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Chocolate Handbags

chocolate handbags how to cook that

Chocolate handbags filled with delights perfect for take home bags from a party or a gift for a foodie.  What will you put inside yours?

This week the website got a whole new look and layout.  It is now responsive, meaning it can change shape to suit the device you are looking at it on and I think it’s much cleaner and easier to get around.  Let me know if you see any glitches that need attention, I’ve spent all week re-coding things that didn’t work properly with the new layout but I’ve no doubt missed something along the way.


To make the chocolate handbag you will need:

Chocolate (real chocolate needs to be tempered or you can use compound chocolate. See this post for videos explaining the difference)


Handbag Template  


luster dust (optional)


chocolate transfer sheets (optional, you can use plain plastic)


texture mat (optional)

chocolate handbags reardon

by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

My Cookbook

ann reardon crazy sweet creations cookbook
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All recipe quantities in the book are in grams, ounces and cups.

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  1. What is the recipe for that please let me know and what is the temperature that is required for smoothing the chocolate.

  2. Hello Ann,
    I just wanted to say that you are amazing and all the things u make are awesome.
    I have bought ur chocolate purse templets and for that price u cant beat it at all .. as soon as I was done watching ur video I jumped right to the site to get it .. thanks again 🙂
    when I make one I will for sure post it on here 🙂

    • Thanks Jennifer.

  3. Hi, on the video you mention that the template was free, but on the website I have to pay for it. Do I have to pay for it or not? And is it possible to pay it a different currency (GBP)?
    Also, how much chocolate do I need to make one handbag?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Harriet, The video states that it is available via the website but it doesn’t say at any stage it is free. These templates take many hours to create, test and refine, so it is fair to charge a small amount so you can use them as many times as you like. On purchase the price should appear in your local currency. This is a shop feature that is run by the third party provider. The current exchange rates would put the price around 2 GBP. It is best to work with at least 300g of chocolate though you probably wont use all of it.

  4. Hi Ann, thanks alot for this wonderful recipe.. i made one on my mum’s birthday too.. she likes it alot.. thanks alot…

    • i place the chocolate handbag on her 2 layers pumpkin spice cake.. haha..yumyum

  5. Hello
    How how thick should I do the chocolate xx
    Thanks I trying make these for Xmas gift family xx

    • Hi Hannah, Use the video as your guide here. Ann makes most of the pieces a couple of millimeters thick.

  6. Hello Ann,
    I am new to chocolate making and using a chocolate compound and set it in the freezer.
    Can I make the chocolate bags using chocolate compound?
    I also wanted to know how time should I wait after each step and then assemble so that the chocolate doesn’t drip.
    moreover sometimes my chocolates melt if kept at room temperature what can I do prevent it from melting or becoming sticky?
    Please respond to my queries.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Sradha, You can use a good compound choclate but it won’t taste as good and wont give that satisfying crack when you bite into it. The chocolate must be fully set before you assemble and how long this will take will vary depending on the environment you are in. Chocolate will melt if it gets too hot. Tempered chocolate will hold it’s shape at room temperature. The best way to look after your chocolate is to keep it cool.

      • hi I’m Aubrey I love to cook it’s my favorite thing to do. I was just wondering if u can make a llama cake I love llamas a lot that would mean so much to me if u can.

  7. Hi
    I just love your videos on chocolate truffle and Twix but could you give me option on subtituting the egg into a vegetarian subtitute.

  8. Hi Ann, gold dust is so popular and there is so many . I’ve tried a few but would really like to try Rolkem s super gold .
    I am told this is from your country .
    No online web site I ve tried will ship Rolkem to Canada. I was wondering if you know if a site that might .
    I tried contacting Rolkem on Facebook but no luck with a response. Any info would be greatly appreciated . Thank you

    • Hi Sheiba, There are quite a few webstores based in Australia that ship to Canada, though the postage is expensive: Rolkem is based in South Africa, so if you are experiencing difficulty getting it locally it is likely that there are trading restrictions. There is a phone number on their website. I also found that Amazon UK has it and will post to Canada.

  9. Your welcome!

  10. Hi Ann!!
    I love your baking recipes. I always get amazed. I have made the chocolate lava cake and your donuts. Could you please do dominoes by chocolate! If you do that I will be sooo happy!

    • Great idea Olga and thanks for the feedback.

  11. I am trying to get the template for the handbag, do I purchase from you or can iI downlow them to print . Please help

    • Hi Danite, Purchase the template using the link provided or via the shop page. Once purchase is complete you will receive a download link.

  12. Hi ann i love to cook but your the best cook I’ve ever seen how do you make all this brilliant stuff anyway if you can could you make a chocolate microphone because I love to sing thanks a tone xxx
    P.s because of you I love to cook but they don’t always come out the best hehe xxx

  13. hey,
    i am planning to make a few handbags and was just wondering roughly how much chocolate was used per handbag. Please reply it would be really helpful.


    • Hi Ashley, This video was made quite a while back and I don’t have a quantity or weight for a single ‘bag’. You do use have to use more than you actually need, so be generous with your allowance. My apologies that I couldn’t be more helpful on this one.

  14. hi ann i am 8 yrs old and i love the candy crush cake

    • Thanks leeshay.

  15. Ann,
    Is it possible to estimate the amount of chocolate required for each purse. I am making 8 and need some idea of how to plan as I use high quality chocolate which I temper. Obviously, I would like to not over purchase.
    Thank you,

  16. I luv ur vids I like 2 bake 2 and now I want a rainbow surprise cake 4 my b-day!

  17. This is my favorite recipe that you have made. I have an idea for you to make a grand piano cake because I play the piano. If you can’t it’s okay. I think you are really cool. Thanks

  18. My family love you xxxxxxxxxx

  19. You are my hero so please could you make a Vidio on all of your family and a house tour please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Hi Ann. In the chocolate handbag video, I can’t find the paper for the handbag.

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