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Hello, my name is Ann I am a qualified food scientist and dietitian who likes to cook ridiculously unhealthy desserts!

ann reardon how to cook that

I have worked as a consultant dietitian in the food industry, then as a community and public health dietitian for a number of years.  After which I resigned to take on a role as a youth pastor.  We’ve had countless dinners and meetings at our house over the years, so there has been plenty of opportunities to bake and cook for guests.    Again and again I have been asked, “Can you teach me how to cook that”.  After writing out the recipes numerous times and even having friends come to my house to learn how to cook, I decided to one day start a cooking blog.

In March 2011 my third son was born (three wonderful boys), he was quite unwell and I was up feeding him 3 hourly throughout the night until he was 7 months old.  To stay awake during those times I started  Yes, that’s correct most of the first years posts were typed one handed at all hours of the night while feeding a baby.

how to cook that ann reardon

I often get asked how can  you make all of those cakes and desserts and not be overweight?  Well, there is no magic pill – all of our meals are low fat and healthy, I eat plenty of fruit and excercise regularly.  I try to only make amazing desserts when we have people coming over to share it with.  I did have intentions of adding the recipes that I use for dinner to the blog, but I keep getting sidetracked with desserts – they photograph so much more beautifully.

I have been cooking sweet things and collecting recipes ever since I was a little girl.  What a blessing to have a mum that taught me to cook despite the mess that kids make in the kitchen.

howtocookthat how to cook that ann reardon best food blog

Above is a pic of the first recipe I ever wrote out – my friends mum had made the most amazing chocolate cheesecake, so I asked for the recipe.  I have a recipe file that is thick with gems collected over the years. If there is no source listed it is because I don’t actually know where they came from or I have adapted or developed the recipes myself.

ann reardon howtocook that

Hope you enjoy the blog.


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FAQ: Where is Ann Reardon from? I live in Sydney Australia but my wonderful subscribers are from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and all over the world.

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  1. Hi ann, i loved ur blog n i wish i could meet u n learn personally from u . One day ! As today only i subscibed myself as am in love with your how to cook that ,

  2. when is Ann’s birthday? I’m not interested in her age but more to do with the month and day. Thanks!

  3. I really love your blog Ann, you’re really doing a great job. God bless you.

    • Thanks, Remmy. Ann really appreciates your feedback.

  4. hi there, have you got an email address?

  5. Thank you so much for the templates and tutorial. Attached are photos of the Disney Cars cake my husband Robert decorated for our grandson’s 2nd birthday party. It was a huge hit with the kids and adults. It was also his first time to decorate a cake using fondant. I thought he did a great job!

    • Hi Debbie, This cake looks amazing! I love how Robert has made the base look like a tyre. Tell Robert from us that he did a brilliant job!

  6. Hi Ann,
    I’ve been following you for a couple of years now, I really enjoy watching you create desserts, cakes and sweets. I did have an email subscription that notified me of new videos etc till a few months ago, when it stopped working. This evening, I decided to try again after having trouble finding your latest creation, however, having filled in my name and email address several times over a period of about three hours, I have yet to receive the verification email that allows me to confirm that I have subscribed. Is there a problem with this part of your site or is it due to the fact it is a UK eamil address?

    • Hi Izzy, Thanks for letting us know. We will check this for you and see if we can find the problem. The fact that it is an overseas email shouldn’t be a problem. We have subscribers from all over the world.IN the mean time, check your email and the junk file just in case. My emails started going there all of a sudden, so worth checking.

  7. I am in love with your shows they are AMAZING. But this one question sits in my mind everything time I see your shows. “I love that intro song. What is the name of it?” Please Please Please tell me what it is. I love it a lot. And again I love your cooking shows you do a CERY good job. And happy birthday to your son.
    Thank you Arianna Chavis

    • Thanks Arianna for the great feedback. I will have to check on the name of the clip and get back to you.

  8. Can you do a minecraft endeaman cake?

    • Hi Min, Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. This is my first time learning to make cholate treats.

  10. Hi.My name is Min.I love your cholate recipes.

  11. Hi there. I have been watching you make Wonderful and tasty chocolates. I was wondering if you have ever made chocolates with a passionfruit ganashe? If you have and are willing to share the recipe I would be grateful.

    • Hi Andrew, Ann suggests using 100g strained passionfruit syrup to 300g of chocolate to flavour a ganache. Sounds yum just thinking about it!

  12. Make a finding nemo cake on youtube

    • Hi Rashad, Thanks for the suggestion.

  13. Can you make a finding memo cake oh pleas make a cake like that and how do I vote for you

    • Can you make a finding memo cake

  14. Love ur blog

    • Thanks for the feedback Vinisha.

  15. Loved the Magic choclate flower presentation. Will definitely try it. Thanks.

  16. I would like to subscribe! Love your site!!
    Thank you

    • Hi Shray, Thats great! To subscribe, just fill in your details in the subscribe box near the bottom of the page.

  17. Hi Ann! I was wondering if you have any cakes recipe that doesn’t involved eggs. If so, can you share it? I would love to bake it for my mother!

    Your videos has already been helpful in my baking experience. Awaiting for a new video soon! 😀

  18. I love the recipe’s

  19. Hi I’m Kayla, can u make something that a 14 year old can make with limited resources and NO fondant where we live they don’t sell it, thanks

  20. Sorry It messed up anyways you make the best cakes EVER you r such a role model to me ,my brother ,and my sister we really enjoy your videos we watch several everyday (the ones we haven’t watched) I don’t have a favorite video because ALL OF THEM are my favorite videos there awesome , cool ,and look really,really great !!

    • Thanks Roxanna for your feedback. So appreciated!

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