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Cake Rescue – how to fix a cake fail #3

Cake Rescue – how to fix a cake fail #3

  If a cake still tastes good then often it does not matter what it looks like. But on some occasions, like celebrations, you may want a cake that looks great. Other times you just want to serve something that you’re proud of, so here are ...

holographic chocolate ann reardon

Holographic Chocolate

There are so many potential uses shiny holographic chocolate. I love the way the colours change and shift as you move it in the light or walk past it. No food colouring is needed for this effect. Through experimenting I found that the diffraction she...

Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

I feared that these are the macaron of 2021, a recipe that is totally reliant and egg white beating and folding skills. But with the right recipe they are actually quite achievable.   After many experiments here is a recipe that can be made reli...

meringues in a jar ann reardon

3 Easy Home Made Gifts

Home made gifts are special and perfect for that person who has everything. Here’s a few for you to try.   Recipes for home made gifts in this video: Meringues Recipe (maes 17 large meringues) 6 egg whites 300g (10.58 ounces) sugar pinch c...

birthday cake ideas

Star Wars AT-AT Cake

When my eldest son asked for a star wars AT-AT walker cake (All Terrain Armored Transport) my immedi... »

princess barbie cake best

How to Make a Princess Cake using Buttercream

How to make a princess cake step 1 Bake your cakes and gather what you need: A round and a bowl shap... »

make ice cream at home

Billionaires Soft Serve Ice Cream Recipe

  Is this soft serve worth £99? Does it really take four hours to make one? The Billionaires So... »

chocolate eclair recipe

Chocolate Eclair Recipe

Chocolate eclairs are a delightful combination of choux pastry filled with a pastry cream and topped... »

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