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Easy Pirate Ship Cake Surprise Cakes App

pirate ship cake surprise cakes app

The new version of the Surprise Cakes App is finally ready for you. There were a couple of hiccups along the way to getting this one released, including one that involved a complete rebuild from our app programmer. So before you ask in the comments, ‘why isn’t it free?’ Spare a thought for the many hours of work that went into making this happen. I tried to make this one a really easy cake, that then transforms into something amazing when you add the app. Perfect for anyone who is too busy to make a cake. And don’t forget you can scale the ship by printing out the marker bigger or smaller. Try it mini on a cupcake or huge on the floor.

For the pirate ship cake you will need:

The Surprise Cakes App available on itunes or google play

The marker, in this case a treasure map, you can print out all the markers for the app from this page . The marker tells the app where you want the 3D animation to appear. There is a different marker for each animation.

1 and a ½ quantities of my sponge cake recipe, baked in 3 x 20cm (7.87 inches) round pans
2 quantities of basic buttercream
1/4 cup apple sauce (optional)
1/2 cup or 41g (1.45 ounces) crepe dentelle (optional) or you could use crushed waffle cones
1/4 tsp cinnamon (optional)

250g (8.82 ounces) white fondant
100g (3.53 ounces) Deeper blue fondant
Mix some blue and white together to make a mid and light blue.
100g (3.53 ounces) Brown fondant
Gold luster dust
100g (3.53 ounces) Sand coloured fondant

Mix the crepe dentelle and cinnamon with 1 cup of buttercream. Layer the cakes together with the buttercream and apple sauce between the layers to give an apple crumble flavour.

Place the rest of your buttercream into a piping bag fitted with a large nozzle and pipe it around the cake. Then take a spatula and smooth out the top and then the sides of the cake.

Cover the top of the cake in light blue fondant. Roll out some more and cut a strip with a wavy edge. Roll out a long snake of white and add it along the top to make our wave.

Using a small amount of water to make it stick, add it just below the top edge of the cake.

Repeat that with another strip of pale blue and then mid-toned blue and deeper blue at the bottom.

To make some gold coins roll cut out little circles from brown fondant using a straw. Brush with gold luster dust.

Roll a cylinder of brown fondant and then cut off a slice for the top of the treasure chest.
Shape the left over piece into a box. Using your knife make indents for the planks of wood then run the tip of the knife down gently to make a wood grained pattern.

Cut out a section for the inside of the chest. Now take your straw and make indents all over the inside like it is full of coins. Then dust it with gold luster dust. Add some of your loose coins on top and it looks like treasure.

Take some paler brown and add strips up the sides and across the top of the treasure chest lid.
For the lock roll a tiny ball of fondant and make an indent in the middle of it, brush it with gold. Add that to the front of the chest.

For the lock on the top of the chest. Roll another ball, flatten it out with your finger. Then using a straw cut a circle out of the centre. This will leave you with a skinny donut. Squash it a bit and add a little snake across the top, then trim each side. then brush it to make it gold.

For the island take some sand coloured fondant and roughly roll it making it skinnier on the edges. Use your knuckles to roughen up the surface.

Take some blue and some white fondant and swirl them together. Roll it out then add some white to one edge and roll them together. Place this around the edge of the island folding back the top edge like waves splashing on the beach. Neaten up the edge then add it to the top of the cake. Again lift the outside edges so that it looks like waves.

Make an indent in the top of the sand and add your treasure chest with a few coins around it.

Add the marker – make sure you position it in the middle of the cake so the ship sits in the right place. Just so you know if you scale the map bigger or smaller the ship will be bigger or smaller which can be good if you’re doing a larger cake or if you want to print out a big one for the floor.

You’re cake is done ready to surprise the guests at the party.

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  1. We bought the surprise cake app and put some of the markers on a treasure chest cake (technically more like gingerbread) and had some problems with getting the pirate ship to appear the way it does in your video. We did manage to get it working but could only see the top of it. Discovered this morning that we needed a round shape underneath the marker to get it working properly (my ‘cake’ was rectangular). It might be useful to have that noted with the app the next time you update it. That said, we really enjoyed playing round with all the different markers for our cake and will definitely be using it on other cakes in the future.

    • Hi Jenn, the shape of your cake shouldn’t be a big issue, as the marker will work by itself without the cake. Having said that , thanks for the tip. We will check it out.

  2. How can I print the pirate ship one I need to soon for my son b-day I keep looking can’t find where to print it?? Help ASAP thanks

    • Hi Marianne, If you mean the marker for the pirate ship animation on the app. The link is given to the download page on the tutorial above, but here it is: . The pirate ship marker looks like a treasure map.

  3. Can you make A Noah’s ark cake tutorial

  4. can you please make a Noah’s ark cake

  5. Ann i love your desserts so much and how do you know this?

  6. That you for the fire truck demonstration. Mine was not exactly like the one you made but that
    Nhs to your tutorial it didn’t look bad at all for a first attempt. Thank you my grandson will love it. Jules

    • That is great to hear Julie.

  7. why does the app cost money ???!!!

    • It’s because it costs quite a bit of money to make it!

    • Yeah. Some apps need money. But some apps have in app purchases. So that’s why it cost money.

  8. I love your tutorials. So fun and creative.

    • thanks Hwa

  9. Queen Wlsa cake for our daughter’s 5th Birthday in May!!

    • wow lovely job

  10. Hi Ann! I can totally understand how much work it takes to get it perfect! Thank you for your hard work! This is awesome! looking forward to your next video even if its only Monday!! 🙂 love ~ilovechocolate!!!! 🙂

    • thanks ilovechocolate

  11. Wow, this cake is awesome! Perfect for my brother 🙂 Great video again, thank you so much!!!

    • thanks Tara

  12. Ann, this is AMAZING!!!! well done, love it!!

    • thanks Megan

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