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What is vegemite’s secret recipe?

How is vegemite actually made? It’s a closely guarded secret recipe that took over a year to develop. Including making beer to get the key ingredient I only have a week and half to try and figure it out. Watch the video to see how it went.

When it was originally launched Australians did not like vegemite. But that all changed when they started actively marketing it as good for you. Adverts featured the slogan “it puts a rose in every cheek” and used imagery of healthy children with red rosy cheeks eating vegemite. It seems that the tactic worked because today millions of jars of the stuff are sold all around Australia.


My Cookbook

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    Hi Ann!
    I have been following your channel for about 8 years now, thanks for all the great content! šŸ™‚
    I was wondering if you could make a video explaining why certain food items taste better if you leave them overnight? I am quite certain why that happens with yeasty goods, like beer, whiskey, Vegemite etc, but beans, some stews, soups, sauces? Is it just that the flavors “come together”, is there some sneaky fermentation happening, or something else? I tried looking this up, but opinions vary (even on whether these foods change flavor overnight), and some are fishy (like starch changing its crystal structure thus and holding more flavor (??) )
    All the best!

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