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Debunking COVID-19 misinformation


The world is in the grip of a pandemic. Each life lost is not just a statistic on the COVID-19 world counter, but a dearly-loved person. In the light of this, it’s strange that some content farms seem to have no qualms about producing how-to videos with incorrect information about hand sanitisers and disinfectants. And their dubious videos have been watched by millions! In an effort to combat this misinformation, as well as the confusion around facemasks, I have made a video based on all the available science. Please note that this is accurate on the day of filming, new updates and research are happening constantly so please continue to read information from only trusted sources for your updates.

EPA list of disinfectants

Disinfectants that are effective against COVID-19 can be found here.

DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe (not for consumption)

1/3 cup aloe vera gel
2/3 cup or more 99% isopropyl alcohol (do not use alcohol with a lower percentage).
Mix together well and place in a sealed bottle so the alcohol does not evaporate.


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  1. Rating: 5

    What if you add 3 cups of 70% alcohol and half a cup of aloe gel

  2. Rating: 4.5

    Hi, Ann! I hope you address the referenced mask study and the fact that it was retracted shortly after it was published. I love this video and want to share it far and wide, but I don’t feel I can do that responsibly since the study was retracted. Perhaps you can help us understand the reasons for retraction and provide other scientific basis? Here is the statement of retraction:

    Love everything you do!

    • Hi Cassi, I noticed that it has now been retracted and have read the reasoning.

      It has been retracted due to them listing actual values for data below 2.63, but they should have listed them as <2.63 due to the accuracy level of the type of test that they used. The data above 2.63 log copies/mL is accurate but anything below that amount is not an accurate number - it is definitely below 2.63 and should have been written as <2.63. Based on that all the measures of virus being on the outside of the mask (ie it is going through all of the masks to some extent) are accurate as they were above 2.63.

      From the rest of the data we can now only get meaningful results from 'patient 1' which shows the cotton mask to be the most effective in blocking coughed virus from going onto the petri dish. The others all had below 2.63 for every value (patient 4 already had those results). So the study results have effectively gone from 3 people to 1 person! Definitely not enough to get good data, but hopefully interesting enough to spur more studies. Hopefully new studies can accurately measure below 2.63. I am surprised they published with such low numbers in the first place - which is why I mentioned that in the video.
      If you do come across any new studies on covid-19 and face-masks with more info let me know and I'll add a link to it.

      • Thank you so much for explaining! I will certainly keep an eye out for more studies.

  3. Rating: 5

    what time do you post your videos (EDT/Eastern Time)?

  4. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann! Hope you get to see my comment. I want to share your videos to my family so bad, specially the debunking ones. But they speak in spanish because we are from Argentina. I would love if you give me permission to translate them for subtitles in spanish. I would do that totally for free, i think it’s great information that you give.

  5. Rating: 4

    hello Ann!! can you do a video on how to make hand sanitizer the correct way?

  6. Rating: 5

    I found this video most useful Anne. Thank for all your efforts in studying the hand sanitisers and especially the face mask theories. Much appreciated, thank you so much.

    • i agree that this video was very helpful now i will be sure to take better percautions and won’t touch the front of my mask so much anymore

  7. Rating: 2.5

    Hi I’ve been is the subscriber to your website for many years -I love your videos and actually made a lot of your cakes in the past.. your Friday videos are a source of entertainment, creative ideas and happiness in our house, and I wait for them to come every Friday. As a devoted can i please ask you to go back to posting videos of baking/desserts/recipes? anything from your mini kitchen, any recipe for a cake or cookies, or anything sweet -would be such a source of joy and happiness in our house-especially in these challenging times?!

  8. Rating: 4

    Wearing a mask has the greater problem of re breathing in your own CO2 which we all need to be exhaling , so we can breathe in oxygen. To wear a mask therefore is going to weaken the immune system. So after lockdown, social distancing, wearing of masks,staying at home, you have a whole population who have weakened their immune system considerable.
    Healthy people do not need all these ridiculous measures. It will put them at risk by weakening the immune system .
    The social, and economic measure have done more harm as side effects than the virus has done or likely to do.. The governments have used fear to drive this to control people. The evil that is behind this man made virus is slowly being unveiled ,exposed, and people involved dealt with justly.

    • Hopefully Ann will debunk Ethne Ferguson’s comment, since it’s completely wrong and fill of disinformation. We are taking all these measures to avoid overwhelming hospital systems – and it is working.

      Thank you, Ann, for fact based information.

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