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Hello, my name is Ann I am a qualified food scientist and dietitian who likes to cook ridiculously unhealthy desserts!

ann reardon how to cook that

I have worked as a consultant dietitian in the food industry, then as a community and public health dietitian for a number of years.  After which I resigned to take on a role as a youth pastor.  We’ve had countless dinners and meetings at our house over the years, so there has been plenty of opportunities to bake and cook for guests.    Again and again I have been asked, “Can you teach me how to cook that”.  After writing out the recipes numerous times and even having friends come to my house to learn how to cook, I decided to one day start a cooking blog.

In March 2011 my third son was born (three wonderful boys), he was quite unwell and I was up feeding him 3 hourly throughout the night until he was 7 months old.  To stay awake during those times I started  Yes, that’s correct most of the first years posts were typed one handed at all hours of the night while feeding a baby.

how to cook that ann reardon

I often get asked how can  you make all of those cakes and desserts and not be overweight?  Well, there is no magic pill – all of our meals are low fat and healthy, I eat plenty of fruit and excercise regularly.  I try to only make amazing desserts when we have people coming over to share it with.  I did have intentions of adding the recipes that I use for dinner to the blog, but I keep getting sidetracked with desserts – they photograph so much more beautifully.

I have been cooking sweet things and collecting recipes ever since I was a little girl.  What a blessing to have a mum that taught me to cook despite the mess that kids make in the kitchen.

howtocookthat how to cook that ann reardon best food blog

Above is a pic of the first recipe I ever wrote out – my friends mum had made the most amazing chocolate cheesecake, so I asked for the recipe.  I have a recipe file that is thick with gems collected over the years. If there is no source listed it is because I don’t actually know where they came from or I have adapted or developed the recipes myself.

ann reardon howtocook that

Hope you enjoy the blog.


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FAQ: Where is Ann Reardon from? I live in Sydney Australia but my wonderful subscribers are from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and all over the world.

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  1. Hi Ann,
    So glad I found you a few years ago! I just love watching something I love to do on a whole new level!
    Because of you, I have been inspired!
    So, I wanted to give you a shout out and a big thank you for helping me start my own cake and dessert business from my house which soon will be available in Virginia Beach and Norfolk in the USA!

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
    Please never stop being you and bless your whole family!
    P.S. My mom loves the truffle recipes and she talks about them constantly and it drives my family crazy!

    • Hi Sierra, That is fabulous. Hope your business is a success.

  2. Great blog and great ideas! May I ask what brand of a mixer Ann has been using?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Luba, Ann is currently using a Breville Scraper Mixer Pro.

  3. Hi Ann, I really love your videos specially that extreme milkshake one. I know it’s irrelevant but can you tell me the name of the song which you put after every video? please send the name of the song on my email address.
    i hope you will fulfil my need!
    with lots of Care

  4. I would like to know if you teach classes. 🙂 please let me know!!!

    • Hi Malaine, Ann doesn’t have any regular classes.

  5. Hi Ann! Can you tell me where you can get modeling chocolate please?

  6. Hi Ann! Can you tell me where to get modeling chocolate? I really want to try the chocolate roses! So beautiful and realistic! luv it!

  7. Hi, so Ann can you teach me how to cook a minion cake, macarons, a spider Man cake, and chocolate ,and starburst ice cream, and I’ll need all the help I can get by April 23 thanks.

  8. Hi Anne – can you pretty please make an Octonauts cake tutorial????

  9. Hi Ann. I am doing a research project on you so can you tel me your birthdate? Thank you

  10. My son’s birthday is coming up and I want to make a “Lego Head” cake for him. Can you show me how to make that please? Thank you so much.

  11. I am so happy to have find you!..amazing recipes!
    Thank you, thank you

  12. were you born in new zealand?

    • Sorry Olivia, Ann was not born in New Zealand.

  13. where can i find the stuff for the giant lego man

  14. thank you ann! you changed our life. one question, do you ever mess up on your cakes?

  15. I love you to

  16. I love your show so much

  17. Hello, Ann
    I’ve been watching your videos lately and it’s a great influence for me. I’m currently studying catering and I’ve some pastry works. I had some ideas, thanks to you but I was wondering about what you would have done for this work. It deals with 1001 nights. It may be linked with arab recipes, or just with something spectacular.
    I’ve been thinking about a suprise cake, with a passion-mango coulis inside, refering to Ali baba’s cave. Or maybe a chocolate ball with someting inside, and we would melt the chocolate with hot chocolate.. What do you think about it?

    Greetings from France, thank you!

    • Hi Anne. Ann likes your ideas. What about making some kind of cake or dessert that looks like a desert on the surface but has hidden delights beneath.

  18. G’day Ann,
    My wife and I stumbled across how to COOK THAT about eight months ago and we have become quite devoted fans.

    I just competed in a contest to make a dessert as part of our faculty holiday luncheon at the college where I teach. I used many of the cake making and chocolate recipes and tips you have shared with us in preparing my entry. Of special note, I used the simple syrup to ensure the moistness of the cake and it really works!!

    The attached picture is the cake that I entered and I won the competition!

    Thanks for the great ideas and we’ll keep watching!!!


    • Great Work Steve, Ann was really impressed with your work. Well done!!

  19. Hi Ann, I love what you are doing. Am a baking enthusiast from Kenya and I have almost all your videos trying one by one and I got to say that they are great. Thanks

  20. Hi Ann,
    I love your recipes. Very clear instructions.
    I was wondering the cream that’s called for the coconut truffle, yours looks creamy. The one I have from Canada is liquidy, is that it or maybe I have th wrong cream?
    Thank you

    • Hi Sarah, If you click on the word cream in that ingredient list, it will take you to a page that looks specifically at cream as there are so many variations from country to country. Ann used what in Australia we call pure cream, which has about 35% fat. If you look on the packaging of the cream you use it should indicate the fat component. Choose a form of cream that is 35% fat or higher.

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