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Chocolate Bridge Sydney Harbour

chocolate bridge how to cook that reardon

Imagine the Sydney Harbour Bridge collapsing on national television. That was my fear as the TV show went to air live. Hot TV lights shining down on a chocolate bridge as a million people watched on.  Thankfully, the bridge stood strong just like the real one.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a chocolate Sydney Harbour Bridge. Use this method to make your own Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate or grand old London Bridge … then take a photo and upload it in the comments section below.

I used compound chocolate instead of tempered real chocolate for this one because of the heat issue, but you can use tempered chocolate which tastes so much richer.


To make a chocolate bridge with fireworks you will need:

375g (13.23 ounces) Dark chocolate tempered or compound for the bridge structure

Silver luster dust (optional if your bridge is silver use a dry brush to dust the dark chocolate silver)

350g (12.35 ounces) Green and blue candy melts for the land and water

Surprise Cakes App for the fireworks or google-play-badge

Reusable food grade molding gel and some lego bricks to make a mold

375g (13.23 ounces) White chocolate tempered or compound for the bridge towers

A template of the bridge that you are going to make, the size I made it is here (click to go to full size)
chocolate sydney harbour bridge template

While at the Sunrise studios I met lots of lovely people including Sara James. Sara is a former New Yorker and NBC reporter who married an Aussie and now lives in country Victoria. You can read about her experiences of Australian bush fires, snakes and family life in her new book An American In Oz.
an american in oz sara james ausA while ago I also read a great book about an Aussie journo, Carolyn Overington who moved to Manhattan with her husband and two young twins.  It will be fun to read and compare their different experiences.

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  1. Rating: 4

    Hi Ann,

    This bridge looks amazing. I want to make it for my son’s birthday. I am making a boat shaped cake for him and adding this chocolate bridge would be amazing. I tried to make it but the chocolate did not set properly. I left it at room temp overnight and next day it was still pretty soft. When I tried to lift it off the paper it bent and broke. I wanted to ask what kind of chocolate should I use. I tried it with semisweet chocolate chips. Please let me know what kind would be best.


    • Hi Anshul, Ann used a good quality compound chocolate purchased from the supermarket. It would be better to use the compound chocolate that comes in a block rather than the chips. Some chips aren’t designed to be fully melted but rather for use as chips in biscuits etc. Other than that Ann doesn’t recommend a particular brand.

  2. Rating: 5


  3. My daughter and her classmate had a school project where they had to make a 3D of any land mark around the world and they choose to make this project. They both enjoyed making this bridge with a lot of taste testing as well. They 8 and 9 years of age, from New Plymouth New Zealand.

    • Hi Belinda, Thats fantastic Belinda. Do you have a photo of their finished project??

      • Rating: 5

        Had problems trying to upload a photo

        • Thanks Belinda.

  4. Rating: 5

    This was a lot of fun to make. I didn’t have enough of the molding gel to do the whole tower so i kinda faked the tops of the 🙂

    • Looks fabulous Jo!

  5. Hey ann, that looks beautiful!
    I want to make a chocolate sailing boat filled with a cremeaux for dessert. Do you have any tips for me to make the side parts?

    • Hi A, Ann suggests making a chocolate bowl and then using a hot knife to trim out the middle and put the two sides together using chocolate.

  6. I love the harbour bridge that you made and the sunrise cake. I live very close to the harbour bridge in Sydney.

  7. I’m 14 and from germany i try to make your chocolate bridge it isn’t so easy as it look like

  8. Great job’s so cool!

    • thanks Kailey 😀

  9. Hi Anne, your creativity with the cakes are really amazing. I used bake the cakes which are normal. I wanted to do something different in research I found your website. I used your sponge cake recipe and made a rainbow cake for mu hubby’s birthday. Using the same recipe and your chocolate cake I made chess board cake and guess what everyone started asking me for the recipe’s I felt so happy and the credit goes to you without your step by step instructions I wouldn’t have done that. Thanks a lot .here are the photos which I made

  10. i have always admired all your work and devotedly watched all the videos you post because i always learn from them.
    so just 2 days before the event, i got a unique request for a 3 yr old boy’s bday cake, and that is the london bridge( kid’s favorite nursery rhyme) to be on top.
    thank the heavens i saw your video…what i have created is not so pretty as yours but it made the little boy very happy. they even expected the bridge to be flat on the cake( like a drawing)
    i didnt have lego and the foodgrade mold was no where to be found here so what i did was create the support using rice crispies treats instead and blue sanding sugar for the river.
    thank you so much for the wonderful ideas/skills you share…
    more power to you …
    from Melqui all the way from the Philippines

    • well done, it looks delicious!

      • thank u so much … but i still have a lot to learn

    • Well done Melqui, great problem solving in using the rice crispies

  11. Hi Ann I’m 12 years old and I want to make this but it seems a little bit difficult do you think I will be able to make it?

  12. Great Ann! I love that and also all your recipes..

  13. Hi Ann,
    I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your achievement! You definitely earned this! I find you to be one of the most talented people ever! Thank you so much for your grrrrrreat recipes and perfect tutorials!
    Cheers! :):):)
    Aliya 🙂

    • thank you so much Aliya, that was so lovely

  14. I have a question. When you are melting chocolate at a double boiler, why would you add butter into it? What does butter do?

    • Hi Vanessa, you would not add butter to melted chocoalte unless you wanted to use it in a recipe, or it will not set properly.

      • Ok. Thank you

  15. Good job Ann. Love you) take care

    • thanks Dana

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