for us to follow from one egg to the next.  The very last egg was hidden in a nest in the chicken coop.  My sister and I raced to find a flat foil and chocolatey mess. The chicken had sat in the eggs to keep them warm.  Don’t let the end of your hunt be a disappointment. Fill your egg with a surprise that is sure to bring a smile to the faces of kids and adults.

In the video you’ll learn how to make lacey chocolate Easter eggs (above), surprise filled eggs without using an egg mold (below).

chocolate easter eggs filled how to reardon

Delicious chocolate eggs filled with dulce de lechechocolate easter eggs how to cook that

Fruit and nut easter eggs and more.

how to cook that chocolate easter egg

Make sure you first learn what chocolate to use and how to temper chocolate.

by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

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  1. 3characterized

  2. Hello,
    These look really amazing, and I would love to try and make them this year. How far in advance do you think I can make them? Should I worry about the chocolate going funny if I make them about 4 weeks before I intend to give them out?

    • Hi Charlotte, the chocolate should keep really well unless exposed to moisture or heat. They are the things that really mess with your chcolate. I would suggest making them a week or two ahead at most so people can recieve them at their best.

  3. make the egg without egg dish and what is the name of egg dish so we can buy it if u can not make

  4. I love your videos you have the patience to cook

  5. Hi ann i live in india and i would like it if you make something indian food related pls no one makes indian food i would like it if you did so. Hope you come to india it is a very nice place

  6. Hey Ann, is it possible to make an egg out of Dulce de leche?

    • Hi Franke, It would be possible to make a chocolate egg and use a Dulche de leche filling.

  7. Hi Ann,
    It’s easter and I want to make a surprise egg for my family. I don’t have any moulds and I want to make one myself, and not buy one from outside. Would it work if I used a normal egg, put non-stick foil around it, and pipe chocolate over it?

    • Hi Charlene, You could try this. Moulds are so readly available at this time of year, it seems like for the expense of buying eggs you could grab a plastic mould that would make things easier for making neat edges that will assemble well.

  8. hi Ann,

    where do you get your egg molds?

    • Hi Nahalie, Ann has actually purchased her moulds from a variety of places across the years. She usually picked them up close to Easter time when you can see them in supermarkets and stores.

  9. made these yesterday everything went well thx so much

  10. Ann were did you get those molds. Because I had to use small round contianers.

    • Hi Steve, I got some on amazon, some on ebay and others at cake decorating stores.

  11. I am Steve’s daughter and I love this channel I’m your biggest fan. These eggs are fun and easy to make. They are delicious to.

  12. this is amazing and i will make them but again i need to buy the moulds and they are expensive on e-bay but am going in to the city tomorrow so i will look their and on amazon. thanks Xx Georgia please email me!!!! I’m ur biggest fan

    • Have fun, make sure you post the pics of your finished Easter eggs in the comments, I’d love to see them

  13. Hey Ann,
    These are so cute and creative but I was wondering where you got the 2 molds that you used.(both the large and small one.)

    • Hi Ashley I got some molds on ebay, others amazon and others at a cake decorating show

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