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Marshmallow spiral entremet dessert


Happy Friday! It’s time for an indulgent dessert and this week we are having a coconut marshmallow spiral wrapped around a chocolate mouse coated in chocolate glaze with a raspberry jelly in the centre all sitting on a coconut biscuit base. It has the crunch, gel and creamy mousse textures as well as a nice balance of flavors. If you’re not up for the challenge you might like to try just the mousse on it’s own and set it in cups topped with some fresh raspberries.

Marshmallow Recipe

marshamllow recipe how to make

160mL (5.41 fluid ounces) or 1 2/3 cups water
70g (2.47 ounces) or 1/4 cup glucose syrup
315g (11.11 ounces) sugar
pinch of cream of tartar
9 sheets gelatin bloomed in a bowl of cold water
coconut to pipe onto

Combine the water, glucose and sugar and heat to 236F (113.33 degrees Celsius). Squeeze out the gelatin and add to the sugar mixture along with the cream of tar tar. Beat with an electric whisk until it is fluffy and increased in volume.

Place into a piping bag and pipe long snakes of marshmallow into a tray of coconut. Sprinkle to tops with coconut too and leave to set.

Raspberry jelly

raspberry jelly recipe natural
(makes 30 circles of raspberry gel)
13 gelatine sheets bloomed in a bowl of cold water
600g (21.16 ounces) or 4 1/4 cups frozen raspberries pureed and strained to remove pips
70g (2.47 ounces) caster sugar

Heat 1/3 of the puree with the sugar. Squeeze the excess water out of the gelatin and add it to the hot puree stirring until it is dissolved. Add the remaining puree and mix well. Pour into a tin lined with plastic wrap, my tin was 23cm (9.06 inches) square. Place in the freezer for 1 hour to set. You can just put it int he fridge but you’ll need to wait a bit longer for it to set.

Using a 3.5 cm (1.38 inches) cookie cutter cut out discs of raspberry jelly.

Coconut Cookie Base

cocnut biscuit base how to make
(makes 22 cookies)
150g (5.29 ounces) or 2/3 cup butter
100g (3.53 ounces) or 3/4 cup icing sugar
40g (1.41 ounces) or 1/2 cup coconut
1 egg
260g (9.17 ounces) or 1 2/3 cup flour
2g (0.07 ounces) baking powder

Preheat the oven to 180C (356 degrees Fahrenheit).

Beat together the butter icing sugar and coconut. Add the egg and mix well to combine. Finally add int he flour and baking powder and continue to mix until it clumps into a ball.

Roll out on some non-stick baking paper. Topping with plastic wrap while you roll will make this process easier.

Cut 6.7cm (2.64 inches) circles and bake in the oven until golden.

Chocolate Glaze Recipe

chocolate glaze how to make
20g (0.71 ounces) or 1Tbsp and 1tsp powdered gelatin bloomed in 90g (3.17 ounces) (3.17 ounces (89.87 grams)) or 1/3 cup cold water
200g (7.05 ounces) or 3/4 cup plus cream (35% fat)
300g (10.58 ounces) or 1 1/3 cup sugar
90g (3.17 ounces) or 1/3 cup additional water
100g (3.53 ounces) or 3/4 cup plus cocoa powder
250g (8.82 ounces) or 2/3 cup plus glucose syrup

Pour the gelatin into the water, stir in and set aside to bloom. Put the sugar, additional water and cream into a bowl and heat until sugar is dissolved. Sift in the cocoa powder, making sure there are no lumps, then whisk in really well. Add the bloomed gelatin, stir until it has melted in. Lastly add the glucose syrup and stir in. Allow the glaze to cool down before pouring it on top of the dessert.

Chocolate Mousse Recipe

how to make chocolate mousse
8 gelatine sheets, bloomed in a bowl of cold water
600ml cream
4 egg yolks
75g (2.65 ounces) or 1/3 cup sugar
55ml or 1/4 cup water
200g (7.05 ounces) milk chocolate
100g (3.53 ounces) dark chocolate

Whip the cream to soft peaks and place in the fridge.
how do you make chocolate mousse
Place the yolks, sugar and water over a double boiler and whisk until it is pale, frothy and hot. Add int he gelatin and allow to dissolve and whisk again. Melt the chocolate and stir in about half of the egg yolk mixture. Once that is smooth pour it into the egg yolks and mix them together.

Add 1/3 of the cream to the chocolate mixture and whisk through. Then pour that into the rest of the cream and fold it through gently so you keep as much air in your mousse as possible.


Pour some mousse into a hemisphere molds and add a disc of raspberry jelly in the middle of each dessert. Level off the tops and place them in the freezer overnight. Remove from the molds and glaze (see video for demonstration). Add to the top of a cookie base and wrap with marshmallow. You may also like to decorate it with a few gold and silver cachous.

entremet dessert recipe
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  1. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann, love your channel. I have some questions about the marshmallow. Do we leave it at room temperature to set? Covered/Not covered? Can we make it in advance and if so, how do we store it and how long is it good til?

    • Chiara again, anyone have an answer to my questions? much appreciated if someone would kindly reply.

  2. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann just wondering if you can recommend a different decoration other than the marshmallow swirl as not many people that I’m making this dessert for like marshmallow. Thank you. Merry Christmas

  3. Rating: 5

    how many does this recipe make?

  4. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann… Just wondering, how much of a difference is there between the mousse in this dessert and the one in the chocolate spiral? I wanted to make the chocolate spiral dessert, but the mousse recipe requires a candy thermometer which I don’t have… I was thinking of swapping the mousse recipes… And how many would this recipe yield

  5. Rating: 5

    I am making these for Christmas eve dinner dessert so I did a test run this morning I planned on serving them as dessert tonight but they ate them (hubby son and 2 grandchildren) I mean they ate every single morsel I didn’t even get any!!! So I guess I will have tp put a lock on the fridge when I make them next Sunday. You have made a HUGE Impression on my Friends and Family i do a lot of your recipes The Grand Kids are crazy for them and ask if you have anything new to try all the time. When they spend a weekend we always pick out something new to do together from your Blog My Kitchen quite often looks like an explosion in a flour factory. But the Laughter and time shared is awesome. Thank You So Much

    • Hi Sandra, You sound like baking is heaps of fun at your place. Glad your family is enjoying your cooking and thank you for the feedback.

  6. Rating: 5

    Where can i find the silicone molds??

    • Hi Selina, I have added a link to the recipe above for you. Click on the word mold and it will take you to a supplier.

  7. Rating: 5

    hi can use vegi gelatin will that work the same

    • Hi Valerie, you would need to test it. Halal Gelatine usually works well.

  8. Rating: 5

    Ann,I really enjoy watching your videos.I would be obliged if you could kindly show me how to make a multicoloured glass bowl to fill fruits or even sweets.
    Thank you,
    Hema Patel

  9. Rating: 5

    Ann, adding to the above, the gelatine sheets look like HALF sheets, not whole.
    AND, are they gold or titanium, or another type? These small details make a whole lot of difference!
    Thanks in anticipation of a response.
    Therese Chenoweth

    • Hi Therese, the size of the sheet is of no consequence as they vary between brands Terms like gold or titanium are used by some brands to describe the bloom rate or the amount of gelatine in the sheet. Unless Ann specifies otherwise the gelatine sheets would be standard or the equivalent to the gold labelon some products. Occasionally she does specify the stronger bloom rate for a specific creation.

  10. Rating: 4.5

    Thank you Ann! This dessert is so gorgeous- I must try it. I’m wondering if you know if I can substitute powdered gelatin for the sheets and how much equals 1 sheet. Thanks for these amazing videos- you are sooooo creative!!!

    • Hi Linda, Gelatine leaves will work better for this recipe.

  11. How large are the cutters for the cookie rings, raspberry rings, and what size hemisphere molds

  12. Rating: 5

    I am not familiar with gelatin sheets. Do we have them in the US? Can we sub out for powdered?

    • Rating: 5

      I’m from the US too and had never heard to gelatin sheets until I found these videos. I found them on Amazon (in several different bloom strengths; stronger bloom means clearer and more gummy, for example commercial gummies are high bloom), and they might be available at a specialty cake/baking/craft store, depending on how awesome your local specialty stores are. The conversion ration is 1 tablespoon powdered to 3 sheets, and then you’ll need to use some of your liquid ingredients to firm up the powder. I think the sheets give you a clearer end product than powdered, but for this specific recipe I personally don’t think it matters.

      • You can Order them from Amazon and other Baking suppliers

  13. Rating: 5


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