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date night dessert recipe

Easy Date Night Dessert for lockdown

Australia is moving towards easing restrictions, beauticians allowed to reopen, school is returning and groups of 20 can gather again in a weeks time. From the news, conversations with subscribers and patrons I know that some parts of the world are still very much in lock-down with covid-19 numbers out of control. For those ... »

chocolate dessert ann reardon

Parisian Meringue Dessert Aux Merveilleux (Wonderful)

  Meringue recipe for domes and circles (makes 45 domes and bases when piped in 3.5cm (1.38 inches) circles) 300g (10.58 ounces) caster sugar or super fine sugar 6 egg whites Beat on high speed until glossy and thick. Pipe as shown in the video and bake for 90 minutes at 100C (212 degrees Fahrenheit). Crispy meringue for the outside 250g (8.82 ounces) caster sugar or super fine sugar 4 egg wh... »

coconut dessert recipe

Coconut Dessert Recipe

  This dessert looks like a real coconut but in fact it has a chocolate husk filled with coconut cream mousse and fresh fruit. The servings are rather large if you make them the size of a real coconut, so you'd want to share them between two or make them smaller for individual serves. To ... »

apple shaped dessert recipe ann reardon

Apple Shaped Dessert

    I've seen chefs make apple shaped desserts but they all use expensive apple-shaped silicone molds. If you want to make these at home the expense for the mold can't really be justified. So my challenge today is to find a way to make apple shaped desserts without using a mold. How To ... »

pink cotton candy make at home

Dragons Beard | Pashmak Recipe | Cotton Candy

  Cotton candy or fairy floss takes on different forms all around the world. Although the starting point of melted sugar is similar the texture and taste of variants like pashmak and dragons beard are quite different altogether. If you are one of those people who bakes to relax try out the dragons ... »

watermelon pizza recipe

10 Best Watermelon Recipes

    A slice of cold watermelon on a hot day is hard to beat. But if you love watermelon as much as I do you might be curious as to what other desserts your an make. There are a great many recipes out there the look like watermelon but don't have any ... »

how to make an edible sugar bowl

Easy Candy Sugar Balloon Bowls

I love, love, love experimenting and developing something new that's never been seen before on the internet or TV. As I write this there are no blog posts about this, no YouTube videos and no Pinterest pictures - it is just totally fresh and new. To be honest I didn't think this idea ... »

golden dessert howtocookthat

$1000 ice-cream sundae recipe

  If you have money to burn you can head to Serendipity 3 New York and order this amazing golden dessert for a cool $1000. It's in the Guiness Book of World Records as the most expensive ice-cream sundae in the world! And today we are going to recreate it, using the ... »

surprise inside cake ann reardon

Emoji Surprise Inside Dessert

  I love desserts that have the wow factor when you serve them to the table. This one has the double whammy, when you slice it open it reveals the heart eyes emoji smiley face on every slice. After your guests have finished instagramming photos of their dessert the finale is that it ... »

heart chocolate box ann reardon how to cook that

Valentine’s Magic Heart Dessert

Desserts with a theatrical element are all the rage at the moment. So after dreaming up several different ideas I finally created this special one for Valentines Day. I know you're going to love it. As many of you already know, my valentine Dave is a writer and his first novel is close to being released. ... »

liquid nitrogen ice-cream

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Recipe and Dippin Dots!

  Today we are making icecream instantly using liquid nitrogen. As well as that we'll make dippin dots and smash stuff, it is lots of fun. This is the second video in my Sweetest Thing series which was supported by YouTube and Screen Australia. Basically that allowed me to have a film ... »

gold leaf on dessert reardon

Vanilla Panna Cotta Dessert Recipe

Have you ever seen such a pretty dessert. Sitting inside it's very own ice droplet is a vanilla bean panna cotta, diced compressed pineapple, mango lime sphere, isomalt sugar garnish. Thanks to the support of YouTube and Screen Australia I had the opportunity to work with a team on this video. Normally I film, ... »

strawberry chocolate by ann reardon

Strawberry Chocolate

Strawberries and chocolate have always been a winning combination. Here is a new way to serve them that looks stunning as a gift. A block of strawberry chocolate. You of course only need two ingredients, 12 strawberries and 350g (12.35 ounces) chocolate. Choose strawberries that are beautiful and fresh and around the same size. For the chocolate ... »

magic chocolate flower how to

Magic Chocolate Flower

Bring some magic to the dining table and wow your friends with this magic chocolate flower dessert.  Good desserts not only taste great, they should look amazing too.  Pour on the hot custard and watch the petals fall open to reveal the delights that were hiding in the centre. In the middle of your chocolate flowers. 1/4 of a ... »

chocolate peanut dessert recipe reardon

Chocolate Peanut Dessert Recipe

  Chocolate, peanut bomb with caramel sauce. This is rich, crunchy, gooey and impressive - you've got to make it for your friends, or just for you. Pour over the hot caramel sauce and watch the top melt open and then dive your spoon into the rich goodies that await inside.   To make the chocolate ... »

homemade ice cream recipe reardon

Best Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Do you ever find yourself peering through the glass at the ice cream shop wishing you could have a little taste of everything?  Now you can make your own ice cream, add an endless variety of flavours and sample them all. My favourite is the Roasted Strawberry ice cream recipe, the kids loved the ... »

How to make Jelly Beans Recipe

How to make Jelly Beans Recipe

This is a great activity for the school break, make jelly beans at home.  Parent supervision is needed when handling the hot sugar syrup. My wonderful husband is away speaking interstate and I miss him greatly.  I go to bed later when he's not here, it is like I am subconsciously waiting for him to get ... »

chocolate candle recipe howtocookthat

How To Make Chocolate Candles

  Dazzle your guest with chocolate candles filled with white chocolate mousse.  They look complicated but they are surprisingly easy to make. You can have a bit of fun serving empty plates and then candles as the centre piece. This morning I had a film shoot as a guest on a TV show, which was great fun. ... »

giant snickers recipe reardon how to

Worlds Biggest Snickers Bar Recipe

What's even better than a delicious Snickers bar?  The world's BIGGEST Snickers bar of course! The Guinness Book of World Records lists the largest Snickers ever made at 1LB, which everyone would agree is pretty big.  However, today's Snickers bar recipe will help you create a candy bar that's 5-times bigger again, with more than ... »

christmas tree cake macaron tower

Christmas Tree Cake Macaron Tower Dessert Recipe

Instead of a simple Christmas tree cake, how about a tower of chocolate-coated macaroons in the shape of a tree! If you're dreaming of a white christmas, this tree features macarons topped with brandy ganache, coated in white chocolate and finished with fresh raspberries and pistachio nuts. Pure indulgence. I made this one as a thank ... »

chocolate cup recipe how to

Chocolate Cup Recipe

What is the perfect dessert for a romantic evening? A cup made from chocolate filled with mousse and topped with a vanilla foam. According to a study done in a bookstore in Belgium the smell of chocolate made customers browse for longer. Interest in cookbooks and romance novels increased as did the interaction with staff. Customers ... »

jello recipe dessert

3D jelly spiders and flowers dessert jello recipe

Arachnophobia or fear of spiders affects nearly one third of the population, add to that the fear of needles and this is one scary post.  These flowers and spiders are made by injecting a milk based gelatin mixture into a clear jelly. Gelatine flowers have their origins in Mexico where they are called gelatina floral. ... »

nougat candy recipe

Nougat Recipe

This nougat is the hard chewy variety, great for Christmas gifts. If you add lots of dried fruit and leave it a few days it will soften a little and not be such a jawbreaker. If you like hard nougat then just add nuts. You can dip it in chocolate or enjoy it just as ... »

chocolate cheesecake plated dessert

Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

This chocolate cheesecake is the first recipe that I ever wrote out, complete with spelling mistakes like 'wisk the egg whites' and 'chill untill set'.  I had been to a neighbours house for dinner when I was about 7 years old and fell in love with the delicious rich chocolatey taste.  I sat at ... »

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