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How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Cake

cake birthday how to train your dragon fondant how to cook that ann reardon 2
As we walked to the party venue carrying this cake my eldest remarked “Mum everyone is staring at us”.  I reassured him that they were looking at the cake not us.
 Step 1:
Make your fondant details up to 4 weeks ahead of time (fondant basics tutorial) and allow them to dry hard.  For this cake I made the spikes down his back, nostrils, horn, eyeballs, antennas claws and wings.  To make the wings, I made the ‘bones’ out of fondant and then draped a thin piece of rolled fondant over the top.  I left it on a sheet of baking paper to harden.  They were still very fragile so I would make them a bit thicker if doing it again.  Tip – make extra of pieces like the spikes so you can choose which ones to use when you put it together.
 Step 2:
Make a delicious cake using this chocolate cake recipe. Bake one portion in a rounded bowl for the top of the head.  Cut the rest to shape once cooled.  Feed the scraps to hungry onlookers – the kids.

Step 3: Make Buttercream icing and cover the whole cake.  Place in the fridge until firm, then remove and smooth out any areas that need it.

Step 4: Make light green fondant, roll it out on a sheet of baking paper and then place it over the whole cake.  Gently push to form the shape of the cake.  Trim a little bigger than you think you need, you can always trim more but it is hard to join more on if you’ve made it too small.  Tuck the edges just under the cake.

Step 5: Make orangey brown fondant. Roll it out and cut into the pattern for his back and place down the length of the dragon.  Make cream fondant and put it on the chin, spike with a fork or skewer.

Step 6: Add all the detailed fondant pieces that you made earlier.  If desired add candles to the mouth to make breath fire.

Step 7: Walk through the shops with everyone staring at the cake, sing happy birthday and enjoy dividing up dragon parts to the kids.

cake birthday how to train your dragon fondant how to cook that ann reardon 3
how to train your dragon cake ann reardon

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  1. 2renewal

  2. Great cake Anne! Any chance of a video/pattern? It’s difficult to see the shape of the body and legs under those magnificent wings 🙂

    • Hi Soz, This is a very old post made before Ann was using video greatly. If she makes something similar to this you can guarantee there will be a video.

  3. this is amazing! can you do a video on how to do a toothless cake? (also purchasable templates?) Pretty please (with cherries on top)

  4. oh wow! my daughter wants a httyd cake for her sixth birthday party in August, and I just found this! it look so fantastic.. thanks for sharing tips.. such a beauty 🙂

    • That’s great Sarah. We would love to see a pic of your creation when it’s done.

  5. I’m planning on making a dragon cake but maybe without wings to be easier to carry around. Can I use modeling chocolate instead of fondant? I prefer the taste

    • Hi Christie, Yes you can! Post a photo of your finished cake.

  6. This is my cake, It’s not as perfect as yours, but I try 🙂 My son was really happy :). Thanks for sharing the idea and your great work 🙂

    • Sorry, can’t send the photo 🙁

  7. This is my cake, It’s not as perfect as yours, but I try 🙂 My son was really happy :). Thanks for sharing the idea and your great work 🙂

  8. Wauw! This is so amazing! I love your cakes and desserts. You’re such an artist with food!

    • thanks Marie 😀

  9. Here is what I got… not so perfect as yours, but it was a lot of joy for my birthday boy.

    • WOW it looks amazing Veli well done and thanks for sharing the pic

  10. How did you make the eyes? 🙁 #Eyetroubles [email protected]

    • hi erica, roll out a ball of white fondant cut the black piece and put in place then the white highlight and put in place. Leave to dry for a couple of days so it hardens and then add the eyelid colour around the eye.

  11. Absolutely love it! Great job!
    Couple questions. What size round pan did u use for the head? And what size pan did you use for the body & is it more than one layer? I wish I could see a picture of the body, under the wings.

    • Hi Stacy, this one was a while ago now and I really can’t remember the cake details except that I used a two bowls to make the head, I have learnt from questions just like this to add a heap more details so newer tutorials have so much more information. Sorry

  12. I love that cake I am going to try it. I love your videos too I like how u speak who’s with me. Make a video of this please

  13. I’m very happy

  14. I live this cake can u do a vid of it I love how u speek and your channels who agrees with me

  15. Ohhh and I forgot to ask you – how much fondant I will need for everything. Thanks.

  16. Hi! 🙂
    Wonderful job on this cake!!!! I love it…so will my son. His birthday is coming next month and I will try to make it. Can you please tell me what the body is made of? Can I make extra cake and shape the body out of it in order to have more cake/it is going to be big party/. Also I make the marshmallow fondant, but this time I think I am going to order ready fondant. Is there a special brand you like and can you give me a website where you order it from. Thank you so much!

  17. My son is in love with this cake! I’m going to attempt it for his 5th birthday. How did you make the eyes? I’m thinking of using ping pong balls but would love to use something edible if you have a tip. Thanks!

    • Hi Amanda, they eyes are made of fondant rolled into a ball and left to harden but you could use cake pops.

  18. Love this cake nice!!

  19. OMG !
    I just looooove this cake. I have to try to make it for the birthday-kid i’m visiting tomorrow. Hope the spikes will dry over night. Thank you for at fantastic website, I hope you eventually will find some inspiration on my site, just as I did on yours.
    Best cake-regards 😉

  20. This cake is absolutely amazing!!!

    • Thanks Erin

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