Ann Reardon

Clever or Never Antique Gadgets Edition

In this episode we are testing out some antique gadgets to see just how clever they are. Including a kan wondamixer that I found on on ebay, it’s a manual stand mixer that was invented in Australia. And a wrought iron apple peeler that needed some restoration before I could test it out. And a rotary egg beater.

I was intrigued by the large number of patent applications for rotary egg beaters. Strangely the person credited with inventing the rotary egg beater, Turner Williams, only filed one patent with slight changes to someone else’s design. Williams beater was bought by Dover Company and mass produced. Timothy Earle, who is never mentioned, made great contributions to the development of the rotary egg beater. Take a look at the timeline of patents below. Earle also filed patents for several other items including jars with closures for preserving and an oil can. I do hope that he was duly rewarded for his inventions.

1859 Monroe
invention of rotary egg beater

1860 Timothy Earle & Nicholson
invention of rotary egg beater

1866 Timothy Earle
rotary egg beater invention

1870, Jan 5, Timothy Earle
invention of rotary egg beater

1870, May Turner Williams – Credited with inventing the Rotary Egg Beater

1870, July, Timothy Earle
invention of rotary egg beater

1870, September, Timothy Earle
invention of rotary egg beater

1880 Timothy Earle
invention of rotary egg beater

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