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Poisonous Foods 2

Once you are aware of these poisonous or dangerous foods you can easily avoid them.

If you think you may have been effected fast treatment is important. Here are symptoms to watch out for, be aware that not everyone has the exact same reaction.

Rat Lung Worm Symptoms
Intense headaches
Stiff neck
Tingling or painful sensitive sensation in skin
Low grade fever
Nerve pain, some survivors describe this as any areas of past injuries staring to hurt
If you suspect you have eaten a slug, snail or other raw or undercooked foods listed in the video and have any of the above symptoms, you should immediately go to an emergency room. Early treatment is important. Be sure to tell the doctor what you ate.
Diagnostic tests and treatment:

Death Cap Mushroom Poisoning Symptoms
Delayed symptoms anywhere from 6-24 hours after ingestion
low blood pressure
Vomiting, watery diahorrea and stomach pains. This can last 1-2 days and then subside
Dehydration caused by the above
Symptoms of liver and kidney damage start showing around day 3
Jaundice – yellowing of skin and eyes from liver problems
If you suspect you have eaten a death cap mushroom, you should immediately go to an emergency room. Early treatment is important.
To speed up treatment and improve the outcome, bring specimens of the mushroom with you to the hospital and information about the specific location where the mushrooms were found.

If you’d like to do some more in depth research here are some links for you:

Death Cap Mushrooms
General info from CDC
Research on possible antedote for mushroom poisoning in mice:

Rat Lung Worm
Diagnostic tests and treatment:
General info from CDC
Full interviews with rat lung worm survivors
prediction of rat lung worm spread
severe case of rat lung worm in Hawaii
Other animals linked to rat lung worm cases

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