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Kitchen Hacks Tested


If you’re like me you watch ‘life-changing hack’ videos while thinking ‘I’m sure that it won’t work’. Some ‘hacks’ are so bad that they are not even worth trying. But there are others that are interesting. In this series I am putting kitchen hacks to the test to see if they are a HIT or a MYTH.

The hacks tested today are listed below, watch the video to see the results, they might surprise you.

Kitchen hack 1

Hack: Instead of cutting a lemon to get a squeeze of lemon juice poke it with a skewer to keep the rest of the lemon fresh.
squeeze of lemon

Kitchen hack 2

Hack: Don’t over-mix cake batter once you’ve added the flour
over-mix cake batter

Kitchen hack 3

Hack: Can you fix split buttercream by adding more icing sugar?
how to fix split buttercream

Kitchen hack 4

Hack: Use a hairdryer on warm setting to make a buttercream cake shiny like fondant
kitchen hacks ann reardon

Kitchen hack 5

Hack: Use plastic wrap inside your piping bags to save money.
plastic wrap in piping bag hack

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  1. Rating: 5

    Hi I love your videos i live in London and make slime and sing in church

  2. Rating: 4

    Hi Ann
    This video helps me a lot. I could not find out what I’m doing wrong to make my cakes dense like in the video.I always thought my oven was the issue, Thank you for posting it.

    • Thanks for the feedback Piumi.

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