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Camera Pinata Sugar Cookie Recipe

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Cute Camera Pinata Sugar Cookies filled with mini M&M’s are perfect for your next memorable moment.
Photography used to be a hobby reserved for people with ridiculously long lenses and very deep pockets.
Now thanks to digital technology and hi-res smart phones, everyone can take beautiful photos, add a filter and look like an expert.

This week I found myself in a memorable moment, with butterflies in my stomach.
It wasn’t due to any of my own endeavors. I was sitting in the parent information night for kids starting high school next year.

I know my son will love it, but I still feel a twinge of nervous energy. And a strange feeling of not being ready to have a son in high school. How did he get here so fast? I must take more photos of him before he is all grown up.

To make camera pinata sugar cookie recipe you will need:

My sugar cookie recipe
130g (4.59 ounces) or 1/2 cup plus 1 Tbsp and 2 tsp margarine or butter
175g (6.17 ounces) or 3/4 cup caster sugar
1 whole or 50g (1.76 ounces) egg
2 cup or 323g (11.39 ounces) all purpose or plain flour
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tablespoon vanilla extract
Bake at 180C (356 degrees Fahrenheit)
This recipe will make approximately 10 finished cookies.

Make sure you watch the video for important tips and myths for making the perfect sugar cookie and how to stop them spreading in the oven.

sugar cookie recipe reardon
Sugar Cookie Frosting Recipe
500g (17.64 ounces) or 3.8 cups icing sugar
25g (0.88 ounces) powdered egg white or 62g (2.19 ounces) pavlova magic mix (half a packet)
50ml or 1/4 cup water
plus an additional 2 – 5 tablespoons of water to get the correct consistency
Click here to open the Camera cookie template pdf

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My Cookbook

ann reardon crazy sweet creations cookbook
Stores that sell my book listed by country:
All recipe quantities in the book are in grams, ounces and cups.

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  1. Rating: 5

    I loved watching this video in preparation for making a camera cookie for a friend. I took a round cookie and made a “lens cap” for the presentation. I did not glue it on; it is simply sitting on top of the camera in the packaging. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Rating: 5

    Hello!! I’ve been using your sugar cookie recipe for quite a while and just today I noticed the flour ammount in cups/grams doesn’t seem to be the same, what kind of “cups” are you using?? I’m aware the measurement for a cup varies for some countries.
    Thank you very much in advance 🙂

  3. Rating: 5

    hey have you made a ROYAL ICING video??

    • Hi Skyler, I have royal icing in quite a few videos – mostly gingerbread houses and the rocket ship . But I do not have a video that is just on royal icing on its own.

      • thank you soooo much for replying !!!!
        love soo much
        I wanted to make sugar cookies cuse I got new cutters

  4. Will my cookie go soft if I bake and frost them after a week?

  5. How long would this last?? Both the chilled dough and the baked cookies. Thanks! I have been here since 2014?

    • HI RWL, I have kept cookie dough in the freezer for about a week with no impact on the mix. If storing in the fridage I would bake the mix within 3 days because of the egg. The fresh cookies should be used consumed within 2-3 weeks, if they dont get eaten prior’.

  6. Could I replace the cinnamon and nutmeg with lemon zest and juice

    • Hi Cassie, You could adjust the flavours of course.

  7. Hi Ann. I came across your channel on YouTube and can I just say this – I LOVE YOU. Creativity made simple. Thanks to your creations I am a hit with my nieces and nephews. ❤️ I made these cookies. Didn’t have a cutter so I improvised and cut them by hand. Mine are eggless- both cookie and the royal icing with a filler of magic pop candy in the lens. Next time I’ll make the lens bigger. Thanks again for all your videos. Can’t stop watching ❣️

    • They look fantastic Kritika, well done & thanks also for your enthusiasm and encouragement, it means a lot 🙂

    • That is so creative Kritika! Glad that you are enjoying the channel.

  8. Hi Anne,Is it possible to freeze the Sugar Cookie Frosting?

    • Hi Robyn, I don’t think this frosting will freeze well.

  9. Pefrect shot! Thanks for your post!

  10. Hey Ann,
    I was just wondering if I could put some chocolate chips in the cookies as well???

  11. How many eggs are the powdered egg whites

  12. Hay Ann I was wondering if u can switch out anything for the dried egg whites because where I love they don’t really have those

    • Not really Sky, but you could use a different type of icing.

  13. Where can you get powdered egg white? I am in England, can you get it from Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s?

    • Hi Tati, We are based in Australia so can’t tell you who will be a local supplier in England, however by doing a quick search online it seems quite easy to get through cake decorating suppliers.

  14. i odnt have pavlova magic mix or powered egg whites so could i make the iccing as in just normal icing for these bisciuts

  15. Hey Ann
    would it make a differnce if i just used the cinnamon without the nutmeg

  16. you are just amazing!!

  17. What do you do if you don’t have a mixer Machine? Xx

    • Hi Rhea, you can mix this one by hand

      • Okay, thanks xx

  18. Hi, Ann! At which temperature do we put the heat up to for the oven? Thank you!

    • Oops! Nevermind, just found it!

    • Oops! Never mind, just found it!

    • Hi Anna Le, the recipe states Bake at 180C.

  19. What should I do if you only have self rising flour to bake the cookies? Do I have to change the recipe in some way?

    • Hi Anna, You will need to go out and buy plain flour. Self raising flour has an additional ingredient mixed in that you can’t remove.

  20. Instead of powdered egg can u use regular egg and if yes how much

    • Hi Sameerah, if you use fresh egg white, it will be uncooked in the icing and can therefore become a health risk. We recommend using the powdered egg white or pavlova mix as per the recipe.

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