Ann Reardon

Debunking Fake Viral Banana Videos

In this episode we are going bananas! I read and researched so much about bananas and watched so many bananas hacks (that were all very similar to each other) that when I closed my eyes all I could see was bananas. I have collated just the most interesting of facts and conducted lots of experiments for you. Apart from the gardening ones, no bananas were wasted in the making of this video.

These questions will be answered in this weeks episode: Do bananas make plants grow better? Does banana peel protect you from UV? How should you store bananas? How do you keep bananas fresh? Can you eat banana peel? What is Panama banana disease? And asks the question should we genetically modify our food?

Want to keep reading more about bananas:
Keeping bananas green before they reach the store:

Down the rabbit hole, how a myth starts:
Reddit post quoting life hacker

Life hacker quotes wilgubeast

Wilgubeast makes a broad faulty generalization from sauter (1.09 ounces).htm

wax tipped banana a marketing ploy
Factors effecting fruit ripening

Banana Peels used to dye fabric

TR4 resistance

Decreased ethylene production in banana treated with external ethylene

My Cookbook

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  1. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann (or helper)
    Just got your book
    Each page I look at makes me hungrier 😉

  2. Rating: 5

    Hi Anne or helper?
    I am 12
    I am from Northern Ireland
    I love to cook and bake!?
    Who else loves these videos?
    What is your favourite thing to bake??
    Anyone reading this say your favourite thing to bake!?
    What age did you start cooking?
    Thank you?

  3. Rating: 5

    Hi Anne or helper
    My name is Melody I am 12
    I am from Northern Ireland
    And I am watching one of your chocolate truffle videos as I write this .
    I really enjoy your videos
    I love cooking and baking and won a prize for a chocolate cake I made once
    What age did you start cooking?
    Thank you

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