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Should you watch / let your kids watch 5-minute crafts?

The majority of views on videos like 5-minute crafts are by kids or bored adults. If you’re letting your kids watch 5-minute crafts make sure they know not to try any of the hacks or recipes at home. Aside from filling their brain with mis-information and hacks to solve problems that no one has, some of the ideas are dangerous.


In this video I will look at the peg toaster hack, making transparent soda, activated charcoal ice-cream and bleached strawberries. Also does putting salt in milk stop going off? Can wrapping plastic around the top of bananas keep them fresh? What about dipping strawberries in vinegar and water to stop them going moldy? Are these hacks just made up for views or do they actually work? Watch the video to find out.

bleached strawberries

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    Hi Ann, so the bleaches strawberries segment actually was removed from all the videos featuring it because of the controversy it generated. But many other dangerous hacks are still in 5-minutes crafts videos, they aren’t much of a hot topic anymore, but they still pose a risk.

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    This is very dangerous

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    Hi Ann, The bleached strawberry looked so disgusting. I actually heard that one mom found her son trying to get some strawberries from their neighbour’s garden to try that hack. Then he asked her for ‘liquid that turns strawberries white’. Then she told him that he will get a surprise if he did not try any of those hacks. Guess what, The surprise was a white strawberry!!

    • Hopefully she doesn’t let him watch 5 minute crafts any more

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    Hi Ann,
    Thanks for replying!!

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    Hi Ann,
    Thanks for replying!! I personally think that they added more sugar to the icecream to make it taste good. Do you agree with me?

    • Hi N, with or without the icing sugar the ice-cream won’t whip. It does not have a high enough fat content.

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    Hi Ann,
    Thanks for replying!! I personally think that they added more sugar to the icecream to make it taste good. Do you agree with me??

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    Hi Ann,
    I do not know if this is only my eyes but after you added the food coloring to the activated Charcoal ice cream, It became a greenish color.
    Is it only me?

    • Agreed, the black colouring plus the charcoal and slightly creamy colour of the ice-cream seemed to combine to make it a bit off-black

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    Right as always Ann.
    It’s a little sad to see these channels just taking over youtube when there are so many better options than those. A lot of the classics (the ones that actually entertain and interest people) are all being pushed out of the way. Take your channel for an example. It’s fun, creative and actually helpful. I just love it. I will continue to hit that dislike button on all the fake channels and the like button on yours.
    Keep baking!

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    Clever/never or Kitchen hacks please!!!!!!

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    Hey Ann!
    This video is very funny and entertaining. I was waiting for you to do another one of these. Just so you know I love all of your videos and fun and crazy ideas and I am proud to say that I am NOT a supporter of one of these fake channels. If you could please do another one on the youtube channel Troom Troom. They are just as bad as So Yummy or 5-minute crafts.

    • Hi Kat, I am truly hoping that youtube will start paying attention and do something about these channels. I have heard rumours on twitter of some small channels getting demonetised for repetitive and duplicated content – but 5-min crafts had 500million views last month – it’s a huge channel. And then there is 5min crafts girly, teens, boys, men… all with the same content.

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