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Giant Kinder Surprise Egg

20 year old kinder surprise egg

Here’s how to make a giant kinder surprise egg using balloon. As well as that we opened some 20 year old kind surprise eggs so we could compare the toys that you got back then to what you get now. Which ones do you think would be better?

To make a giant kinder surprise egg you will need:

A large balloon, choose one that is larger than you want your egg to be so that you only partially inflate it.
A bottle large enough to hold all the melted chocolate that you need.
Compound chocolate melts in milk and white
Surprises to go inside the giant egg.
DIY ginat chocolate kinder surprise egg

Watch the video for detailed instructions on what to do and what NOT to do when making a giant kinder surprise egg.

Giant chocolate kinder surprise egg

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  1. Hi Ann, I love your videos and tutorials. I’d love to see a PJ Mask’s cake. My son’s are having a joint birthday in January. I’m STUCK! You really make these all look do-able. I’m so eager to actually make an Ann Reardon Creation.

  2. Childhood x1000! This looks like great fun, going to give this one ago with the kids.

  3. I wonder why they kept the word “Kinder” in their product even when distributing internationally, but then everyone knows the word “kindergarten”, too. “Kinder” in German is “children” in English.

  4. I love kinder surprise. I look on YouTube and your website to see if you have posted anything new. My favourite thing you have made would definitely be the fault in our stars ice cream cake. Looked delicious. Bye.🍰🍰🍰😋😋😋

  5. Old Smashes!

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