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70 Russian Piping Tips


At first there was five, now there are over seventy different Russian piping tips. I am not entirely sure if there have always been seventy and we only saw a few for sale here. Or if a clever marketer saw the opportunity to quickly expand their range of Russian piping nozzles as demand for them swelled. Either way I am testing all of them here for you in this video so it will serve as a handy Russian piping tip chart in video form. Enjoy.

For this video I used my vanilla buttercream recipe from this post.

Some of the tips are very similar to each other. For example there are lots of tips that have 3 ‘petals’ on the outside, like the one pictured below, but the pattern in the centre changes. It is interesting how much difference this makes to the look of the piped flower.

russian piping tips chart how to use

Using multiple colours in your flowers will make them look much prettier. See the demonstration in the video on how to use the Russian piping tips and how to add multiple colours.

russian piping tips chart ann reardon

It is important to mention that tips I bought from different suppliers with the same pattern seem to be slightly different sizes. It seems that there is no ‘standard’ size or tip number so hopefully this video helps you decide what nozzles you need.

70 russian piping tips chart ann reardon

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  1. Good day I am living in Namibia and I really want the set of the normal size Russian nozzles to buy but I don’t know where to go and what is the right prize for me to pay . Is there a way that you can help me like I pay the amount in your account and you buy it for me and send it for me?

    • Admin HowToCookThat

      Hi Estelle, no I am sorry we are not able to assist with the purchase of goods other than those on our Shop pages and only with the electronic payment system provided.

  2. Hi Ann, Love the piping tips but all the plain yellow ones only show up in a yellow mass when filming. Your other coloured ones were fantastic. Love watching your videos. Keep up your fantastic work..
    Kind regards Michelle Bunt xx

  3. There are so many piping tips that I can’t decide which one is my favorite. 🙂 I really like the second row of piping tips that you showed.

  4. how u buy these

    • Admin HowToCookThat

      Hi Altonette, there are many places to obtain these piping tips. Ann collected hers from a variety of sources. Cake decorating stores carry them as do ebay and Amazon.

  5. What set of 70 Russian Piping Tips are these ,and where can they be gotten ?

    • Admin HowToCookThat

      Hi Linda, Ann obtained her tips from a variety of sources. You can find them in cake decorating stores and via online suppliers.

  6. Thank you so much for pointing out the importance of holding them tightly to the cupcake´s surface. I was wondering why mine didn´t work as nice as the drawings.
    Wishing you an eggcellent Easter!

  7. Hi Ann,
    I am 13 and love to listen and watch your videos, they are so encouraging and I love them! Keep doing what you are doing, but I love the tip that is at 3 minutes and 32 seconds. It just looks so pretty! Happy Easter and remember what it is really about 🙂 (Jesus rising from the dead)! God bless you and your family.

    • Admin HowToCookThat

      Thanks for commenting Rachel Renee.

  8. Hey I was wondering what I should youse to ice shugercookies I am 11 and love watching you.😊💖 Happy Easter and God bless.

  9. Hi Ann, could you send me your recipe for buttercream as mine is too soft for these tips. Thank you so much, just love your videos and tips xx
    Kindest regards Ann chapman

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