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Testing kitchen gadgets from wish


Testing WISH gadgets to see if they work.
Most of these gadgets can be purchased cheaper on aliexpress.

Raclette Cheese Melter
candle cooker review raclette
The positives:
* Melts raclette or gruyere cheese beautifully
* Nice sturdy construction
The negatives:
* It takes 24 minutes to melt the cheese.
* Does not come with candles

Cake Sprayer
cake sprayer gadget review
The positives:
* If you dry it completely and flip it upside down it sprays edible glitter evenly over a cake, but uses a lot to do so.

The negatives:
* Not a smooth even coat of food colouring even after 5 minutes of spraying (I used powdered food colouring dissolved in vodka as per instructions)
* Uses a lot of food colouring.
* Makes a mess
My overall rating – never

Donut Maker
wish donut maker review
Positives: None in the format it is sold in.
Negatives: Does not make donut shapes in the format it is sold in (see below).
wish donut maker
Overall rating: This gadget looks like other donut batter dispensers from the outside but it appeared that the part in the centre was not the right shape. After making the video I wondered why they got it so wrong. I had a quick look at patents for donut mold tools and you can see that the one below has a part that comes below the hole when the plunger is pressed. That made me wonder if this one was incorrectly assembled when it arrived. So after pulling the centre out and unscrewing the end. I reassembled it, pushed the plunger down, flipped the end piece upside down and screwed it on the outside of the gadget – now it is a shape that looks like it might just work. This wish gadget needs to come correctly assembled OR come with instructions.

If you bought one and want to try it out here is the recipe that I used for the thick batter:
4 cups flour
3/4 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 cups milk
3/4 cup oil
4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla

Dolmer Roller

* Rolls perfect, even sized grape leaf parcels
* easy to use
* none
My overall rating: Clever

Microwave Potato Bag
microwave potato bag review
* cooks potatoes
* Has a fire danger on the bag, you can cook potatoes in the microwave in a bowl with a tiny bit of water at the bottom and a plate sitting on top. This would get rid of the fire risk.
* Did not cook potatoes faster than using the bowl method.
My overall rating – Never


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