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kitchen gadget review ann reardon


Are these kitchen gadgets clever last minute Christmas gifts or they an item that would never get used? Watch us test them and make up your own mind. Today we will test out a chip maker, russian ball piping tips, makey makey, a triple colour piping bag and a surprise cupcake tin.

Chip maker
crisp maker review ann reardon
How do you rate a product that you half like? To be more precise I like only one piece of this four part gadget, so I quarter like it. But that one piece is quite good and I will use it again.
Gadget Source: eBay

Triple Colour Piping bag
tricolor piping bag review ann reardon
The effect is beautiful but you can only use this piping bag with soft icing. Italian meringue would work a treat, or perhaps soft store bought frostings. My homemade buttercream was just too stiff to pipe through and the pressure split the bag.
kitchen gadgets tested
Gadget Source: tricolor piping tip

Makey Makey
makey makey review
While not technically a kitchen gadget this is a lot of fun. If you want more than the basic keyboard or drum you will need to go to scratch and program your own sound effects.

Gadget source: Makey Makey

Russian ball piping tips
kitchen gadget review clever or never
I like these tips, they give a nice flowing effect on a cupcake. It is important to note that it tends to leave a hole in the centre so you make want to pipe something int he middle or add seem candy. Either way they look pretty.
russian ball piping tip review ann reardon
gadget source: russian ball piping tips

Surprise Cup Cake Tin
kitchen gadgets tested
We’ve made a couple of surprise inside cupcakes before like the 3D heart and mickey mouse so when I saw this tin I was excited. Now having used it, I doubt i’ll use it again. It did work well it is just not something I’d invest in unless making large quantities of cupcakes often. If you do buy one make sure you put the item right at the top of the spike as it sinks down as it bakes.
Gadget Source: Surprise Cupcake Pan
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  1. Rating: 5

    We call ’em crisps

  2. Rating: 5

    In Ireland we call them crisps. chips are french fries

  3. Rating: 3

    In England we call them crisps. Chips are French fries

  4. I thought that the baking tin was clever. I also liked the piping tips.

  5. Rating: 5

    I have enjoyed all your videos in 2016 and am looking forward to your new ones in the new year. Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New year to you and your family.

    • Same to you and your family Shirley!

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