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Hello, my name is Ann I am a qualified food scientist and dietitian who likes to cook ridiculously unhealthy desserts!

ann reardon how to cook that

I have worked as a consultant dietitian in the food industry, then as a community and public health dietitian for a number of years.  After which I resigned to take on a role as a youth pastor.  We’ve had countless dinners and meetings at our house over the years, so there has been plenty of opportunities to bake and cook for guests.    Again and again I have been asked, “Can you teach me how to cook that”.  After writing out the recipes numerous times and even having friends come to my house to learn how to cook, I decided to one day start a cooking blog.

In March 2011 my third son was born (three wonderful boys), he was quite unwell and I was up feeding him 3 hourly throughout the night until he was 7 months old.  To stay awake during those times I started  Yes, that’s correct most of the first years posts were typed one handed at all hours of the night while feeding a baby.

how to cook that ann reardon

I often get asked how can  you make all of those cakes and desserts and not be overweight?  Well, there is no magic pill – all of our meals are low fat and healthy, I eat plenty of fruit and excercise regularly.  I try to only make amazing desserts when we have people coming over to share it with.  I did have intentions of adding the recipes that I use for dinner to the blog, but I keep getting sidetracked with desserts – they photograph so much more beautifully.

I have been cooking sweet things and collecting recipes ever since I was a little girl.  What a blessing to have a mum that taught me to cook despite the mess that kids make in the kitchen.

howtocookthat how to cook that ann reardon best food blog

Above is a pic of the first recipe I ever wrote out – my friends mum had made the most amazing chocolate cheesecake, so I asked for the recipe.  I have a recipe file that is thick with gems collected over the years. If there is no source listed it is because I don’t actually know where they came from or I have adapted or developed the recipes myself.

ann reardon howtocook that

Hope you enjoy the blog.


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FAQ: Where is Ann Reardon from? I live in Sydney Australia but my wonderful subscribers are from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and all over the world.

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  1. Hello, I just purchased a converse template, I didn’t receive it or any instructions. Please help

    • Hi Sheila, It seems we have a spam person calling themselves ann reardon. Please disregard the previous rude reply to this comment. I believe this template issue has been resolved via email a while ago now. If that is not correct please reach out through the email given on the template page.

  2. Hi Ann, I have been addicted to your videos since my sister introduced me to them. I too live in Australia and was wondering where you did your food science degree?

  3. Dear Ann,
    I don’t know if you remember me but I commented on some of your videos. I really love your videos and everything you do. I love how in every video you are so happy, kind and positive. Thank you so much! Im trying to be the first one to comment and to like for this week’s video but I think it’ll be hard because of the time zone.

    • ?? thanks Sammy

  4. Hi Ann,

    I love your work and wached every video like 10 times. For everything youve been through your a fighter. Alway been subscribed to you

    A sugesrion.
    Could you make your house in cake or chocolate.

    Your biggest fan

    • Thanks Caden ?

  5. Hi Ann,

    I tried the unicorn cake. It came out ok.
    Im making a cake for my nieses wedding shower. Do you have a video of how to make a bichtree cake? Sometimes you see them with the initials carved in them?


  6. Hi,
    Praying for your son’s health. May he feel better soon.
    Loads of Love and Prayers from India….

  7. Hi Ann,
    If I purchase the Thomas template how quickly will it be sent? Is it sent via email and then I print it off?
    Many thanks Avril

    • Hi Avril, yes it arrives via email. It should come immediately 🙂

  8. Hello, Ann! I’ve just found you today and I’m so impressed with all of your videos, but the story behind this website in this page is what I adored most, that you might inspire other moms like me to glow instead in a difficult situation. I can’t imagine how you handled your time, heart, and mind while writing the blog post while taking care of your kid(s)! GBU <3

    • Thanks Recipega, Ann loves to hear feedback like this. I am sure you are a phenomenal Mum too!

  9. Hello, I am a massive fan of yours!
    I want to be able to create recipies like you do, and I was wondering how you know that if you ‘do X with Z it will create Y which you can use to make Q’?
    I have read that you are a food scientist and a dietrician, and I was wondering if maybe these educations have taught you ‘how to cook that’?
    Could you list the fields of food science/dietrician that I can study in order to learn how to create recipies like you do?
    Thank you very very much, from Malene from Denmark!

    • Hi Malene, Ann has been baking since she was a little girl and has had lots or practice. That is the best way to get started.As you gain confidence in your skills, then you can try out new ideas. Working out what works best is a lot of testing, then means you need to be willing to keep trying untill you get the results you want.

  10. Hi Ann,
    I have no idea how to request a birthday shout out, but my daughter Coral is turning six on Wednesday, October 18th, and absolutely loves you and your videos. If there’s a chance of a birthday shout out this week, she would go bananas. It’s 3am where I am and I just finished the 3D unicorn cake, lol. I’ll post a picture later in the week. 🙂 Thanks for all the amazing videos.

    • Hi Deidre, Hope the birthday plans went well. We can’t really do birthday shout outs as Ann videos well in advance but do say a belated Happy Birthday to Coral from all of us at How to Cook That!

  11. dear Ann

    my daughter asked for a easy kitten themed cake for you’re 11th birthday
    i was wondering if you’re able to do it?

    can you please reply by email

    thank you

  12. Dear Ann, hi, my name Lizzie. I am 8. I am addicted to “How To Cook That”. I watched you make the TNT Minecraft cake. I have an idea to share.

    I thought that putting some popping candy in the frosting would make it feel like an explosion in your mouth.

    I hope you like this idea. Thank you for your great show.

    • Hi Elizabeth, that is a great idea.

  13. Please tell us more about your family and your kids channel ~ ‘the reardon bros’ .

  14. Ann,
    My son asked me for a Clash Royal cake for his 11th birthday party, i looked everywhere for inspiration and found your site and youtube channel, thanks to you i was able to produce something for him. This is the first time i have ever tried to do a cake with fondant icing so i learnt a lot, mostly how not to do it :o) I found your skin colour mix to late so they are very pink! the other thing was don’t try and do it all in one go! I look forward to seeing you do a Clash Royal cake.

  15. Hi Ann,
    I would like to choc coat a icecream cake in the shape of a rugby league ball. Do i need to oil the cake tin or can i choc coat it without it?

    • Hi Cindy, What an interesting project! You would normally choc coat something out of a tin to get an even coverage. You would need to ensure your ice-cream cake is well frozen and removed from the tin. Then ideally you want to balance it on something to enable a really good coverage with the chocolate.

  16. I tried my best at your “2 ingredient chocolate mousse” looks better than the picture

    • Hi Meg, That is great to hear!

  17. Tnx could you plz feature this on your channel my channel is the arcade warriors

    • Cool cake Dylan!

  18. HI Ann,

    I am from Melbourne, I need some help with the icing or frosting for cakes.
    What is the white frosting or white icing called that the bakers have on their cakes. I tried whipping cream(thickened Cream)and icing sugar but the cream Is not white as it looks on bakery bought cakes.
    When I make the whipping cream, it ,melts down as I apply to cake and unable to make any borders or flowers with it. How do bakers get their cream or make their cream, which is not too sweet and when we keep the leftover cake in the fridge the bakery bought cake wont go hard. Please help me.

    • I think its meringue frosting. Its a little stiffer that whipped cream and really white. Its often used in bakeries because it can last long without refrigeration. Try googling “meringue frosting” for recipes.

  19. Hi Ann, I have just watched quite a few of your videos. They are all brilliant! I particularly liked the Secrets of chocolate…you explain choclate so well. Do you have a cook book? Or are you thinking of releasing one? As much as it is great to have this info digitally, there is nothing quite like a book in hand. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Marcellina, Thanks for the feedback. Ann doesn’t have a book out yet.

  20. Ann I admire your meticulousness when making cakes but more over that i am constantly impressed by creative twist in all your recipes 🙂
    I am moving in new apartment and i am looking forward to cook by my self and right now i am designing kitchen all alone. I would like you to send me things you do not need any more ( gadget, utensils what ever) to have in my kitchen. My goal is to have kitchen with some stuff sent by best youtube foodies. As thank you i will send you pictures of kitchen with stuff you sent so you can use it in blog.
    Can you reply by email please. I am looking forward to you 🙂

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