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How to make Jelly Beans Recipe

how to make jelly beans ann reardon
This is a great activity for the school break, make jelly beans at home.  Parent supervision is needed when handling the hot sugar syrup.

My wonderful husband is away speaking interstate and I miss him greatly.  I go to bed later when he’s not here, it is like I am subconsciously waiting for him to get home.  Then it gets later and later until I realize he’s not coming and I’d better go to bed because the kids will be up bright and early.

My youngest woke up bright and happy this morning singing “you’re my cutey mummy”, melting away all the memories of the hour long tantrum the day before.  Why did he have a meltdown?  He didn’t want to put on his socks and jacket.  The memory is not quite wiped, but as he sings and gives the best cuddles it all fades.

Lets make jelly beans today.

To make your own jelly beans you will need:

1 packet 500g (17.64 ounces) or 4 cups and 3 Tbsp cornflour (cornstarch)
A shallow baking tray

108g (3.81 ounces) or 1/2 cup sugar
40millilitres (1.35 fluid ounces) or 3 Tbsp water
20g (0.71 ounces) or 1 Tbsp corn syrup (glucose syrup)
1 tsp cornflour (cornstarch)

For coating
food colour and flavouring
caster sugar or superfine sugar

Use the cornflour to make the molds as shown in the video.
Mix together the sugar and cornflour until smooth then add the water and syrup. Heat to 245F (118.33 degrees Celsius) using a Candy Thermometer to check the temperature.
Pour into the molds and leave to cool for at least a couple of hours.
Sift off the cornflour.
Coat as shown in the video.

how to make jelly beans

If you want the jelly beans smooth you will need to tumble them, I used a kids rock tumbler.  The blue ones stuck together a bit in the tumbler which made them not look as good.  The red ones turned out beautifully.  To tumble the red ones I added 1/4 cup of extra caster sugar and tumbled for one hour.  Then tipped it out of the tumbler and removed the excess sugar.  Add the beans back in with the grated cocoa butter and tumble for one hour more.


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  1. Rating: 5

    My candy came our hard not chewy at all:( can someone tell me what i did wrong

  2. 3preceptor

  3. Rating: 4.5

    I had such a fun time with this and it was pretty simple two! I had to replace some things but they still tasted great. I forgot to brush off the sides of the pan. So I had some crunchy beans but I definitely will recommend this!

  4. Rating: 5

    i love them they were so good i had to make a second batch thanks for telling me

  5. Rating: 3.5

    Instead of cocoa butter can I using carnuba wax?
    How much carnauba wax add in jelly?

  6. Rating: 5

    Can you tell me where i can get the tumbler please?

  7. Rating: 5

    We made these today! They were so YUMMY! and chewy, how do we make them less chewy?

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