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Chocolate Eiffel Tower

chocolate eiffel tower ann reardon how to cook that

Everyone dreams of visiting Paris one day, whether to enjoy the cuisine, admire the famous paintings in the Louvre or visit the Eiffel Tower. I was amazed to discover that the Eiffel Tower was meant to be a temporary structure as part of the 1889 World Fair. Of course, not only is it still standing but it’s one of the most recognizable structures in the world. I’m sure Mr Gustave Eiffel must have been delighted when it was left up, especially considering he’d built himself a small apartment near the top. My chocolate Eiffel Tower is most definitely a temporary structure, made entirely of chocolate bars glued together with … more chocolate of course. There’s not much chance of it lasting over 100 years but it might just make it to Bastille Day! And, like Gustave, I think that the creator should reserve the top level just for their own enjoyment.


To make this chocolate Eiffel tower you need:

Eiffel Tower Template


28 Curly Wurly chocolates (you can get them online here) plus a few extras, in case there are broken ones
2 x 350g blocks of chocolate
700g chocolate for joins
4 x strong chocolate bars for each bottom corner of the legs (I used Boost bars)

chocolate eiffel tower anne reardon

150g grey fondant for the concrete under the tower

210g chocolate
70g or 1/4 cup plus 2 tsp cream
Heat the cream and pour it over the chocolate. Leave to stand for a minute and then stir well. If you still have lumps, microwave for 10 seconds to melt the chocolate.

150g or 2 cups desiccated coconut
1 Tbsp green liquid food colour (or a few drops of green gel colour plus 15g or 1 Tbsp water).

chocolate eiffel tower ann reardon

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  1. Rating: 5

    My 12 year old daughter Emma asked if we could make the Eiffel Tower as her entry to a family bake-off contest and so when I googled your recipe it was on! We had great fun, one for the memory book.

  2. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann! I am only 10 but I ALWAYS watch your videos. You are such an inspiration to me and many many others!

    • Thanks Emmy! Ann loves to hear from subscribers like you!

  3. Hello Ann, thankyou for all the wonderfully sweet recipes, I have had a wonderful time watching your videos, I was wondering if you could make a chocolate-mango meringue pie.

  4. Rating: 5

    I just stumbled upon you at youtube and you may be my new favorite site. Looking forward to trying some of your ideas.

    • cool, I’m glad you found my little corner of the internet 🙂

  5. Rating: 5

    Firstly, love your videos/recipes/creations. I am making this as a Birthday cake. Any ideas for serving it?

    • Hi Emilie, Ann recommends just putting it in the middle of the table and let people break bits off to eat. Though of course if kids are involved they will need an adult’s help.

  6. Rating: 4.5

    Hi ann, can you do an Amazing World Of Gumball cake? I love your videos so much, and you have really inspired me!

  7. can you do a musically cake

  8. Rating: 5

    I love the candy crush saga cake

    • Me too Nia!

    • may be not

  9. It’s quite amazing that you are able to construct a formidable chocolate tower like this! I’ve tried constructing chocolate tower before but it keeps on collapsing 🙁 What would be your advice to make the foundation firm?

    • Hi Henry, It depends on the type of tower you are trying to construct and what you are using to make it. Ann does several thinks to make her tower stable. Firstly she uses the curly wurly’s which have triangle shapes built in. Secondly every piece is reinforced. The more weight the piece has to hold the more reinforcing it will need. So use more in the base than at the top. You can see this on the video when Ann makes the base. It is pretty strong. Thirdly the platforms help hold the chocolate in place in each section. Lastly the feet of each section are welded to the board with chocolate so they are unlikely to shift.

  10. hi ann, can u please make something hotel transylvania related

  11. I am so shocked and deeply saddened by the news of the attacks today in Nice, our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones and the many others who were injured or lived through this horrific attack.

    • Rating: 4.5

      I love your videos and can you please make a new iPad cake

  12. Wait you have to buy the template?

    • Think of it as buying me a coffee for designing it, making the template, making the chocolate structure and filming it for you, editing the video and uploading it to youtube so you could see it. And remember when you go to the store you will have to pay for the chocolate and the curly wurlies.

  13. Video playback error. D:

    • I ma getting that too – I have emailed my contact at youtube, hopefully it will be sorted soon, in the meantime I have added the link above.

  14. Hi Ann!
    Firstly, I must say that I love all of your videos. You are incredibly inspiring to everyone, and in particular to me. I used your brownie recipe (which was my first time baking) and made brownies which all of my family and friends loved. I just wished that I knew about you before as you are amazing! You are a wonderful inspiration and I look forward to your upcoming wonderful, suprise filled videos! =)

    • Hi Sara, Thank you so much for your lovely comments 😀

      • Rating: 4.5

        Hey Ann!
        You should do a meet & greet in London! I would absolutely love it, if you were to come here and meet us all and it would be a dream come true for me!
        Thanks =)

        • The Same

    • Thanks for the feedback Sara!

    • Rating: 5

      I ❤️ You show your awesome by the way I’m 8 and I still love your show . I looked at your channel
      On my birthday for inspiration I went to your show I love your minecraft cakes

      • Hi Everyone! I posed a comment on this vid like 2 years ago an now I searched up my name and it came up??‍♀️?

  15. Anyone else having trouble loading/playing video? 🙁

    • Yes, but it may be because there are a lot of users on the website…

      • As Ann is very popular =)

  16. hey ann
    i really loved this video. u r the most creative person i have ever seen. i wanted to ask that can u make someting related

    • Thanks Yasmine. I can’t do on youtube due to copyright restraints on the music.

      • thats ok ann u could try something more fun

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