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Debunking Vaping Lies


Can you make cotton candy in a blender? We will explore that and what is the current research around vaping?

A note to smokers … you definitely need to stop smoking, there is a 50% chance it will kill you. Using a nicotine replacement therapy such as gum or patches has been shown to be more effective than going cold turkey, especially when used in conjunction with medical support and accountability. So where do nicotine vapes fit with that? It depends on the dose of nicotine in the vape and how often it is used. Some vapes have much higher nicotine amounts than cigarettes and some people find themselves using it a lot more often than cigarettes. Cigarettes of course contain a lot of other harmful chemicals, not just nicotine, so that’s a good swap right? Well, let’s be honest here… nicotine is known to be a tumour promoter, so if you have the start of any tumours, perhaps from years of smoking, and you use high amounts of nicotine it may increase growth rate and recurrence rate of those tumours. The idea of a nicotine replacement therapy is to ease you off nicotine addiction, reducing withdrawal side effects. The aim is not to simply swap from cigarettes to long-term vaping. On top of that a professor from NYU noticed DNA changes in mice that were exposed to nicotine vapes. His initial experiments showed that nicotine actually induced lung cancer in mice when there was none there before. This would mean that nicotine was carcinogenic. More studies are needed in this area.
To be clear – if you’re smoking you are having nicotine plus lots of harmful chemicals. Seek medical support to quit, even if you’ve tried before, try again. By the time I was 12 years old I had lost all four of my grandparents to smoking related illnesses.

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To non-smokers who are vaping or thinking about it… Many of the vaping companies are owned by tobacco companies. They know what they are doing. Promoting and selling a highly addictive product is a money maker for them that can replace the declining cigarette market. If you choose to vape you are volunteering to pay money to tobacco companies to be their human lab rats. You are part of the experiment on the long term effects of vaping on human lungs. Just say no thanks, you’re smarter enough to know that’s a bad deal.

Already addicted? Sixty percent of people who vape say they want to quit. Seek help, having support and counselling during the process of weaning off a nicotine addiction can help you succeed.


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  1. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann, I think this is a really well made video. I really appreciate you explaining how the delivery method of a drug can change its effects and composition. Definitely a darker topic than usual. Could you please make a miniature dragon cake next time?

  2. Rating: 0.5

    If I’m biased then admittedly so. However I have researched 1000’s of studies. You literally walked into a quagmire with the vaping topic. The pro side unfortunately does not have the funds to fight misinformation backed by a billionaire. And hopefully you will listen to people who have more expertise than myself. But I will point out a few things. First the American surgeon general owns tobacco stocks at the time ( vaping made stocks drop) , EVALI was determined by CDC caused Solely by tainted e-joints and e-cigs cleared. Finally that lady was Proven to have Lied to Congress about Juul coming into schools. Just shows how much misinformation is spread when money and moral outrage are combined. Thank you

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