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What Cream Should I use?

There have been so many questions about cream that I thought I’d dedicate and entire page to it.

Firstly what is cream?  Cream is the fat found in milk.  When I was a child we had our own goats.  After milking them we’d of course put the milk in the fridge.  By the next morning the cream would have risen to the top of the milk and be sitting there as a layer.  Most milk that you buy now is homogenized to make the droplets of cream so small that is stays suspended in the milk.

Cream goes by many different names in many countries and it can also range in fat content.  To get a similar result you want to use one that is similar to the fat content of the one used in the recipe.

In my recipes I use Australian ‘pure cream’ which is around 35% fat.  So what can you use instead?

Australia:  Pure Cream (35% fat) or thickened cream (35% fat plus has a small amount of gelling agent to make it appear a little thicker and stabilize it when whipped)

Brazil: Creme de leite fresco

Canada: Whipping cream (30-35% fat)

Denmark: piskefløde (38% fat)

cream % fat






Finland: kuohukerma (30%-40% fat)







France: Crème Florette or crème fraîche entière fluide 30%

cream in france






Germany: Schlagsahne (30% fat)

types of cream






Guatemala: Crema para batir (33% fat)

what time of cream to use






Ireland : Fresh Cream (38% fat)

types of cream






Netherlands: 30-40% vet Slagroom
what is cream






New Zealand: fresh cream (36% fat)

what cream to use howtocookthat






Norway: Kremfløte (38% fat)

flote whipping cream






Pakistan:  milkpack cream 30% milk fat OR olpers cream  40%

what cream in pakistan






Poland: Śmietana kremówka  (30% fat)

cream in poland






Romania: smantana dulce pentru frisca (33% fat)

what is cream called in romania






Saudi Arabia: almarai (المراعي) whipping cream (كريمة خفق)

(35 % fat)

what is cream





ITALY:  Panna de Montare – Italian Kitchen Cream (35% fat)



INDIA:  Tropolite (This is a non-dairy product with 35-40% fat that will work well for decorating)


SWEDEN: Vispgradde (36-40% fat)

UK: Whipping cream (35% fat)

USA:  Heavy Cream (35% fat)

RUSSIA:  Parmalat (35% fat)

Thanks to my subscribers for helping me compile this list.  If the country you live in has a different name for cream that is around 30-35% fat?  We’d love to know about it, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Which cream should we use in India cause no one says any thing about Indian food and stuff

    • Hi Aimen, this is where we need your help as I don’t live in India I can’t go to the store and check the labels – if you get a chance to look let us know what you find. 😀

      • Ok then I think that you should use amul whipped cream I checked the shop and this was the only one and i am just 12 years old so I love your channel and you a lot

      • Hey Ann
        Im Anaid and im 11 years old. My mom is planning my sister and i a birthday party and and my mom made me look for a cake for my 7 year old sister. My sister loves LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) but i can’t find a cake in your channel. Can you please make a cake that is themed LPS? Maybe i said this ahead of time because the party is until late september. i just wanted to tell you ahead of time so you could plan when to do it

        Thanks for reading this!

        • Thanks Anaid, You are right Ann doesn’t have something in that theme at present. Maybe try soemthing different??

  2. Wait… So I think in the U.S it’s heavy whipping cream. I think.

  3. Hi Ann,
    In Romania it’s “smantana dulce pentru frisca” and I’ve found two companies who market it: La Dorna and Zuzu.
    And, by the way, you are remarkable! 🙂

    • Hi Theresa, Thanks for this helpful info. Ann will add this info to her cream page down the track.

    • thanks so much Theresa, I’ve added that one in 😀

  4. So in SA we can use Clover Whipping cream ?

    • Hi Membrey, as Ann is from Australia, we dont really know a lot about SA products but from what I can find online, it looks perfect.

  5. Here in Brazil the name is creme de leite fresco or nata!

    • Thanks Pauline! This is very helpful!

  6. And vispikerma would work too. It’s basically the same but it whippes more easily. The fat content is 38% in both 🙂

  7. In Saudi Arabia,
    Use almarai(المراعي) whipping cream (كريمة خفق)
    Its exactly 35 % fat

    • thanks Ahmed, I’ve added it into the post 😀

  8. Hi Ann! In Finland it’s called kuohukerma. It’s usually 30%-40%. Hope this helps!
    Ps: I really LOVE your videos and your ideas. You are so creative!

    • Thanks Jonatan, This is really helpful. We have noted the info and will include it on our cream page when we next update it. Thanks for the fabulous feedback.

    • And vispikerma would work too. That’s basically the same, but it whippes more easily. And the fat percent is 38% in both vispikerma and kuohukerma. 🙂

      • Thanks Emmi.

  9. im from saudi arabia which cream shoul i use?

    • Hi Aisha, We need your help here as we are not based in Saudi Arabia and are unfamiliar with local product. If you can find a local cream that has a fat content that is similar to what is listed, then let us know. We will gladly pass that information onto others.

    • many thanks to Ahmed we now know… you can use almarai(المراعي) whipping cream (كريمة خفق)
      Its exactly 35 % fat

      • Just for confusions
        Almarai is just a brand name
        Thanks for mentioning my name though, now im famous .

        • P.S. Im 12 only years old , but i love cooking

          • 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Here in Guatemala we call it “Crema para batir”

    • Thanks Diego, We have noted that helpful information.

  11. Singapore?

  12. hi ann iam from Philippines me and my mom always watch your videos and we love to try this but on your list there is no Philippines what can you suggest ple reply back

    • Hi Tristen,

      I would suggest you use the Nestlé All Purpose Cream in can which is the 300ml one as it can be used as a substitute for heavy/whipping cream due to its fat content. I have actually posted this on this blog but I think the How To Cook That Admin deleted it because I have mentioned another baker’s website where I got this information from.

  13. I am from Germany and I never know what cream is:D Now I know that it is “Schlagsahne” YEAH thenk you

  14. THANKYOU SO MUCH ANN!!! I was getting so confused when all these different youtubers were using different names for cream. In NZ, there aren’t varieties, there is just Fresh Cream which is about 35% fat.
    – Fiona xx

    • Great, I am glad it helped 😀

  15. I’m from Denmark , instead of just typing ” O” , you can type ” OE” . It’s the same as typing ” ø” in Danish

    • thanks Anna, I just copy pasted your ø

  16. Thanks Ann, this is a great help. I live in the UK and there are hundreds of types of cream! 🙂

  17. I’m in Saudi arabia, what cream should I use?

    • In Saudi Arabia,
      Use almarai(المراعي) whipping cream (كريمة خفق)
      Its exactly 35 % fat

      • Thanks Ahmed this is really helpful.

  18. Hi Ann
    I just want to say that because I watch your videos I have learnt to make better cakes for my nieces and nephews and every Friday when you put a new video up I will always watch it and then ask my mum if we can go shopping for some of the ingredients.

    • Thanks for the feedback Georgia.

    • Thanks Radek. This is a great help.

  19. thank you !

    • and for Ukraine

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