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Miniature Baking

smallest eggs

Where do my mini eggs come from?

  "Where do you get tiny eggs from?" is the most asked question on my much-loved teeny weeny baking videos. Finally I have got around to making a video to show you just where they come from. We also checked out what a massive ostrich egg tasted like! If you'd like to binge watch some ... »

Miniature Princess Doll Cake 1/12th scale

  Baking in a 1/12th scale dollhouse kitchen is very tricky. Obviously because everything in the video is to scale it can be hard to convey just how small it really is. The island bench top is only 5cm (1.97 inches) wide. Perhaps the biggest challenge when filming, apart from knocking things off the bench, ... »

miniature kitchen tiny cooking

Miniature Pavlova in VR180

To look around the mini kitchen on mobile you can simply tilt the phone side to side and up and down. On desktop computer press the navigation button in the top left. Or if you're one of the privileged few that own a VR headset you can go ahead and put them on and step right ... »

miniature apple pie

Miniature Baking: Apple Pie

As I was baking a tiny apple pie I was imagining a tiny creature enjoying it at the miniature table. There are not many animals that are small enough to fit in the mini kitchen, but I thought a baby chicken might. I searched online and sure enough you can buy 3 day ... »