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“Is your Food Fake or Real” video exposed

A recent video by Blossom (First Media) showed all sorts of apparent food adulteration and left people questioning 'is my meat stuck together with meat glue?' ... 'is my salt fake?" ... "is there plastic in rice?" and "is there washing powder in ice-cream?" All these questions and more will be answered in this video. Claim: ... »

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Should you watch / let your kids watch 5-minute crafts?

The majority of views on videos like 5-minute crafts are by kids or bored adults. If you're letting your kids watch 5-minute crafts make sure they know not to try any of the hacks or recipes at home. Aside from filling their brain with mis-information and hacks to solve problems that no one ... »

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Clever or Never Kitchen Gadget Review

  Let's face it there are so many kitchen gadgets you could buy but only a limited space in your kitchen. Watch us test them so you can decide if they are clever or if you'd never use them.   Featured in this weeks video (I've added links for the ones that I could find online): The ... »

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Kitchen Hacks Tested

  If you're like me you watch 'life-changing hack' videos while thinking 'I'm sure that it won't work'. Some 'hacks' are so bad that they are not even worth trying. But there are others that are interesting. In this series I am putting kitchen hacks to the test to see if they ... »

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Kitchen Gadgets Tested | Clever or Never

Today we review loads of gadgets so you can decide if they are clever or if you should never buy them.  The best kitchen gadgets in my opinion should save time, make a hard job easier and not take up too much space in the  kitchen.  Some gadgets looks like they will do just that, ... »

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Baking Hacks TESTED

   I've been seeing a lot of baking hacks online lately so today we are going to put them to the test and see if they are a hit or a myth? BAKING HACK NUMBER 1 HACK CLAIM "If you are baking anything with fruit or choc chips in it you should coat them in flour ... »

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Clever or Never? 6 kitchen gadgets put to the test

  Six kitchen gadgets put to the test. Have you ever seen something in the shop and thought 'that looks awesome' but when you got it home, you discovered the gadget didn't work as you envisioned? The Clever or Never series is here to help - let us know what kitchen and baking gadgets you'd like ... »

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Kitchen Gadgets Tested

  Are these kitchen gadgets clever last minute Christmas gifts or they an item that would never get used? Watch us test them and make up your own mind. Today we will test out a chip maker, russian ball piping tips, makey makey, a triple colour piping bag and a surprise ... »

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5 Kitchen Gadgets Clever or Never?

In CLEVER or NEVER I test out kitchen gadgets so that you don't have to. You can see them being used and make up your mind if they are really clever or something you'd never use. Let me know if there are other gadgets you'd like to see put to the test. ... »

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5 Kitchen Gadgets Tested : CLEVER or NEVER?

  I love looking through kitchen shops, shelves of beautiful porcelain dishes, baking tins and lots of little gadgets. I'm never sure if the gadgets are so CLEVER that they will make my life easier or if they are something I'll NEVER use and it will clutter up my kitchen drawer. So I've ... »