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Can you make cotton candy in a clothes dryer?

Can you make cotton candy in a clothes dryer?

  There is so much in this episode for you: * What is the best method for cleaning metal baking pans? * Can you make ice-cream popcorn? * Can you make popcorn from beans? * Can you make cotton candy in a clothes dryer? * Does covering a watermelon in cement make it last longer? * Are swim rings dangerous? * Self tanning ... »

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Debunking chocolate hands and coke pies

  Depression Pie Recipe unbaked 8" pastry crust 1 1/2 cups water 4 tablespoons flour 1 cup sugar dash vanilla 2 teaspoons water 5 tablespoons butter Pour the water into the pie crust. Mix together the flour and the sugar. Sprinkle this mixture over the top. Slice the butter finely and add to the pie. Cover sides of crust with ... »

Debunking – are these viral videos real or fake?

Debunking – are these viral videos real or fake?

  You have sent me lots of videos to debunk, this week we take a look at chocolate popcorn, microorganisms that are crawling on your face, onion storage, testing honey to see if it is pure and more. Enter for your chance to win one of ten Wiltshire baking prize packs This is a competition for best photo ... »

why don't flakes melt ann reardon

Why don’t flakes melt in the microwave?

  In this episode of debunking we look at some potentially dangerous hack videos. Should potentially dangerous videos be overlaid with warnings from the platform that they are published on? I answer the age old question of why don't flakes melt in the microwave and a new one... can coke whiten teeth? Homemade Flake ... »

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Debunking Viral Tik Tok Videos

  In this episode I am debunking viral videos from Tik Tok, facebook and youtube. There continues to be a meteoric rise in the amount of 'fake' content surrounding the topic of food. Perhaps because food is easily accessible and relatively low cost for most content producers. It is important to educate young ... »

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Can you make ice in a microwave?

  Can you make ice in a microwave if you reverse the polarity of electricity flowing to it? Can you make skittle lollipops in a waffle machine? What happens if you put m&m's in a waffle machine? Can you make ice cream frosting from icing sugar and ice cream? All these questions and more are answered in this weeks episode. »

Debunking Fake Viral Banana Videos

Debunking Fake Viral Banana Videos

In this episode we are going bananas! I read and researched so much about bananas and watched so many bananas hacks (that were all very similar to each other) that when I closed my eyes all I could see was bananas. I have collated just the most interesting of facts and conducted lots ... »

Debunking & Is Google Getting Greedy?

Debunking & Is Google Getting Greedy?

    In this episode we are looking at more recipes and viral videos that have been sent in to me to see if they would actually work. Also in discussion is the 'news media bargaining code', or the fight between google, facebook and the news media in Australia. »

11 shocking types of click bait that have fooled you before

11 shocking types of click bait that have fooled you before

  Why do we as humans continue to tap on click-bait? You'd think we would have learned by now. But instead we search for one thing and get distracted and drawn into a spiral of information we never intended to see. That is exactly what youtube and facebook aim for, keeping you on ... »

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New Debunking Viral Baking Videos

  In this video we will examine watermelon coke Baking brownies in a bag in the microwave, baking brownies on a hair straightener, banana milk desserts and so much more. I'm also going to test and improve the toothpick and floss method for cutting cakes. »

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Debunking More Viral Cooking Videos

Trustworthy is defined in the dictionary as reliable, dependable, tried and true. Unfortunately a lot of the viral videos tested in this series have been tried and found wanting. Does the publishing of disinformation (deliberate spread of information that you know is false for your own gain) really matter in how-to and cooking videos? ... »

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Debunking COVID-19 misinformation

  The world is in the grip of a pandemic. Each life lost is not just a statistic on the COVID-19 world counter, but a dearly-loved person. In the light of this, it's strange that some content farms seem to have no qualms about producing how-to videos with incorrect information about hand sanitisers and disinfectants. And ... »

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Debunking – fake cooking videos

  I learnt a new word this week, disinformation. I had of course heard of misinformation before but there is an important difference between these two words. While both of them communicate something that is not true, misinformation is not done deliberately. For example someone who does not have all the facts ... »

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Debunking more fake cooking videos

  In 2020 the fake cooking videos continue to circulate and are highly successful with the algorithm on youtube and facebook. By rewarding these videos with views and therefore money youtube and facebook are enabling the proliferation of misinformation. On top of that as these ones thrive other channels that strive to make accurate ... »

Beware of Fake DIY videos

Beware of Fake DIY videos

  How big is the problem? Through these debunking videos I hope to raise awareness of “fake baking and DIY” phenomenon — fabricated how-to's that present as factual, mixed in with real ones which escalated confusion. Inaccurate content on YouTube and Facebook is not new, but the scale and professional level on which they are now being produced ... »

Fake & Dangerous how-to videos who is to blame if someone gets hurt?

Fake & Dangerous how-to videos who is to blame if someone gets hurt?

  Join the conversation, vote in the poll on the video and add to the comments. What is your opinion? If someone follows a how-to tutorial exactly as it is shown in a video and gets hurt who is to blame? Is it the video creator? The platform that hosts the video? ... »

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“Is your Food Fake or Real” video exposed

A recent video by Blossom (First Media) showed all sorts of apparent food adulteration and left people questioning 'is my meat stuck together with meat glue?' ... 'is my salt fake?" ... "is there plastic in rice?" and "is there washing powder in ice-cream?" All these questions and more will be answered in this video. Claim: ... »

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Should you watch / let your kids watch 5-minute crafts?

The majority of views on videos like 5-minute crafts are by kids or bored adults. If you're letting your kids watch 5-minute crafts make sure they know not to try any of the hacks or recipes at home. Aside from filling their brain with mis-information and hacks to solve problems that no one ... »