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Chocolate Pinata Cake, egg free, gluten free cake recipe

gluten free cake recipe

Need an easy cake that will get the kids jumping up and down with excitement? Or how about an egg free, gluten free cake recipe for a friend with allergies? This is it…  if only it was calorie-free too!

For your chocolate pinata cake you will need:
1 container to use as a mold, the one I used was a disposable one from a cheap cake bought at the supermarket and was 17.5cm (6.89 inches) in diameter and 9cm (3.54 inches) tall.

Chocolate: 200g (7.05 ounces) tempered dark chocolate and 375g (13.23 ounces) white chocolate melts. Make sure you read the post on tempering chocolate first, untempered chocolate does not hold its shape at room temperature.

jaffas or other round red lollies to make the ‘cherries’
strong plastic bag for piping
non-stick baking paper
aluminium foil
Lollies to fill the pinata – 350g (12.35 ounces) snakes and 480g (16.93 ounces) mixed lollies plus the left over jaffas filled this one. If serving to someone with allergies check that the lollies you pick are suitable.  One thing I had not considered was the round jaffas rolled everywhere when the cake was smashed, which caused great excitement with the kids but if you don’t want lollies on your floor leave round ones out of the cake.


How to make a piñata cake

To start with we need to make our ‘cherries’  Using a plastic bag – pipe the stems onto non-stick baking paper and leave them to set.  Once they are set use more chocolate to attach them to the jaffas (see video for demonstration)

gluten free birthday cake

Next make the chocolate shell and once it is set fill to the brim with lollies.

chocoalte pinata cake

Invert and take off the mold add your cherries using chocolate and then pipe on more chocolate to make the drips 3D.

piñata gluten free cake recipe

Serve to the table and give the birthday boy or girl a clean hammer to smash the cake.

gluten free birthday cake piñata

how to make a pinata

by Ann Reardon How To Cook That

My Cookbook

ann reardon crazy sweet creations cookbook
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All recipe quantities in the book are in grams, ounces and cups.

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  1. Rating: 5

    Hi Anne,

    What is a good cake recipe to use to make a piñata cake? Regular cake mixture, not free from.


  2. Rating: 3.5

    I can not get the really good cupcakes from how to

  3. Hi Ann I live in New Zealand and yes you can get Bannana lollies

  4. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann,
    Greetings from Perth WA.
    Attached a picture of the cake I made for my daughter’s party and she loved it !! Thank you SO much for the idea and fantastic easy followed video. Your effort is very much appreciated! Thanks

  5. Rating: 5

    Hi Ann,
    How long can the chocolate mound kept in the fridge for ? Will like to make the chocolate mound in advance and later fill in the lollies on the big day. Thanks great video. Going to make it for my daughter birthday.

  6. Hi Ann, I made last time your chocolate pinata cake for my daughter’ s namesday. And it was awesome 😀 children loved that an parents were really surprised 🙂 thank you for your great idea’ s. And wish you a lot of great tempered chocolate. 😉

    • Ha, ha! Thanks Simona!

  7. Hi Ann! I was watching one of your latest video’s June 19th 2015, And I asked if there was a gluten free recipe. and one of your helpers sent me the link to here! I’m so glad they did cuz I love this video!

    • Awesome! if you make this, please send us a photo.

  8. Hi Ann,
    How are you? My name is Darah. I love your tutorial on the pinata cake. I was wondering if you have a recipe that’s not gluten free. Also have you made this with small chocolate pieces or nuggets inside? My mother-in-law received one from her daughter. She ordered it online. It had different chocolate pieces. If you did, please let me know if it turned out okay.


    • Hi Darah, If you are not concerned about the recipe being gluten free, you could use a variety of lollies for the cake. The one’s suggested in the recipe are gluten free. Ann hasn’t made one with chocolate pieces in the centre but it should work just fine.

  9. beautiful

  10. do you have to temper the white chocolate?

    • yes it either needs to be tempered or compound chocolate

  11. I just love your show
    It’s the best

    • 😀

  12. Hi Ann
    Love your website – I am new to it and just learning …
    Is there a video on how to make fill and then remove this cake from the mould?
    My daughter is super excited about having this ‘surprise’ for her 14th birthday!
    Thanks so much

    • hi emily, video should be in the post above, try refreshing your page in the browser

  13. Hello,
    I love your recipes. I wanted to send a cake to my friend but it is very risky so when I found your pinata recipe, I have big hopes. I am planning to make a cake like this and parcel it to her. You think the chocolate would melt during shipping time? Do I need to add anything to chocolate to prevent it from melting?

    • Hi Amita, yes I think there is a good chance it would melt or break

  14. Hi!I’m a french fan of your website!I have a question about your mold…In France I don’t find a mold such like yours,what can I use?A silicon mold?Or a plastic box?
    Thank you!!

  15. Hooooooo Is wonderfulllll!

  16. Hey Ann! i’m 14 years old girl from Finland and I love your cakes and desserds! you are so talented and I want to be as good as you when I grow up. I want to make chocolate pinata cake but can I do that with original chocolate or have to make some differend chocolate? I know that just original chocolate melts but can you tell me what chocolate I buy when I want the cake be perfect. In Finland is hard to find fake chocolate 🙁 do you know how to do face chocolate? and sorry my bad english. you are the best ! ♥

    • Hi Lida, have a read of the ingredients on the chocolate that you can get and if it contains cocoa butter follow the video on tempering. If it contains vegetable oil then you do dont need to temper it just go ahead and use it.

  17. I am in the UK , and we can buy banana “sweets” as they are named over here. This pinata cake looks scrumptious, will definitely have to try this one. Do you have any advice on using Paramount crystals to aid in the tempering/thinning of chocolate or candy melts.

    I would also like to thank you for the link to the needles for the jelly desserts, I have now managed to source some needles, although the largest size available is 21g, which I’m sure will be okay for me to give it a try. Just waiting for the postie to bring them.

    • hi izzy, teh paramount crystals are cocoa butter and often used to thin the chocolate. I haven’t tried them for tempering but from what I have read they are no easier than any other method

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