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Easy Cookie Monster Cupcakes

easy cookie monster cupcakes

Cookie Monster cupcakes

Cookie Monster Cupcakes will go down a treat at any little kids party and with this technique they will be done quickly without the use of any fancy equipment.

You will need:
Cupcakes (vanilla cake recipe at bottom of princess cake post or chocolate cake recipe)
Blue Buttercream (buttercream recipes can be found here)
White chocolate melts or Candy Melts
Mini m&m’s
mini choc chip cookies (look in the multi pack bags)
ziplock plastic bag

Using a small amount of butter cream ‘glue’ a brown mini m&m onto the white chocolate melt to make the eye.
Fill your ziplock bag with blue butter cream and then around one corner make lots of holes with a skewer. Generously cover you cupcake with blue swirls of buttercream.
Add the eyes, make a line for the mouth using a knife and then add the cookie. DONE!

Watch the video below for a demonstration – keep watching to the end to see my youngest enjoying a cupcake!


My Cookbook

ann reardon crazy sweet creations cookbook
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All recipe quantities in the book are in grams, ounces and cups.

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  1. I want to make them for the school burthday (30 pcs needed…) of my daughter but I wonder if the butter cream stays soft (thus high risk)

    • Hi Annique, buttercream will be firm in the fridge and go softer as it warms. It is best to serve them fresh.

  2. These are soo cute i made them today. Everyone loved them.

    • lovely Rachel 😀 thanks for sharing

  3. oops sorry! posted this three times!! Epic fail!!!

  4. Hi, Ann! When I found your website, (thanks to my friend Morgan ) U were my new obsession!!! I made your 3d heart inside cupcakes for mothers day ,some of them were more of an oval shape : ) I’m making your cookie monsters today for my brother and I’s babysitter as our parents are at a party

    • Thanks for the feedback Ella.

  5. Hi Ann, witch would be best for the cookie monsters, liquid food colouring or gel food colouring? 🙂

    • Hi Holly, Gel colouring would be better but liquid colouring is okay.

      • Hello again, I think you are amazing. You are extremely artistic and thank you so much for replying, I am a huge fan!!! 😀

  6. Thank you soo much! You gave me a wonderful idea for my dad’s birthday I made him one big cake instead of heaps of cupcake. Here are the pics:

  7. yummy its looks amazing !!

  8. yummm!! it looks wonderful i always love watching your videos and im only 12 years old when i started watching your videos i always want to make them however i do know how to make red velvet and its amazing.

  9. Had to make these on a 15 dollar budget so had to improvise with the white chocolate. It was for school and I think they came out well based on the fact that we only had 45 mins to make them

    • Great job Tom I like them

  10. Dear Ann

    Even though my mums kitchen was full of blue butter cream I enjoyed making these little guys ~ I’m following you on Instagram and subscribed. I’ve watched pretty much every YouTube video on your channel LUV IT.
    Went to a tea party and these cookie monster cupcakes were gone in seconds 😉 thanks again ann for sharing your amazing talent with others

  11. Oh, and for anything i just could not find any of the white chocolate melts, so i melted some white chocolate and kind of made my own 🙂

  12. Hi, Ann. My name is Anastasia and i love your web site
    Just finished up the cookie monster cup cakes 🙂 they look good, especially, for a beginner… However, I do have a question, it is about your own butter cream … i did everything by the instruction, but i did not get any liquid to come out when i was weeping the heavy cream… at first, the cream had a great consistency… but when i tried the zip lock bag icing it just felt little runny and the curls did not come out… 🙁 Still looks great though… just want to troubleshoot the mistake
    Thank you for you time 🙂

  13. 😀

  14. Awesome…! 🙂

  15. Hi…..i actually tried out ur monster cupcake idea on a chocolate cake dipped in chocolate ganache on my nephew’s first bday and it turned out to be adorable and loved by everyone nd even the chef’s present at the venueappreciated it…. 🙂

    • that’s great, well done 🙂

  16. Hi Ann! My friends party is coming up and she wants some strawberryshortcakes but I don’t know how to make it so if you can upload a video or a recipe that would be great!!!

  17. When i try to do the piping it flows every where with the help of the holes in the piping bag what should i do

  18. I love ur designs so I tried these cookie monster but didnt have enough blue food colouring to get the full affect xx

  19. As a longtime Frank Oz fan, I just had to give these a try. They came out great; I attached a picture. Thanks again for another great recipe, Ann!

    • so cute, they look wonmderful, thanks so much for following 😀

  20. You are ace and I love you’re recipes

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