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5 Kitchen Gadgets Tested : CLEVER or NEVER?

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I love looking through kitchen shops, shelves of beautiful porcelain dishes, baking tins and lots of little gadgets. I’m never sure if the gadgets are so CLEVER that they will make my life easier or if they are something I’ll NEVER use and it will clutter up my kitchen drawer. So I’ve decided to buy them and put them to the test on camera. It is so much easier to make a decision having seen someone else actually try it out. I had so much fun with this, let me know if there are other kitchen gadgets you’d like me to test out for you.


Gadget 1: Rose Fondant Cutter

kitchen gadget review
This gadget came in three sizes, I found the little one (used in the video) to be the best. Great for bulk fast flowers.
gadget available from: eBay

Gadget 2: Banana Cutter

kitchen gadget review
So you’ll need to watch the video for this one, I raced Dave to see if the cutter or using a knife was faster for slicing a bannana.
gadget available from: Singapore, Tokyo Hands

Gadget 3: Yolk Pig

kitchen gadgets yolk pig review
Designed to help you seperate egg yolks from the whites. It works well if the yolks are intact. You can also use an empty plastic bottle for this instead.
gadget available from: Singapore, Tokyo Hands

Gadget 4: Kiwi Cutter

kitchen gadget review
This one worked amazingly well, but there is catch you need to have large kiwi fruit. If they are small it will just push through the skin and make a bit of a mess.
gadget available from: Singapore from Tokyo Hands

Gadget 5: Russian Piping Tips

kitchen gadget review
There are quite a few of these piping tips in a set. In the video I showed No 2,11,6,13,10 and 14. My favorites were No 2 and No 10, I don’t think I’d use any of the other ones. They look the best in a clump of flowers rather than individual ones.
gadget available from: eBay
kitchen gadgets gifts
Russian Piping Tip No 2.

russian piping tips review
Russian Piping Tip No 2. with two colours of icing in the bag


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  1. In a pinch, or even always, if you are gentle, a slotted spoon separates eggs just fine

  2. Hello, I want to try out some russion piping tips kind of like the ones mentioned in this video, I actially got some and they are a pointy version of these tips that make ruffle designs. In your video buttercream was used but I dont like the taste of buttercream so i was wondering if i could use something like a white chocolat ganache for this? Thank you !

    • Yes you can, just make sure it is firm enough to pipe the way you like it.

  3. I was wondering how the flowers from the piping tips turned out if instead of piping them on to a base, you were to instead squeeze out a flower and then lift it off the tip to place it on a base?

    • Hi Penny, It will all depend on how firm your frosting is. You will need to experiment with your preferred frosting.

  4. Thinking about this one for jam/candy making among other things…

    Gem sauce blender (web address removed)

  5. i liked all, but not banana cater

  6. If the piggy grossed you out, you’ll want to steer clear of the Bogey Man. It’s a little teapot with a face that’s meant to pour the whites out (via the nose, ew!). My Virgin Kitchen tested it with his daughter; I think she found it funny.

    I really liked the Russian Piping Tips; those flowers were beautiful. And the kiwi cutter was neat too.

  7. I thought the 1st and 5th was quite clever

  8. Rating: 4

    That was fun! Thanks for testing those out. I love gadgets but refuse to have them in my home. Too much stuff!

    • Me too Meggin D. Gadgets often just collect in my kitchen draw and I forget they are there! The best I use all the time.

  9. Rating: 5

    Luv, Luv, Luv u and u’r clever videos…keep um comin.
    Where can I find the decorating tips???

    • Hi Anna, look for Russian Piping Tips on ebay and you find plenty of suppliers.

    • We need more initghss like this in this thread.

  10. I like Yolk Pig. He’s my new fave! ^___^
    Wish I could have one; such a cutie.
    I’m on my 5th try on making a Filipino version of macarons. I can’t seem to get the folding part right. I already watched your tips and tricks sorry if I failed. Maybe it has something to do with oven temperature too. Oh well, I’m not giving up.

    Thanks for sharing Ms. Ann!

    • Hi Sage,
      They look good so far, it is hard to tell without seeing the batter being stirred or the macarons once they are baked. How did they turn out? Consistent oven temp is very important my oven can only bake one tray at a time.

      • Rating: 4.5

        Thank you for replying Ms. Ann
        They taste good, texture is good but just flat and hard to get out of the baking paper.
        I tend to put less sugar in my meringue because I don’t like them to be very sweet.
        Does that affect the consistency?

        I rely on your recipes and instructions a lot.
        Hoping for the best to your channel in the years to come!

        Here’s my latest creation: (still reading macarons recipe in your website as we speak)

        • Hi Filipina, the balance of ingredients is really important, so it is best to use the quantities suggested.

        • I am forever indebted to you for this inmirfatoon.

    • I’m from the Phillipines too!

    • I’m from the Phillipines too!

      • That’s a cunning answer to a chnlelaging question

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