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Air Delight Aero Chocolate Bar Recipe

how to make air delight aero chocolate at home

Chocolate with bubbles of nothing mixed through, sounds easy right? I did several experiments with different methods before we got this to work. But the results were worth it, beautifully bubbly chocolate.


How to make bubbly chocolate at home

Bubbly Chocolate Experiment 1:

how to make bubbly chocolate
300g (10.58 ounces) chocolate (make sure it is real chocolate, check the ingredients and look for cocoa butter, not vegetable oil)
2 Tablespoons freeze dried cocoa butter (this is the one I used)
extra teaspoon freeze dried cocoa butter
dry ice
Melt the chocolate with the 2 tablespoons of cocoa butter. Then cool the chocolate to 97F (36.11 degrees Celsius) and add the extra teaspoon of freeze dried cocoa butter to temper the chocolate. Crush the dry ice and stir quickly through the chocolate.

Bubbly Chocolate Experiment 2:

how to make air delight chocolate ann reardon
300g (10.58 ounces) Chocolate
2 tablespoons Freeze dried cocoa butter
Vacuum container
Melt the chocolate with the 2 tablespoons of cocoa butter. Then cool the chocolate to 97F (36.11 degrees Celsius) and add the extra teaspoon of freeze dried cocoa butter to temper the chocolate. Whip with beater to aerate the chocolate. Pour into a vacuum container and pump out the air.

Bubbly Chocolate Experiment 3:

mint aero bar chocolate recipe howtocookthat
300g (10.58 ounces) white Chocolate
2 Tablespoons Freeze died cocoa butter
extra teaspoon freeze dried cocoa butter
Vacuum pump container
cream whipper
peppermint essence and green powdered food coloring (optional)
milk chocolate for coating
silicone mold (optional)

Melt the 2 tablespoons of freeze dried cocoa butter with the peppermint essence and powdered food colour.
Melt the chocolate and mix with the green cocoa butter. Cool the chocolate to 97F (36.11 degrees Celsius) and add the extra teaspoon of freeze dried cocoa butter to temper the chocolate.
Warmt he outside of the creme dispenser. Pour the chocolate into the cream dispenser and close the lid. Charge with two NO2 chargers then shake well. Dispense into a vacuum seal container. Add the lid and vacuum out the air.

Once it is set cut into bars and cover in milk chocolate.
aero bar air delight recipe
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  1. Rating: 5

    Brilliant recipes for chocolate delightful bars
    Have uiu tried puffed rice one Thanks

  2. Rating: 5

    Xrstctdtfgfrdf tr I will be back next week

  3. Rating: 3

    I’m a recent convert to your channel and I absolutely love it.

    I tried to make this today but I had a major problem in that most of the chocolate got stuck in the cream dispenser.

    We’re vegan so I was using 70% cocoa dark chocolate

    What do you think I was wrong?


    • try lubricating the inside of the dispenser with oil first as it would be rough inside the canister and is often used for much simpler things like cream and not complicated thick chocolate- also try making you rown chocolate using coconut oil and coconut milk powder as this homemade stuff also has less sugar and is often looser when in melted stage

  4. Rating: 5

    can’t wait to try this! Do you perhaps have an amazon link or similar to freeze dried cocoa butter? I can’t find any that specify they’re freeze dried, or am I being dense? Just wondering how you cut the bars so square in the video? I’m hoping to get them quite regular 😀 Thanks

  5. Rating: 5

    I too am from Australia and wondering if all cocoa butters are freexe dried?
    Do you recommend a specific brand?
    Help would be greatly appreciated,
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Amy, no most cocoa butter that you buy is not freeze dried. The one that I use is by callebaut and you can order it from savour in Melbourne

  6. Rating: 5

    Is there a substitute for freeze-dried cocoa butter? Like a technique or an ingredient. I live in a place that freeze-dried cocoa butter is something that isn’t easily accessible.

    • Hi Kristal, in this recipe I am using the freeze dried cocoa butter for two things. ! to thin it down and 2 to temper it. You can use any cocoa butter to thin it down (doesn’t have to be freeze dried) and then use a different method for tempering – this post will help with that…

  7. We can use pipping bag instead vaccum pump container??wats the use of shaking in vaccum pump container??

  8. Can I use luiqid green food colouring

    • Hi Amir, No liquid colouring will impact the chocolate.

  9. Hi Ann! Can I use shredded cocoa butter instead of freeze dried because I cant get hold of freeze dried cocoa butter but I can buy cocoa butter and just shred it. I really love mint aeros and they are really expensive where I live.

    • Hi Amir, Ann hasn’t tested it with shredded cocoa butter but it should work.

  10. Rating: 5

    Hi ann, i was there at the meet and greet and it was amazing to meet you and dave <3

    • That’s lovely to hear.

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