Ann Reardon

Can you make cotton candy in a clothes dryer?


There is so much in this episode for you:
* What is the best method for cleaning metal baking pans?
* Can you make ice-cream popcorn?
* Can you make popcorn from beans?
* Can you make cotton candy in a clothes dryer?
* Does covering a watermelon in cement make it last longer?
* Are swim rings dangerous?
* Self tanning hacks

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    Have you considered doing a series or separate channel for cleaning tips/tricks/debunking? Especially since COVID, I feel like there’s a lot of misleading marketing and bad information out there about cleaning products and methods. I’m an accountant, not a scientist, hate worrying about if I’m properly cleaning my house, clothes, ect., and have personally tried bad hacks that, thank goodness didn’t cause damage or harm, but could have. Thank you so much for all you do!

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